Because cherish a relationship, we are often afraid that such happiness will have a day to die. Often wonder, if the future and his every day, can be like the love period how good?

Love, what's it like?

Perhaps, in the hazy consciousness of waking up in the morning, you can't help but think of him; perhaps, I met him in the morning, but I wanted to talk to him in the evening; perhaps, you were determined to start the past, and found yourself how often you were in a trance, the original consciousness has long been swinging with the sweet.

"Cause all-there i need's this this crazy feeling. The rat-tat-tat of my heart. Think I want it to day."
"I just need this crazy feeling, with the heart of the sway, I hope it's always there." 」
The more You Love You, The More Loves

That night, the friend made a quick phone call. "This news wants you to be the first to let you know!" I'm off! It turned out to be good news, from ambiguity to nod, from hemloty to determination, and they finally came together. Later, they can be seen flashing on Instagram, almost every day.

"You know, we're so happy now, it's hard to imagine that one day we're going to break up. After more than half a year, meet with friends, she said, they are as good feelings, but because they are too happy, but become a bit of suffering. After all, I talked about a few relationships, and I also know that the end of each relationship, often come suddenly, even when the two are still in love. (Same Show: Relationship Psychology: We Choose to Break Up When We Love Most"

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Because cherish a relationship, we are often afraid that such happiness will have a day to die. You often wonder how good it would be if the future and his days were as good as the love period?

Relationship Psychology: 6 Ways to Maintain A Love

As the time spent together gets longer, the two people more or less will produce friction, so that you feel that "the period of love has passed". So how do you want to keep the love of love longer?

Psychologist Barton Goldsmith gives you some good advice on facing emotions. We have specially organized for you to organize into two major directions, as well as six key points. Let's take a look!

  1. Put down the little tangle and reduce the complaint
    1. Some people are often like detectives, grasping the other half of the pigtails, and then clinging to where he is not good enough, in order to be able to reason in the next quarrel. However, this seems to be the end of the inversion, you should pay more attention to your partner's good, perhaps this will allow you to reduce the chance of quarreling.
    2. Try both before you blame the other person or express your disappointment. First of all, imagine how the other person would feel when you said these words or made these moves. Will the whole thing get better? Next, you can communicate with the other person and give him some clear methods or instructions to let him know that if he can improve like this, you will be happy.
    3. Believe that disputes can be settled one by one, and that these little things won't affect your relationship. If the dispute cannot be resolved late, communicate with him rationally. For example, if the other half is always too loud when watching TV, ask him to wear an unlimited pair of headphones, so you'll both be happier.
  2. Be kind to each other and warm your feelings:
    1. If you don't, try to think about whether you both have paid for each other again? Continue to open your heart and show your love to each other!
    2. Every day, look for something that will make the other half smile. Maybe it's a flower, a key ring, or even just a word. You can also leave a note of love: Imagine if you took a note from your pocket that says "Love you", would you feel moved and happy? In doing so, not only can the other half feel the heart, you will also be happy because of the pay. The point is, let the other person know, you think of him every day.
    3. You can go to bed together, hold each other's hands, or snuggle up on the couch, all of which can help deepen your relationship. If your partner wants to go to bed early, but you still want to stay up late, you can still lie down together and wait until he's asleep and you'll come back to do what you were meant to do.

In addition to love, but also cherish every moment in the relationship

"Love, bring us closer to each other, and light the fire we desire in our hearts." " Hand Ties"

Everyone, each partner, can "love" under a variety of definitions and comments, the length of the love is even different. It's like someone says that a love affair is like a sweet milk, and some people think that a love affair only lasts about three months.

"The brain's dopamine feedback system becomes active during a romantic relationship, giving people a feeling of happiness, and becomes addictive, which may explain why people develop strong withdrawal symptoms when romantic relationships come to an end. PanSci Science News Network

Perhaps "love" is the most desirable of many lovers, but in fact, we also want to say that love is not necessarily the most perfect, the ideal state of relationship.

Love brings happiness, happiness, and sweetness, but we can also try to learn other patterns of getting along in a relationship. From ambiguous, like, love, to run-in, stability, and even break-up goodbye, are the subjects we have to face in life.

"How to maintain a love affair?" How do you communicate with your partner? "What can we do when a relationship is gone?" These questions probably don't have the best standard answers for anyone, but we'd like to send you some ideas and suggestions, as well as inspiration in the relationship. In the face of love, we practice together.