Parents always expect a word of thanks from their children, while children await an apology from their parents. Adults and children, like a tug-of-war, every day, hope that each other can understand themselves. Love between parents and children, how can it be so difficult to understand?

Several meters this summer, the release of a new work, "Hopefully one day you will understand",depicts the family of adults and children between the tug of war. (Look at a few meters interview: living room question and answer , a few meters: adults heartless words, children are very serious)

Xiaoguang is a child who is curious about life, busy every day to see what is new to happen? But when he has doubts about the world and wants answers or help, the grown-ups only say they are busy, or blame him for not reading all day, and want to do something meaningless.

"Have you finished your study?" Did you brush your teeth in the shower? A bunch of things have not been done, there is time to see what stars! Make what wish! 」

The big people will say, want you to read for your own good, not for me.

Xiaoguang is very depressed, why do adults care about things are so boring, so annoying? Without love, he began to hate himself, hate growing up.

And when he felt sad, there was a spaceship that fell from the sky, carrying a meteor bear to him.

The meteor bear said to him, I can replace you, for you to be scolded, go to school, test. Xiaoguang then exchanged identities with him, went to another planet, lived with other animal friends, and lived happily.

The meteor bear said, Rest assured, no one will find out.

"Every meteor crosses the sky, a meteor bear comes to Earth and grows up instead of an injured child. 」

The meteor bear that stayed on Earth, how did you go later?

Of course I know them.
It's for my good.
But sometimes.
Just think it's enough!

Is it true that "tiger poison doesn't eat a son"?
"The world is not a non-parent" this sentence is terrible and ridiculous!

Meteor bear instead of small light, stay in the earth's home, in the adults self-righteous words, while silently guarding the inner heart of pure real lying, while carrying the hope and burden of home. At the end of the story, a few meters down:

Will the children who leave come back?
Those injured children, have you recovered?
Have those children with low self-esteem regained their confidence?
No one knows which child is real and which one is replaced.

But he also said, don't shed tears, even if adults hide the stars.

The meteor bear that guards you will always be back when you need it.