Today, we witness many people entering marriage. Love Together, which interviews wedding dresses, weddings, honeymoons, and child-rearing practitioners, tells us about what same-sex marriage can experience. The first was the wedding photographer's chicken skin. 'As you can see from the eyes of the camera, the love of same-sex couples is no different from heterosexuality,' she said.

Today, we witness many people entering marriage. Love Together, we interview wedding dresses, weddings, honeymoons, and child-rearing practitioners, telling us stories about the possible experiences of same-sex marriage in all walks of life. The first was the wedding photographer's chicken skin. She says the eyes of the camera show that the love of same-sex couples, and heterosexuality, is no different.

Photo: Supplied by Chicken Skin GP Photography

What are the differences between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples?

To be honest, the current marriage of the current very few shoots, I have filmed them, for the purpose of wedding, only two groups of lesbians. I believe there will be more in the future. As for the life photos of a group of gay men, it is my friend. They have no plans to get married. I like that series of angles, too.

Because like myself, it is not that marriage must wear a wedding dress.

I actually have a point that making wedding dresses doesn't have to be married. Heterosexuality is also. Marriage is a ritual in itself, and in addition to legal proof, they also think they can complete the ceremony to have a complete love. But in fact, you don't have to get married to make a wedding dress. It's not about getting married, you have to shoot a wedding dress.

A few weeks ago, I had only photographed a group of couples who took pictures but were not married. They live together, they have dogs, and they feel that this is the same as marriage. Now there are a lot of dollars. It's two different things to do a wedding dress and not get married.

Photo: Supplied by Chicken Skin GP Photography

Do you feel this way? I think that sometimes the wedding dress is made very commercial, perhaps because of Taiwan's own traditional culture, to show the elders, so there are a lot of wedding companies. They have a lot of promotions, not necessarily to commemorate love, but to operate commercially, because the mainstream wedding companies, there are also last-minute SOP.

When I pickuped up the camera, I wanted to record the moment of their love.

I am a very fond of people who take wedding details, such as hands, side writing, staring at each other's expressions. This is my instinctive like, I look at the wedding dress is more simple, is hoping to film the look of love.

Photo: Supplied by Chicken Skin GP Photography

If you ask me, what's the difference between same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage? If it's in the love part, I don't think it's different. In the photo, I can feel, love is the same, they are holding the expectation, want to celebrate the happy present, want to love in love.

Want to be gay-friendly wedding dress mind?

Do you want to ask for clams? My answer, very old-fashioned, because I believe that love is equal ah! If many people do not understand, this is a pity, because my background, the university is a popular design, so there are many comrades friends.

In our photography team, most of them are boys. I've mentioned, wow, I've been married, do we want to take on such a case later? Our studio decided to do it.

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Have you ever had any difficulties?

Some photographers will encounter obstacles, because the photography has a lot of gender routine, such as boys to girls princess, or boys pro-girl, then this time, which male student which girl, the photographer in the guidance may be more confused, or do not know how to call. Some photographers are afraid to offend each other, afraid to say, "Is there a mine I do not know?" 」

But I know, comrades face discrimination for a long time, will not be afraid of being offended? They may have their own approach.

But in fact, the photographer, with the feeling can be found.

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For example, I must take a picture early, when taking a picture will first chat, observe to see the relationship between the two of them. and slowly guide my judgment. If one of them reacts uncomfortably and doesn't, we'll change it right away. For example, more masculine girls, I once asked, then you want to hold her. But sometimes I say judgment, and she says, "Why can't I hold her?" 」

From taking pictures, I also found that often the relationship between the two sides, and the judgment of outsiders is completely different. It looks masculine, or vice versa. I frankly, this is not really a problem, usually take pictures, do not use the other person's appearance to influence your own judgment, there will be no bad.

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As a wedding photographer, do you feel the pressure of the outside world? What if the outside shot meets the side of a passer-by?

I also feel a little stressed, but it's about whether they trust you.

Some gay couples, the heart is relatively high. When they communicate, they start by saying, 'We want to choose our own photos.' Or, especially ask me not to show my face. After all, each group of partners, experience is not the same, some people will be more concerned.

Just you asked, gay husband and wife outside the shooting, passers-by' eyes will not give them pressure. I think it's a question of the photographer's ability. They are actually outside, and should often bear that vision.

But the photographer's judgment determines their confidence. As long as the photographer gives you the certainty, keeps shooting, and doesn't fear outsiders pointing or looking, they won't be so nervous.

Photo: Supplied by Chicken Skin GP Photography

Postscript: Love is your own business, but blessings are everyone's

In an interview with Chick-fil-A, she shared a number of photographic ideas and thoughts about marriage. Love is their own business, marriage is also, and blessings are everyone can give.

Marriage is not necessarily a guest meal, table water, wedding suit, but hope that everyone, in the process of entering the line, find their own comfortable appearance.

Most movingly, she mentions the photographer's profession, which is to give confidence to the photographer. As long as we are firm enough, we can make our comrades less nervous about their fear of society. She finally shared another story:

A few days ago I helped a heterosexual couple take pictures, two people the day before specifically asked, "Because we are very supportive of marriage, so i want to bring their own rainbow flag wedding dress, can you?" After the case was filmed, the day the marriage passed, we were asked if we could send it to the community.

Photo: Supplied by Chicken Skin GP Photography

Marriage equal rights, in fact, you and I have to do with. After marriage, no matter in which industry, what identity, everyone's imagination of marriage and gender roles, will be a little wider. What we can all do is to use our own professional, with each other to walk a long way.

Happy new marriage.