San Mao said: "The real happiness is the long flow of fine water, in the life of the common people, enjoy the joy of life." Write about my 6th year of love - I love my Happy Life Festival, from sports and travel to catchy dramas, and let women be fans design these happy proposals for you. I hope that in everyday life, you and I can find some happy clues.

What is happiness? We often ask, but the answer is always in the air.

True happiness, not ecstasy, nor pain, in my subjective sense, it is a long stream of fine water, blue sea without waves, in the lives of all people to do an ordinary person, enjoy the joy of life. -- Three hairs

Write in My 6th Year Of Love - I Love My Happy Life Festival, we designed 4 events on the main stage to get women to design these happy proposals for you. I hope that in everyday life, you and I can find some happy clues.

1. Go to sports: the so-called movement is to move forward in the way you like

"Women go to sports, not to please anyone, but to please themselves, longing for a sweaty body again. You can swim, climb mountains, run, and, of course, dance freely. Body swing is the conversation between your body and your mind. (Extended reading:The Miss Sport movement is, in the way you like to move forward)

I love my Happy Life Festival, the first event of the day, arranged with zumba dance. We invited threeteachers: Lynn, Bear, Gigi, to lead us in the movement. Zumba is this movement: if you are tired, it doesn't matter if you drink, wipe your sweat, and stop and step. The teacher can't talk, how the teacher moves, we follow how to move, can't keep up with the beat also doesn't matter, jump very ugly also doesn't matter. After all, sports are moving forward in ways that make you happy.

We interviewed a participant, who was Lu Meijie. She is sixty years old and is said to be there every zumba. "Happy is a sport where you can be happy no matter how old you are," she said. 」

In the afternoon, we also invited Curves Deputy General Manager and Regional Director Liao Ruxuan to give a speech and share with us more sports heart methods. Her journey of sports is also an experience story for many women.

"I was a big fan of women myself, and at first I started out to make my body healthier and better, so I started going to the gym. And then I had a boyfriend who was a gym instructor, and exercise for me, i'm getting a date (laughs). And now, I get married, have children, sports become more physical, so that I can enjoy activities with children. 」

Another shared participant, Tong Yu, who, as a mother, also shared her sports experiences:

"I used to be short of self-confidence and joined the gym because my kids encouraged me to go. Now when I dance, I become able to show my self-confidence. I used to bend over and hunch over, and now I won't. I know a lot of friends, will go out to play together, I used to stay at home all day. My mentality, but also because of making friends, with confidence, will be more positive. 」

As said, "When the body becomes stronger, your heart will become stronger." 」

2. Travel: In the choice of travel, you will find your self-image

In addition to sports, travel is a way for many people to explore themselves and find happiness, regardless of their travel. On The Happy Life Day, we planned a Freedom of Movement workshop, where host Natalie shared travel proposals with two groups of travelers, poor women and bearded tours.

The poor woman said, "When I started my journey, I was an unemployed, frustrated woman, so I called myself a poor woman." She said there are two kinds of travel around the island, because of love for Taiwan and the island, and because of the island to love Taiwan. But love Taiwan's poor traveling woman, because it is too poor, can only give themselves 10,000 yuan, with 23 days locomotive round the island. She shares her experiences in her blog and attracts a lot of readers. In her speech, she mentioned many "poor travel" techniques, including her own light bag, travel planning, and locomotive security.

"Accommodation is the most expensive part, so I find a friend's house, all Taiwan friends, usually have to keep in touch. So you can rely on them (laughing) and the backpacker inn when you need them, and I'll find no more than five hundred dollars a night. There are skills to change. And at the BackpackIne, you can also meet a lot of friends. 」

In addition to the poor traveling women, there is the Bearded Tour Group, sister Jessie and sister Julia share their exotic travel experience.

Many people will question, travelahering abroad is not to spend money to buy enjoyment? Can you really find yourself and find happiness? It's not just a short, superficial pleasure. However, the travel observations they share are different from many. Sister Jessie said, "The journey has taught me how I am." 」

Travel is a process of constant choice, including what to eat. Including strangers to ask you, do you want to go to the appointment? You will slowly learn what you like. Of course, you'll also have times to make bad decisions. But travel let me realize that there is no so-called right, perfect choice in the world. So all I do is choose the way I want to be.

Missed the train does not matter, lucky hitchhiking also does not matter, carelessly wrong, after the memory is also very good. During our travels, we learn what our souls look like through each choice. They even share their experiences of sexual harassment with their own growth. (Extended Reading: The Meaning of Travel: Always Asking you for answers, not answers)

We went to Turkey, met a boy, pretended something had fallen off, and took the opportunity to touch my arm. Now I'm panicking, how could a stranger touch me. But then unfortunately, it was touched several times, but you know, people evolve on the trip and start thinking about how to do it. Then once in Iran, I was at the bus stop (I didn't know why everyone was groping people at the bus stop), and this time I was groped. My first reaction was to hit his hand with a water bottle and he ran away in panic. People make progress.

"Nothing is completely non-resolved. She said that from the trip, she realized, "I must be the only one who gave up first." In the process you just walk slowly, one day you will go to your destination. 」

Jessie summed it up: "Those who don't kill you on your travels will make you a stronger person." 」

3. Go to the play: Zeng Peiyu X Lin Yu, the actor lets us see the similar self

The last proposal is a catch-up. When the world is hard, we listen to the story. When we are sad, when we doubt, we draw happy nutrients from novels, movies, and film sets, listen to sad stories, and soothe our hearts. When we hear these good and bad experiences, we know that the world is not so difficult. Writer Xu Weifang once wrote:

Some TV dramas can go down the ground floor to pick up some trauma about the overall social experience, or the desire of the individual. Some brave creators have appeared in the last few years. They stayed on the first floor long enough to move to the basement and groped out some entrances on the second floor of the ground.

Because of the drama, with the novel, we were able to survive the most difficult time, temporarily escape from real life, catch your breath, have a cup of tea, and then return to the real world, we can re-enter the journey.

On The Happy Life Festival, we invite the actors Zeng Peiyu and Lin Yu (Yong Rabbit) to talk to us about what drama and happiness are as an actor. In fact, acting is similar to watching a play. (Extended reading: pick the play for you, "Best Interests" and take on the important tv drama "Our Distance from Evil" )

Brave Rabbit Shares:

Every time you're an actor, it's like reading a book, like his life, and after you're done, your life is like reading a book. It's new, you never know what the next book will be.

Pei Yu said, can live other people's lives, is a happy thing. "I think I can live a lot of different lives. By interpreting these roles and doing our homework, we are able to study the causes and consequences of human beings. It's amazing that we live their lives. Because of our own life experience, it is impossible to live such a thing. 」

And as actors, they also know that it's not easy to be happy. Yong Rabbit said that his happiness method is to speak.

"I usually find negative energy on my own, and I don't have to force myself to run. I just want someone to talk to, or someone to have a drink. It's a way for me to relax. Communication and chat, in fact, very healing. Because you don't say, no one will know what you want. Some emotions, in fact, say, their hearts open the knot.

"I like to drive," Pai said. I can drive the mountain road. You can see some different landscapes from the city, and these times I'll roll down the windows, turn the music up, enjoy the beauty, and after those moments, you'll feel like you're going back to the world of resentment, and it's not so annoying. 」

Happiness is when you are willing to take every first step

I love my Happy Life Festival, not to let everyone, regardless of the situation, have to revel together, but want to let you know that women fans are always here, if you want to grieve, we would like to give you a hug, handed over paper. If you want to be happy, we've helped you think of a few (not absolute) happiness proposals, sports, travel, and catch-up.

We would like to accompany you, comb their emotions, understand their needs. And when you make follow-up decisions, happiness comes naturally. Happiness comes from actability, when you believe that you are important and capable of making decisions. At that time, you will feel your self-omnis.

"When you know you're in a bad situation, it doesn't really matter," said host Audrey. You can find your own way, like driving a car, a drink, but before that, there's a starting point for you to realize that you're emotional. 」

The so-called happiness, in fact, when your heart is willing to recognize their needs and emotions, and willing to change, take the first step. (You'll also find that we've always been here to stay with you and find ways to be happy together.) )

Hope to see you, together in May to participate in the annual festival "I love me", we make an appointment to see next year.

PS. Finally attach a photo of everyone dancing together, to find out where the partner you met that day.