Jasmine was hailed as "Disney's best princess" when the live version of Aladdin was released. It doesn't just tell boys that you don't have to pretend to be the perfect prince in the face of the person who loves you. It also tells girls not to remain silent because of social vision. If we can make a wish and hope to see the film, we can all be free. Inside, read it carefully.

Disney's live-action "Aladdin" debuted at nearly 55 million grossing, receiving rave reviews, while actress Jasmine was praised as "Disney's greatest princess ever."

From "Ocean's Edge" and "Ice And Snow Edge" to "Aladdin", Disney has in recent years worked to break down the traditional imagination of the princess. This time the live version of Aladdin in gender role-building, but also produced several important breakthroughs. (Extended reading: Disney princess from The Black Bridge segment!) "Invincible Destruction King 2" full of eggs )

The following involves a play, please take it carefully.

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Boy's fate: I want to marry a princess, must be a rich prince?

Aladdin's films, in fact, have changed the biggest thing by rewriting people's imaginations about fate. The kingdom law says, "The princess must marry a prince", so even if Jasmine was educated from an early age to be able to rule the kingdom, she had a passion for politics, but she still had to start endless dating journeys, so that one prince after another would come thousands of miles to ask for relatives.

After loveing the princess at first sight, Aladdin, with the help of the elves, became the rich "Prince Ali". Knowing the law, in the song Prince Ali, he is described as having "80 golden camels, 50 purple peacocks, 30 Persian monkeys" and seeking kiss from Princess Jasmine with countless golds, animals (and jams).

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When the king opened the gate and greeted the "prince", there was even a conversation in the palace about whether the money could buy the princess. Princess Jasmine was so angry that he thought he was just another prince who "wanted to buy her and her kingdom with money". She knew in her heart that marrying a rich prince was not the life she wanted. After all, this kind of marriage as a trading marriage market, can not buy love and respect.

Finally, the princess found that he was the thief Aladdin who accompanied her to the market outside the palace, before falling in love with him, and did not choose to give up the relationship because of the magic, the prince's identity was discovered.

As the elves keep reminding Aladdin, "Prince Ali is just your appearance", it can open the gates for you, but the inside of you, has not changed.

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The princess's fate: I want to be in politics, but can I just shut up?

Aside from challenging the idea of "door-to-door" with romantic love elements, as in the old version, the story reinforces princess Jasmine's character. She has desire, dreams -- she likes aladdin, the thief she meets in the market, she doesn't like the great foreign princes, and more importantly -- she has a high interest in politics.

She seldom said that her dream was that she wanted to be Sudan.

These also highlight her character's character, and even flip the plot of the animation.

In the 1992 animation, Jia Fang plans to marry Princess Jasmine. In order to fight back for Aladdin more time, Princess Jasmine had to pretend that she also had the will, wronged himself and Jia Fang flirting. However, in the live film, to change this episode, but by allowing the princess to sing their own voice for many years to suppress their own, let the court guard turn his mind, choose to save the princess and the king. (Aladdin is still on his way.) )

Therefore, this episode of the plot flip, is not Princess Jasmine alone waiting for a strong and powerful man to come to the rescue, but rely on the princess's own political and speech charm, to win the hearts of the nation.

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Fortunately, she's the Disney princess in 2019. In this day and age, as a woman, you can be a sultan, and even better, Disney in 2019 will help you write new songs. (Extended reading: Beauty and theBeast's Emma Watson's Belle Manifesto: You can be a princess without a prince)

Princess Jasmine's theme song, also directed by The A Whole New World composer Alan Menken, who wrote the Oscar for Best Song in 1992, is also known as "The Speechless." When Jia Fang asked her to shut up and be a good princess, Princess Jasmine sang:

Written in stone every rule, every word
Centuries old and unbending
Stay in your place, better seen and not heard
But now now story is ending
Every word engraved on the stone
A hundred years and can't resist
"Stay in your place", "Quiet look don't talk"
It's all over.

I won't be silenced
No you will not see me sings when you try it
All I know is i won't speech goles, speechless
I'm not going to be silent
No, you won't see my fear of shaking.
What I know is that I won't be silent

The last wish is "I hope you become yourself".

At the end of the story, the real princess and the fake prince still have to face the fact that the law cannot allow them to marry. When the elves propose, the last wish, that Aladdin be used to make a wish to repeal the marriage law. The Sultan made an unexpected decision to pass the throne to Jasmine. He saw his daughter's leadership from the course of the confrontation against Jiafang. The old Sultan said, "You will be the next Sultan, and you can use your own power to change the rule." 」

Looking back at Aladdin's three wishes with the elves, the first is "I want the elves to save me" and the second is "I want to be a prince". His third wish was to keep his promise: "I want the elves to be ordinary people."

We also found that when Aladdin kept his promise to make the last wish: "Let the elves be ordinary people", several of the play's key players finally became themselves

The princess became sultan, Aladdin loved, the maid was free, and the elves became human.

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Aladdin: Boys and girls, don't give up what they want, don't be someone else

As an audience member who grew up with Disney, 1992's Aladdin, in our eyes, still tends to give the boy a growing story: a real princess doesn't ignore your good nature because you're a rich prince or a poor thief. But the 2019 live version of Aladdin may be more accessible to a wider audience.

When this animated film more than 20 years ago came into life, the most moving thing was that, in addition to telling the boys that the people who really love you would love what you really look like, it also told the girls that you can be a sultan if you want. Women's growth is born without being dependent on men. The live version of Aladdin is like talking to every child. You can have your own interests and aspirations, not because of your class, race, gender, and have a half-point retreat.

Boys and girls, please always, forever, don't give up what you want to pursue because of what others say.

Cause we know t we won't speech goles.

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