In the face of globalization, how can companies build networks of employees that support multiple races, genders, and sexual orientations? Why is the establishment of a multi-cultural culture related to employee potential and corporate profitability? An exclusive interview with Huang Yiming, general manager of Yiji Life, a Taiwanese company, to see how they can make their employees greatly realize their potential and make a profit while also exerting their corporate citizenship.

AT 15:00, WE WENT TO SOUTHPORT TO INTERVIEW TAIWAN'S LOCAL ENTERPRISE IZH LIFE YIRI LIVING, WHICH IS TO PASS "GREEN AESTHETIC LIFE" AS THE CORE OF THE BRAND, ITS MULTI-CORNERED OPERATION, INCLUDING YIZHI BOOK HOUSE, YISHI FANG HEALING LIFE MUSEUM, JOHNRAY, YOUU-HO SELECTION, ONE-DAY TEA AND SO ON. Since 2001, they have sponsored the Queer Film Festival, funded education in the countryside, promoted sustainable business, and green life, focusing on issues spanning women and gays.

Huang Yiming, general manager of Yizhi Life. Photo: Izh Life Offers

In 2018, women's fans will launch a series of inter-strategy columns on the D.amp;I. to look at different industry cases and analyze how companies, in the face of globalization, can create networks of employees that support multiracial, gender, sexual orientation, and build a culture of diversity and inclusion. Create higher profits for the business. We have further discovered that small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, and even new ventures, have the potential to develop the D.amp;I. As a result, we have seen the Taiwanese brand Izh live under this potential and visit to see how they can make their employees greatly realized and make a profit while also playing into their corporate civic responsibilities.

The value of corporate culture

The Izh office looks like a normal old-fashioned apartment, but when we get inside, we feel a very different atmosphere from the outside. In the green planting, art around the office, general manager Huang Yuming is talking softly with employees.

Izh Living Office. Photo: Izh Life Offers

In Yizh, department stores and headquarters are dominated by women, about 1:3, and there are more female directors than men. Office 48 colleagues, comrades accounted for nearly half. When General Manager Huang Yuming was asked why he decided to do the D-I, he said that it was actually related to the corporate culture that Izh adhered to, love, respect, tolerance, internalization became employee values, and therefore easy to recruit people with similar ideas, "so for partners, the opportunity should do something, whether it is cool children's exhibition sponsorship, gay parade, We don't want to achieve anything specifically. 」

Take the society, use the society, Yizhi initially want to do but so, but also because of this belief, gradually attracted more and more employees of the same idea, all the way to the next two decades.

Generational integration between fifth and eighth graders

Talking about diversity and integration, the biggest challenge that Yi-Japan once faced was the generational estrangement.

In the past two years, Izhit has brought in young employees who want to talk to new communities, but the internal staff is made up of people from fifth to eighth grade, spanning four generations, and is bound to face generational conflict. For example, for the definition of self-discipline, eighth graders may think that the so-called self-discipline represents rigorous work, but fifth graders may think that wearing, posture must also be formal.

Yizhi believes that whether it is the fifth or eighth grade employees, each has its own characteristics, how to let the old people's experience is passed on, the new people's ideas are absorbed, retain diversity, is a challenge. So last year they introduced a "adoption system" to allow supervisors in the fifth and sixth grades to secretly adopt three new partners and establish deep links through day-to-day care.

"For me, it's also a time to create opportunities for cross-sectoral contact, and through this concern, I hope they have a different understanding of this generation of young partners. The effect is actually very good. A new colleague sitting next to him believes that, by adopting the opportunity to adopt, he is more aware of the supervisor.

Izh employees see school trip. Photo: Izh Life Offers

Izh employees see school trip. Photo: Izh Life Offers

Create a sense of belonging and trust, low employee turnover

At the same time as the interview, we observed in particular that, regardless of seniority, when employees want to answer questions, they will first ask Huang, "Is it okay?" Then Huang will nod and say, "Say it, it's okay." From this, you can feel that there is a deep chain of trust between employees and supervisors.

Creating a sense of belonging and increasing trust are the key factors to reduce employee turnover and stabilize the development of enterprises. Huang also shared that the personnel in Iraq are very stable. I was curious to ask How Izh did it.

He believes that whether you want to build trust or a sense of belonging, you have to go back to corporate culture: "Because everyone is unique, like my job, it's really a way for different generations to play one plus one, and it's more than four." I think it's good that Izh has been building up the culture, very serious. So it's relatively easy to attract people who come in and get across the trust phase. 」

Huang has gone one step closer to sharing that he used to cook in his office and cook edits for his staff for seven years: "Not just for eating together, but for everyone to be a second cook." You must serve people in order to be eligible for service. Office staff sit together to pick dishes, wash dishes, prepare meals process, but also for all departments of the enterprise, up-to-the-level staff to create a communication scene.

"At that time, the company's cohesion was stronger, I mean, because I usually a general manager, if I asked you about your recent emotional situation, you certainly won't tell me, but when we're cooking, we'll talk naturally, your mother has been a little better recently?" Or is your little friend still having a high fever latenight? 」

Izh employees prepare the dishes together. Photo: Izh Life Offers

Enterprises take the initiative to establish communication scenarios for supervisors and employees, trust and belonging can be cultivated from it, but also to speed up the adaptation period of new people.

"Think of them as family members, what you want to do for them, do what you do for them." It's abstract to think of, but it's all the same, the same thing, the love. 」

Why companies need to be socially responsible if they are profitable

"Business exists because society, and if our offices become more inclusive, it's natural. 」

In 2001, The first brand in Yizh - Yisan Poetfang Healing Hall was born, so far more than a decade, the brand size has also expanded to major department storecounters. And Yizh always uphold the principle of "take the society, use the society", pay attention to social issues from comrades to gender, and from environmental protection to art. To have this achievement, Huang believes that it is really because he believes that "everyone is unique" and that we can continue to attract partners with the same philosophy.

He also shared a story with us: "For example, we had a transgender person in a counter in Hsinchu, and in a relatively conservative place, she was 180 years tall and had full makeup with her hair. 」

There was a house management inquiry, and Izh also understood the consideration of the building, but the company's position is very firm: "She is a partner in the hymn, and we believe that her service and professional are very good, not because of what kind of status she is." If the guests don't buy my things because of this, I thank them, but I'm still good for my partner. Later, the colleague saved money all the way, for their own dream of surgery, but also with cherish her, understand her boy together.

Photo: Izh Life Offers

Enabling everyone to be themselves and to be able to excel in the workplace is at the heart of the D.amp;I.

Many people will think that corporate social responsibility means higher operating costs, competitiveness decline, in fact, from the I-J business case, the impact of the D and I can not only be the enterprise's internal stability of manpower, employee belonging, but also to bring enterprises in line with the needs of talent. If from the outside, the enterprise to create a good image, can strengthen the customer's sense of trust, and thus enhance brand loyalty, especially since the adoption of the third reading of the 517 marriage law, Taiwan became the first country in Asia through marriage, the need to see comrades will bring a wave of "pink economy".

As Taiwan's society becomes more liberal and diverse, d'Amp;I is bound to become the DNA of business development.