Interview mrs. Science, usually give people a rational and calm image of her, mentioned their own home, her children, will melt instantly. To become a home, like the cross-section of her rational life; With children, she says, it's really fragile for her to see life strong again.

Before the trip, Mrs. Science returned home to San Francisco. 16 hours time difference, 1,200 kilometers distance, on the way to about a good space, I think the United States is a long time to reach the distance; My city has not yet moved forward.

It is not easy to plug out the gap, I got out of the car to see her, the first sentence asked back to Taiwan after the adjustment is good? She said it was all right. It's like it's not that far away, though she's not that close. In an instant silence, perhaps for a few seconds, she did not have too many expressions, the statement is only the facts, sometimes the difference is me. She thought about it and added:

"Everyone thought I was moving back from the United States, but I didn't. I didn't move from where, I always had two homes, one in the United States, one in Taiwan. 」

Everyday in the United States or Taiwan, on both sides of the home, she said that culture is different, language is different, but I am the same ah.

Will not, time difference or something, just the human imagination.

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From America to Taiwan, the day when the world is home

In the year she graduated from high school, she left Taiwan to study in the United States, from universities, research institutes, all the way to the workplace, marriage, family, more than a decade, said to be off-site, not anywhere. I think for many overseas tourists, the most difficult pass is homesickness. Miss Taiwan's food, family, friends, miss all they are familiar with, from the region to the human feelings, the old love is very beautiful.

The lonely children will have, mostly because there is no relativehappiness, or because the culture does not agree with, in this kind of;

We chatted about the year we left home, pulling away from the familiar network of relationships, and she reached a new place, "Will you miss her family in Taiwan?" She thought for a moment and said, "My mother misses me better." In the United States, it's like seamless lying, making friends, making yourself really live, and that's going to be solid. In the days that followed, she didn't say much, and after that, she spent time in New York, Ann Arbor, and san Francisco, and before she got married, she ran around alone.

What is home? She said, can have a good night's sleep, a good rest, living comfortably, that is.

"If I went to a city, a hotel today, stayed for a few weeks and a month, there would be my things in there, i can sleep in there to rest, and it would be my home at that time." 」

She told me that people would migrate, "even today I only travel to one place, but as long as my mind is here these days, it's my home." Even after you leave, you know there will always be a memory of your own. Next time you go back, you'll feel familiar.

It may be that familiarity, much like going home. She said that at that time, even if only alone in a room, as long as sheltered, that was the map of her home.

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American home, or one person to become a family, for Mrs. Science, as long as there is a bed and toilet, the world can be everywhere, can belong. I also thought of her saying, "My mother misses me better", thinking about her travel, but not thinking of herself as a tourist, because i know that far away in Taiwan, there are her family concerned about each other.

Know that some people miss, in this world how far, go long, you rarely hesitate, will not rush to take root; Because you know you're not wandering.

Or it should be like this, in your heart, very close to the place, family in there, home is there. Mrs. does not have too much look, like her usual appearance, said, my parents are old when I was born, to me infinite love. When I was young, my father asked me to get up every day, help me carry my bag, and accompany me to wait for the school bus. Holiday time, we go to Jianguo flower market, go to Yangmingshan ...

The picture is full.

Leaving Taipei, there is no same Jianguo Flower City, the same Yang Mingshan, but Mrs. Science, a girl who grew up nourished by her family, is the same.

For the sake of children, make a home.

When it comes to Mrs. Science, the first thing that many people think of is her signature expression, which is always color-changing. Say how she face things are so calm, the world has joy and sorrow, she said that life has difficult ies, reason or the best solution. But when we talked about having kids, life was going. She changed a lot of ah, like her rational life in the cross-section, born to insert into the mother's heart, called her soft.

"I never had to be responsible for anyone before. But having a baby, because he didn't tell you to give birth to him, you're responsible for his life. At the beginning she had a later marriage, standing up to the stomach to do the registration procedures, want to be a mother, first of all to improve the cold colorless life, to meet a new life.

"My home used to be decadent industrial wind. Cross-cut, aligned decoration, rarely turned on the lights, gray-cool tones, condensed with unsensual air. "But after having a baby, you want to be as bright and warm as possible, so it's better for his eyes." From then on, the famous lying headlights, began the colorful home space, not controlled by reason of the baby sound.

Everything is no longer like before, can be said to open on, said off, can be scientific calculations screened out of life.

"I have to be very careful now. From the daily details, what supplies of materials, will not let children allergic, will not be dangerous, to their own behavior, what kind of living habits, values demonstration;

She says children are the center of the world right now, and they go around him, as long as they're not working or staying with them. I asked Mrs. Science, who acted in an analytical manner, thinking about her future with her children. She said only that so far, he has grown up happy and healthy.

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With the child, in front of her, life is like a hole. As a mother, she would begin to wonder what the hole was; she began to decorate her home, changing it, as if she had to do something to give the hole a little answer. I thought of her intelligence, with ease, but a little too much at the moment; as she told me, she didn't feel smarter than the child, who, when she grew up, would tell her what she was and what life was.

What is home.

"You accompany him, look at his face, the happiness you get is something you don't get from anyone else." 'Thank you, son, come to me,' she said.

Although you let me see the fragile life, but love is too full, still can not be used, as a mother, I can still.

"Like birds that build nests, put loved ones in, put food in, and that's their home. Her self-deprecating metaphor seemed unromantic. But this creation, it comes from the desire to belong to animals. Very romantic things, very close to the instinct of life, there is blood has temperature, will want to love, also began to fear of loss.

I thought, it's scientific.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Science

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Science

Home, it's where you should be.

For more than a decade, Mrs. Science has been flying between the United States and Taiwan. She told me that you could also say that I settled in San Francisco and also in Taipei. Settletwo words, with the imagination of the ground to take root; a life fell to its proper land, the root extended down, tightly grasping the gap of life.

But for their family, it is more like in both places, there are so-called nests, built, and expectant. My wife talked to me about a film she had seen, "Return home 100,000 miles", a little girl to help a group of never learned to fly a small wild oats, to the south for the winter. Winter migration south, summer north migration, for wild dragonflies, they are now in the place is home, migration place is also home. Just keep up with the times and find the right place to live.

"I'm just like them." Because of various factors, you have to stay here at the moment, it will be your home, because other factors go to the next place, and it is your home. The wife likes to use positive sentences, often too late to refute, and find selves early to be persuaded. "Moreover, the mules migrate with all their families and companions. Continue the evidence, I nodded like a mash-up garlic, heart followed the herd, imagine a mobile home identity.

For those who have only a single place to identify with, every departure is a concept of a return; So it's hard for you to find a true place outside of this place. But for his wife, and their family, each time, it starts from one home and arrives at another.

I imagine that each of their family of three, each flight, 12 hours is just in the air, from one time zone to another, where has not arrived before the mood is floating, or calm?

Or to avoid predators, the nest of the birds, is Taiwan or the United States where it does not matter; even just that dozens of hours of cabin, the south of the herd of rain and rain, thousands of kilometers of road, they know that the home is each other shelter companion, for each other to spend a little energy, to get to the distance.

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Chatting with Mrs. Science, she often talked about the next topic, thinking about it and jumping back to the previous one: "The question you just asked, I suddenly thought..." So I always felt that we were in some kind of leaping situation; like the timing of home, it was a gentle swing, rather than a straight line.

As we walk away, we will look back; the marriage family will look back at the native family, have children and think of our mother. Thus, all the answers about home and family are infinite and infinite extension, in their respective experiences, are verified, and supplemented.

And in science experience, from the United States to Taiwan, from reason to sensibility, no matter what, the reason for home, only because, that is a place you want to go. (Interview next: Interview with Mrs. Science: If everyone can go home, why wander)

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