At this year's Cannes Film Festival, Tita Swindon singled out the neglected status of female directors: "The late film master Kira Muratova, whose obituary is only so thin and only appears in national newspapers, but any male master director who dies, everyone will grab the work to commemorate the special." "Women have been making movies for decades, and there are hundreds of films made by women, so why never do we think we should know?" 」」

The 2019 72nd Cannes Film Festival takes place from 5/14 to 5/25, and in addition to the red carpet fashion of the stars, the cannes film festival's speech is also in the spotlight. At this year's Cannes Film Festival, actress Sander Van Roy showed off her "Stop Violence Against Women" tattoos in protest at the award of "Golden Palms" to the actor Aaron Len, who has been accused of violence against women, in an interview, "The film industry uses art as an excuse." Put yourself above the law. Indifference is complicity. 」

Looking back nearly 70 years on the Cannes Film Festival, the discussion of gender issues began as early as 1993, when the Palme d'Or was first awarded to female director Jane Kangping. More than 70 years later, we are still fighting for women's rights.

The five most inspiring and fought times for women's rights at the Cannes Film Festival, we are all alone in the fight for women's rights, and we all have hope.

In 2006, the only female director to win the Palme d'Or called out: "Don't swallow the cake alone"

Jane Kangping, the only female director to win the Palme d'Or in Cangcheng since 1946, said at a press conference in 2006:

"So far, we have not seen women enjoy this glory together. Hey, gentlemen, you look like you've swallowed this cake alone. I'm not a male director, and I love them, but there are a lot of female directors who haven't seen them. So when a female director wins an award, it always surprises the world. 」

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In 2016, Julia Robs: Walking the red carpet without high heels

In 2016, Julia Roberts walked barefoot on the Cannes red carpet in protest at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival controversy over "No entry without high heels," Emily Brown said at a press conference against discrimination against women in Cangcheng.

"We should all wear flat shoes instead of high heels. It's really disappointing. You have to know that feminism has risen, and that women don't take it to watch and please others. 」

In 2018, 82 female filmmakers gathered to shout: This is the number of women directors who have walked the red carpet

In 2018, 82 female filmmakers, represented by Cate Blanchett and renowned female director Anne Ward, gathered before the film's premiere to call for the government to pay equal pay for equal work for men and women. Cate Blanchett declared: "As women, we continue to face different problems, but at this time we are united to express our determination and our attempts to drive change." The 82 actresses present represented the number of female directors who walked the red carpet since the Cannes Film Festival became in 1946.

"The Cannes Film Festival is 71 years old, during which time 1,688 male directors walked the Red Carpet. So far, only 12 women have served as chairmen of the jury. 」

Why should a woman's body be controlled by the state in 2019?

In April 2019, the governor of Alabama signed an abortion ban, which prevents pregnant women from having abortions for reasons such as rape, and sentences imposed if doctors assist pregnant women with abortions, and anti-abortion bans have come out in protest against women's reproductive autonomy as states in the United States put abortion bans on the bill.

Actor Chloe Sevigny also took the opportunity to say:

"The controversy over the abortion bill in the United States is terrible, and with the abortion ban coming into effect, the public is aware of the importance of voting in the election. It scares everyone. We all have to pay attention to women's rights. 」

2019, Tita Swindon talks about the status of female director

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At this year's (2019) Cannes Film Festival press conference on "Deadbodies", when asked, "Four of the films on this year's shortlist were made by female directors, what do you think of this number?" When, Tise-Swindon replied:

"I have to remind you that women have been making movies for decades, and there are hundreds of films that women make, so why don't we think we should know?" 」

"We have the recently deceased film master Kira Muratova, whose obituaries are only so thin and only appear in national newspapers, but any male master director who dies, everyone will rush to the book to commemorate the special. There are too many female filmmakers who work in bars, are still in college, or even have no way to read movies, and we want to change that. 」

"We're going to record the status quo, we're going to pay for their movie tickets, not pretend ingress these things are far away, we just "occasionally find out." 」

Teda Swindon's speech is a reminder that women are not without achievement, but that the world pays too little attention, that when the world "thinks" that gender is already equal, there are still many women's efforts that have not been seen, so we must keep telling and constantly point out unreasonable things so that sexism is no longer the norm, but an urgent problem to be solved.