June graduation season is coming, to the future full of uncertainty, but the heart of you. American movie star Glenn Rose to graduate: Even if you are not rich, not influential enough, feel that the world has nothing to do with themselves, you must insist and believe that one thing is that no one can see the world in your eyes.

June graduation season, last year sitting under the stage to watch the graduating school sister, you have thought if it is their turn will be what it will be like. At this moment you put on the graduation robe, the heart can not stop the joy, because will meet you, is a vast sea, you will step into this unknown but attractive to explore the world.

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In May 2019, the American actress, who has won three Golden Globes and seven Oscar nominations, gave a commencement address at his alma mater, William and Mary College, and we excerpted the most moving excerpts for you:

"Is this the only way in my life?" When you have these ideas, fight the status quo.

I was the first woman in my family to have a college degree. My mother didn't finish high school, she got married at 18 and had a baby two years later. Neither did my grandmother. But my grandmother left Texas to support her children, and she worked in a bank. And my two other sisters didn't go to college. So it means a lot to me to be here today. (Recommended reading: Oscars big hit!) Glancroix, "Love." Bullying: It's all a microcosm of my mother's life.

Why did I come to William and Mary College? After I graduated from high school, my parents took me to a near-cult organization when I was seven years old, along with an organization that sang and performed around the world. At that time, as soon as we arrived at the fixed point, we had to quickly rush off the car, set up a microphone, whether or not students stopped, is to sing. As I sang, an idea popped up in my head: "I must leave this organization, I must continue my studies."

Why would you think of this? Because people looked at us like, "Really? In fact, I have always had this feeling, but I do not have the courage to face or do any thing. But do I really have to do this? So eventually he resisted his parents' wishes and left the organization. When I was 22, I chose to attend The College of William and Mary, with nothing but enthusiasm and determination.

In the decisive September, I walked into Phi Beta Kappa Hall for a twelve-night campaign, and the drama professor asked me to perform one of my key roles,Olivia. He saw my determination and finally became my mentor for four years. In four years of college, I tried to absorb everything, like the dry desert until the rain, this is the first time in my life, I feel like I am blooming.

Adults want you to shut up, but please don't stop questioning the world.

I want to tell you that learning to "question" is a very important thing.

I am not referring to the ability to challenge "problems" and "methods" from a calm and objective perspective, not your faith or family. The power of questioning is not natural, because I was raised as a "believer" from an early age and is not allowed to ask questions.

You are in a more difficult generation. I didn't have the internet when I graduated, and you used a keyboard to make papers, and when I was growing up, there was no pressure from FB, Twitter, IG social media. If so, I think my brain will burst. In my generation, there was not much outside temptation.

Even now, we have to constantly question the world. Even if you're not rich, influential enough, and feel that the world has nothing to do with yourself, you have to stick to one thing and believe in one thing that is your unique perspective.

No one can see the world in your eyes, your point of view is unique and important, and don't compare with others.

Accept yourself, believe in yourself, embrace yourself, and stay in touch with your friends, who will be the strongest backing for your future.

I wish I could be as humorous as Robin Williams and make you laugh to the ground, but I don't have enough intelligence, I can only do it in high school, and today I want to share that learning with you: we must have universal humanitarianism, if we criticize others, we can't look at each character equally, you have to find a way to empathize and love them. I want you to practice this. When others show behavior that you don't understand, be curious, ask "why" before making a judgment, take the time to feel, and think in someone else's position.

Networks build people-to-people links, but don't forget that face-to-face is the most powerful communication

Mercy is a very simple word, but it is necessary for us to survive as a species on the planet.

That's what I read from the work of biologist Edward Wilson.

Humans succeed because we have empathy. In order to allow society and tribes to survive and prosper, human beings have the ability to express emotions, to the same way one's plight, fear, and needs. If people lose their connection, they die, and nothing is worse than being separated from the community.

Empathy exists because people look each other's eyes directly, which is the most direct and powerful communication. Empathy exists because we look at each other and face to face.

What I've learned is that if we want to make this society better, we'll spend less time staring at the screen and into the crowd, through our eyes, face-to-face.

Finally, I would like to share with you a letter I wrote to my old friend 42 years ago, now to take a look again and still give me strength:

My brain is now in a mess with rehearsals, and I've got the role of Estelle, but I don't think I should take over at all. The play is over before it starts, and my character doesn't make any progress at all. An actor has to be funny and real in five minutes, and I hate it. But I know it's a good exercise. It's just that I feel talentless and frustrated on stage.

It's a great thing to be smart and balanced. As life unfolds, I have grown more and more respect for those who survive the difficult situation and even gain an advantage. It is great to be able to endure the difficulties of life, and if you can endure and surpass it, it is the greatest thing in life.

Everyone needs more love and gentleness, this is not an ideal, but a law of survival, there are too many conflicts and struggles in society, and between people, gentleness and love can soothe all this.

To all graduates, the world has no routine, when you have doubts, please do not stop questioning, to find problems, to challenge this society "accustomed" rules. In the middle may encounter setbacks, some one will tell you not to do a lot of business, someone will ask you to keep your own, but your voice and money, reputation has nothing to do with, and constantly ask questions of society, questioning, in order to create influence.