Did you know that the happiest country in the world is not a Nordic country with a well-established welfare system, nor is it a highly liberal and advanced North American country? Gallup, an international data research firm, reveals in the 2019 Global Emotional State Report that rich people are happy, but there is a limit to the happiness that money brings. Perhaps there is no way to be happy, but by understanding ourselves, we can all be closer to happiness.

Gallup, an international data research firm, released its 2019 State of the Global Emotions Report. They visited more than 140 countries and interviewed 150,000 adults to complete the report by asking respondents about their "emotional state of the day before."

But before the report's results were released, Gallup's top executives raised a concern: "Can money buy happiness?" 」

"Buying happiness with money" is not impossible.

JON CLIFTON, a senior Gallup executive, says you should examine what you think is happiness before discussing whether money can buy happiness. Some people think that being able to keep up with the important people around is happiness, some people think that having a high quality of life is happiness, some people think that the pursuit of ideals at all costs is happiness, some people think that free will is happy.

Therefore, it is only by understanding your own definition of happiness that it is possible to answer further as "Can money buy happiness?" (Recommended Reading: 15 Ways to Find Happy: We Have a Duty to Make Yourself Happy)

Nobel Prize-winning scholars Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton have done a famous experiment and found that the more Americans who make money, the higher the quality of life. So if "quality of life" is a factor in happiness, then money does help people feel happy, and in the Global Happiness Report published by the United Nations, the richer countries, the higher the quality of life.

But with money and a high quality of life, can you achieve complete happiness? Purdue University recently found that "money can bring happiness, but it can also be saturated", according to a Purdue University study, once the monthly income of more than $100,000, people's happiness will decline, which may be related to the luxury and waste that comes with it.

If we think that "having a high quality of life" is one way closer to happiness, then money can indeed buy some happiness, but not all of it.

Happiest countries: Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala

In the 2019 State of the Global Emotional Situation Report, the Gallup team asked questions about positive and negative sentiment softer people and found that the world's top positive countries were ranked among Latin America, with Paraguay, Panama and Guatemala in the top three. At least 70 percent of the total number of respondents said their current lives were positive, and the reasons they felt happy were enjoying the moment (71 percent), having a good rest (72 percent), smiling or laughing from time to time (74 percent), and feeling respected (87 percent).

The countries with the highest negative sentiment are in Africa, namely the Republic of Chad, Nij and the Republic of Lions Hill. The Republic of Chad is located in the heart of the African continent, known as the "Heart of Death in Africa" because of its remoteness from the ocean, its hot climate throughout the year, and its land almost occupied by deserts.

During chad's visit, six out of ten said they had experienced physical pain (66 percent) and felt anxiety (61 percent), sadness (54 percent) and stress (51 percent), and that the "anger rate" of Chad's people was even more than twice as high as the world average.

The countries with the highest positive emotions and negative emotions are on the same land, showing that in addition to the external influence of climate and geographical location, culture and society are also the key factors influencing people's mood changes. Although each person's perception of happiness is different, we can still sum up the elements of happiness in the 2019 Global Emotional State Report: feeling at ease, safe, respected, having enough rest, and "laughing."

Photo : Screenshot of 2019 Gallup Global Emotions

Your happiness, to find on your own

As mentioned earlier, we should define our own happiness before we can find it. Think about what makes you feel relaxed, reassured, respected, and laughed. I hope you've been on your way to making yourself happy, but if you haven't, let's join you in finding a way to make you happy. (Recommended reading:"You are the world' most to love their own people" six ways of independent women's happiness)

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