Why do everyone clearly have the ability to make themselves happy, but it often seems to be lost? 2019 I Love My Happy Life Festival, women fans invite the four popular writers on the station to share their happiness philosophy with you, and want to love yourhappy self and regain your ability to be happy from this moment on. Believe that you can get what you desire, as long as you acknowledge the existence of the desire.

No one can give you happiness except yourself. From the moment we fall to the ground, we don't need anyone's teaching and guidance, we cry and laugh, because we are born with the ability to perceive sadness and happiness.

Women love me day, meet with readers every year on May 25, like the annual gathering of old friends, we look at each other, and then tap each other's shoulders, say a hard time, let us from this moment, love themselves. This year I love my day, we still from the subject of their lives, want to talk to you about "happiness." (Recommended reading: Happy Psychology: Happy people are doing things, not thinking about them)

We thought, why do we know that everyone has the ability to make themselves happy, but it seems to often be lost?

Four workshops, four women fans in the station hot authors, some people with their own experience to share, some people with a huge psychological knowledge, so that participants more understanding of themselves, some people with delicate observation, leading participants to feel the good energy of the link. Believe that you can, and can, from four games to share, see your own similar experience, and then take some strength away.

Amazing: True happiness must change slowly from everyday life

If you're happy with 1 to 10 points, how much do you think you have now?

Amazing, who has written the "Adult's Book" series, first led you to begin with understanding your state, slowly peeling away our own self that we have no to hide because of life, and sharing how her native family affected her growing up. "In the past, because my native family was not really happy, let me want to love, run to live far away to pursue the happiness I want. But I finally broke up with my boyfriend, and I didn't want to be happy. 」

Amazing's little body is full of energy, listening to his honest disclosure of his past, I like to see a girl who is desperate for happiness, and finally lost to walk back to the native family. She really took a lot of effort to stand here and share it.

And the reason she wants to stand here is to say to you: feel unhappy also does not matter, we start from finding the reason.

"I kept thinking after the break-up, why did I try to find a happy life, but there was no way to succeed?" Amazing also answered herself, adding, "In a relationship, I'm afraid my boyfriend won't come back, so I'm holding on to it." Then I realized that I was afraid of my boyfriend leaving because my dad was the same person. 」

The pain from the native family, because there is no good peace and solution, and in another form appeared in Amazing's life, she wants to escape to the distance, can pursue their own happiness, but did not think that it is not the pursuit, is escape. She thus found:

True happiness is not to a new place, it must be slowly changed from everyday life.

There is too much happiness at your fingertips in everyday life, and finding something you like is a pleasure, "the goal set is achieved" is a pleasure. What we can do, and the most effective way to be happy, is to enlarge our senses in our daily lives and change them little by bit. Of course, feel lost when not afraid, remember that it will be the driving force for growth.

Perhaps we, have been affected by the native family without knowing, encounter difficulties or difficulties, try to go home, go home to see where the pain comes from, good healing, wounds good only a way to pursue their own happiness.

Sea Moss Bear: Art Therapy, Let's Know More About Emotions

When you feel like you're overwhelmed by negative emotions, have you ever thought that you might be able to "paint" to help you resolve your emotions? With a professional background in psychology, the author hai Tess bear, has never been a scholar of knowledge, he always uses psychology to combine songs, art and other popular culture, shallow explanation behavior behind, we want to break the head also do not necessarily know the reason.

Sea moss bear skillfully led the entire audience into the personal mood, the reader holding chalk, carefully depicton on the paper four emotions in their own hearts, respectively: happy, lonely, anxious, loved. "When was the last time you felt anxious?" What color or sight will be used to depict the emotion of "anxiety"? The sea moss bear said, and we all know that this time we no longer let ourselves worry, we face, and embrace their own every emotion.

At the end of the workshop, a reader raised his hand and asked, what if the painting doesn't work out? The sea moss bear responded: "That's okay, you can touch these pens, these paper, don't have to draw out." 」

Sea moss bear sharing, "art therapy" can let people know more about themselves, more accept their reasons, in fact, from the painting process, we will understand the problem, and then find out the cause of the problem, and finally, if we get a motivation to change, we have the opportunity to let ourselves out of the negative mood, understand the real self, and then love themselves more. (Recommended reading: Enjoy ingress is not equal to happiness!) The real happiness is that you still feel happy to do it every day again and again.

Xu Weifang: The power that hugging can produce is greater than we think

Xu Weifang, a writer who has written "The Taipei Girl" and is also a popular author of women's fans, has a delicate lyk in her senses, from the observation of daily life, and continuous practice. In the scene of the Happy Life Festival in my love, Xu Yufang used meditation and hugging exercises to take us to explore the source of happiness.

"It's not happy, it's often when you don't have it, you start thinking, right? As soon as Xu opened his mouth, he singled out a problem that clearly existed but was rarely recognized. 'A lot of times, we spend a lot of time exercising our brains and thinking, but more importantly, feeling with our hearts,' she added. So today we don't "think" about being unhappy, we directly "feel" the existence of happiness.

Lining the music, Xu Yufang led the audience to meditate, and led the reader to carry out "embrace exercises", we lined up, one by one, hugging everyone in front of them. At first I did not understand why to do this hug exercise, but watching everyone hugged into a clump, a do not know how to tell the warmth and energy rushed to the brain door, into tears.

At that moment, I felt that the power of energy transmission between human beings was infinite, and although I was not the one who was hugging, the energy spread from them, to the depths of each heart.

Hugs allow energy to flow throughout the space, and Ming Ming just feels a little cold, but the next second warms up right away. Xu concluded by sharing with all participants: "You can get what you desire, as long as you acknowledge the existence of the desire." And you have to believe:

You don't have to compare with anyone, you're fine now.

You don't have to be anyone, it's good to accept who you are.

You're fine now, and you'll be better off.

Zhang Wei: Feel the low tide, turn around and miss it

Wearing a rainbow dress, all day in my love of my happy life festival jumping vitality woman, is the last speaker, Zhang Wei. She is an adventurous girl who has completed the 100-person dating program and the 100-day life challenge, is a photographer and co-founder of the Blink education association, a service in Cambodia's rural areas.

"Normally do not know who is reading my article, today finally saw, you good ah, " Zhang Wei on stage on the warm and the audience to say hello, she from why she set foot on the photography road, all the way to share how they use photography professional for the children in Cambodia, the process, of course, there are occasional setbacks.

She shared that a large proportion of children in Cambodia's rural areas would interrupt their studies to work illegally in Thailand because of family or environmental factors in order to earn higher working costs. Zhang Wei was frustrated that she couldn't keep all the children out of the road, and a companion's words inspired her: "We come here to teach children photography, which may not be useful for their future, but what is useful?" Isn't it useless for children to learn the joy of photography? 」

"Since we can't solve structural problems in the short term, why not focus on the happiness we can get in front of us?" This sentence came to my mind when Zhang Wei shared the end. Our lives may be destined to keep working for a goal, but in the process of effort, "keeping happy" is also important.

Zhang Wei finally invited the audience to close their eyes and say, "Imagine a door that, when you open it, will go back to where you think." 」

Are you there yet? That's a place called happiness.