What we see, every injured child, reminds us of being him. You have seen the beauty of the world, you are under the broad sky, lonely number of stars. When did we become adults, have we all forgotten?

A few meters "my fault is the fault of the adults", a painting, tell about the time difference between adults and children of the world. Every child is full of all kinds of fantasy and color, but when adults understand them only from their own point of view, they often do not see their beauty.

And children, always long ingenwith, are understood. He also loves you, but because of the injury, began not to know how to love. Or, start questioning yourself, unsure whether you're recognized, or whether you're warm or not.

"If I become a disappointing and sad child, will you still love me?" You may have asked with such heartbreak. (Recommended reading: Living room question and answer: a few meters: adults heartless words, children are very serious)

Image Source: Big Block Culture

Adults like to say the big truth of old sense,
Curiously, they couldn't hear it themselves.

Even if the child holds his ear,
That little-chopped voice,
Or will it permeate the whole world...

Image Source: Big Block Culture

I know I'm not a perfect child,
But you've never been perfect parents.

So we have to tolerate each other, work hard and live strong.

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For the sake of the child, the adult does not tell the child anything.

So when a child grows up, he doesn't say anything to adults.

Image Source: Big Block Culture

Adults say that children's skies are infinitely wide,
Is the sky different for adults and children?

Between adults and children, how can they get close to each other? If I have become a boring adult, how can I not hurt that wonderful child? Perhaps, not just between parents, but also all those who don't know how to grow up, afraid to grow up, will feel helpless moments.

A few meters only through the mouth of the child, said, don't blame me, it is not my fault.

Don't wake me up from a dream, don't say boring things to me, don't hate myself. From now on, you just have to tell me what I've done for you, and you like it. Because it's me that you like.

"When I'm lonely, please let me know where you are, and tell me, because I'm lonely, you're lonely." 」

Dear grown man, you were a child, and you may have a child in your heart, staring at who you are now. He said thank you, if you like, say that to me.