You're 30 years old. Work also to go, have their own apartment, pets, single, a little money, no love. Your friends are getting engaged and you want to be unworried, but it's really hard. At this point, what you need is this talk show.

You're 30 years old. In the work also live, have their own apartment, single, have a little money, no love. You're comfortable in a single apartment, and you can get up in the middle of the night and eat the whole packet of chocolate biscuits. Your friends are getting engaged and you want to be unworried, but it's really hard.

American talk show actor, Eliza. Iliza Schlesinger spends an hour and ten minutes quickly explaining the trivialities of millennial girls (about 29-39) on the Netflix talk show "The Old Millennials." If you're not old enough, it's still a good place to watch. Anyway, one day, you'll need to explain to your younger sister, who is still using Snapchat, how long it was to make friends online ." )

The so-called Millennials generally refer to people born between the 1980s and the 1990s, which is not so accurate, but refers slightly to young people now around 29-39. As a child, family computers just flourished and grew up with the Internet. Used call machines, Martians, batch kicks, blogs. Now it's a bit of a bit of a catch-up with the snapchat filter and don't know what a trap is.

Several senior millennials will certainly encounter the bad thing, the following key excerpts, to help you with hashtag mark up, together with a heart of solidarity. (Extended reading:"Mrs. Messo" A woman's most beautiful time, is she began to become herself)

"How do you know each other?" (Don't ask again)

"I hate to say that we met on dating apps, and although I know it's not a shame or a bad thing, it's just not cool," she said. Especially when you know that when you knew someone in the last generation, it was always said, "Oh, we know each other at the bar, or, oh, I accidentally got her pregnant, but I'm sure she'll be a good mother." 」

In contrast, modern society is really complicated enough.

#我也是千禧世代 (older one)

"Just when I was watching, I was heard to say I was a millennial and was very quiet. I want to say, go to yours. 」

"Yeah, I'm a millennial, and that means I was born in 1983, right at the junction. So I'm really millennials, I'm just older! I'm an elder. 」

"Yes, kids, come and see my snapchat, and we're going to tell you a story from a long time ago, (spreading the dust out of the storybook) It's a long, long time ago story about wired phones. 」

"When I was a young girl, we would send cell phone messages. I also remember when the skechers sneakers were invented, and they were ugly when they first came to be invented. It's the same now. 」

#我今年 30 years old, how can I get rid of it?

As a woman who has been single for years, Eliza says, "every time a single woman asks, "How do you know each other?" I feel a kind of terror. I don't think you really want to know the details, but you're looking for clues. It's like, "How on earth did you find the suitor!!!! It's kind of like you walk into a trader joe on a Sunday night and buy something cool, because you know, my sister is going to the supermarket at the time, like, "I just suddenly want to buy a bunch of flowers for myself, it's no big deal." And when you wear a wedding ring on your left hand, you'll find that single women in the whole store will hear the ring vibrating. 」

"What's the secret?" How can I find a marriage partner? 」

"I want to tell you that there is no secret, dear. I am thirty-five years old and have just got engaged. If there's a secret, please, I'll take it out myself. In love. No. Secret. No. I won't say, ladies gather, when you walk through Highway 405, you will see a hole, you must go there, get the treasure inside. 」

There is no such thing in the world.

If you are single and are not willing to enjoy single life, you will not be happy.

#浪漫爱迷思: The boy only sees you in the vast sea of people (really?

"I went to the bar with a group of friends, and then I saw her. Eliza said. Many boys recall their interactions, often saying so. They won't be a big detail about the description. But it's a lie, and they want to make love sound effortless.

But this romantic love of myth has become an important experience in women's stories. It mistook us to think that as soon as we went out and were seen by men, they would come and save us. We always want to be discovered. I thought I was destined to do this. You think the DJ music in the bar is deafening in the midst of a sea of people, and you sit and drink with a few friends who are dressed like you, but he only sees your beautiful nature. 」

Wake up.

When a girl is single, we don't want to admit that she just wants a man's eyes. We want to, but we don't want to show our desire. So you're like, "Oh, I'm just going to make up, put on my chest pad, I'm going to play with my friends." It's normal, you want to be welcome.

As a feminist, she says, "we have to admit that we may sometimes just want to be noticed by the opposite sex." 」

It's not your fault, it's the result of our childhood education. We thought we should attract male perspective and then be saved. Snow White met the prince in the forest, oh no, she first met seven dwarfs, seven men. Also, sleeping beauty fell asleep, in a state of no consciousness, was kissed awake by the prince. There's a bad connotation in these stories, we all know that, right?

If you come across an object of love and support that you are desperate to approach you, even if you are in a bad situation and don't know you at all.

Be careful.


'What makes it harder for women in dating episodes is that you know in your heart that the reason you're rejected is not that clothes and shoes aren't good enough, but that's what's rejected, it's your eggs,' Says Eliza. When you muster the courage to ask a man, "Do you want my eggs?" He said, "Well, thank you." 」

"Really not?" You asked again. "But I'm only a little bit left. 」

In fact, we understand that it is really difficult for women to be on a par with men, which is why it is not easy for us to take the initiative or even to take advantage of the risk that we will be rejected. On the other hand, men are usually relatively more accustomed to being rejected in a sexual relationship. And women usually don't. As women, we are more accustomed to being rejected in equal pay for equal work, physical autonomy, retention of our own ideas, and so on. (Warm applause from the stage)

"Perhaps one day in the utopia of equality between men and women, women can really take the initiative to pursue men without half self-esteem and struggle." But in my judgment, we haven't done that yet. When we change, and with luck, our great-granddaughter, it can be like this. (Extended Reading: Is there a difference in equal pay for equal work?) Listen to the talk show host's wonderful answer )

"She can naturally pursue a half-drunk guy in the street, even Ling! Morning! Two! Point! That's great. It's just a dream.


"At this age, in your single apartment, you're trying to maintain the impression of a beautiful home from your old home, and a beautiful home poster from pinterest. And the truth is, God knows you don't have any money, you can only buy carpets and choose between dinner. 」

"In the first love affair, everything was great, you motivated each other and didn't know each other's history of love and mental illness. When you first have a boy in your apartment, you'll find that it's hell to tidy up. Clean up the mess, clean up, drive the cat into the balcony (because I don't know if the other person likes your pet), the trash can is dust-and-mop cloth and toilet paper to create a pile of ice and snow. 」

Then light the candles. Make the whole room look like a Mass. When you open the door for the boy and he praises your single apartment for being clean and comfortable, you think, go to yours. 」


"In our society, we always say that girls should support each other, feminists have to help each other, and so on, but we tend to tell women too little. From an early age, when you come through menstruation, they say, congratulations on becoming a woman. No one will chop and say, come on, I tell you, you will not dig out the ovaries, you will cry every time, you will hate their bodies, you will eat a lot of chocolate, even the school does not want to go. Your skin will rot. Welcome to be a woman, come on together. 」

They wouldn't say that.

"Oh, you're pregnant. They won't tell you, you might pull it on your pants. Also, the whole society will laugh at you for not being able to return to your normal weight after giving birth.

"Where's my orange-skin tissue?" Well, there's one more thing, only you can like yourself. The man you like probably didn't even notice that you hated your parts. You know people aren't that good at watching people. Most of the time men don't criticize their bodies like that. Think about it, the scrotum looks like.

"If we are going to move forward with the determination of feminists, we must make up our minds not to hate our bodies." Eliza suggested.

The next time you doubt your body, you #想想阴囊.


"Because I haven't started yet, I can't tell you the secret of marriage, but I can say it on my next episode of the talk show. 」