"Aladdin" live version of the release, in addition to a flip-ending fate of the love fairy tale, but also a discussion of relationship belonging story. Princess Jasmine, she wants not necessarily a prince, but a companion who can take her out of the imprisoned palace and see the beautiful world. That fantasy far away, is to want to reach you and me and exist. There is a drama in the text, please take it carefully.

"Aladdin" live version of the release, more than two decades apart, the classic first sentence of the lyrics "I can show you the world", an instant and bring us back to the memory of the thousand and one night. In that night, A Whole New World, beautiful, in addition to a poor boy and princess of the miracle lamp love, in this film, but also left more than the home imagination.

Princess Jasmine sneaked out of the palace and broke into Aladdin's house. From the magnificent castle to the attic of the four walls of the family, the princess escape path, space movement between, but also quietly smuggled her longing for the emotional identity.

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Imprisoned Home: I am a princess, I have no happiness as you think

At the beginning of the plot, a boy with dexterous hands and feet wandered around the village. He practiced a pickpocketing skills, broken copper iron, by the pawn shop boss mother waved to go, the village everyone was spurned. They said he was a cross-street mouse, fatherless and motherless, before he fell to this point.

He was Aladdin, an old cloth cloth, a pair of eyes full of spirituality, he said it was gold and silver jewelry, but you can not see. He is always depressed.

In another scene, we see the beautiful-looking Princess Jasmine, living in a gorgeous palace, the people are envious. But only she knew that after her mother's death, her father was in the control of the adulterer, and she was confined to the house;

"Aladdin" in the emphasis on the theme of fatalism reversal, in fact, first laid out a relationship between people and family universal truth: Princess Jasmine and the poor Aladdin, seemingly on both ends of the scale, but all took food for the children on the streets. It's like, I know you, homeless loneliness. This scene, the world's home victims, quietly linked together.

The world's rigid imagination of the family, the imprisonment of the fallen street, as if the city walls imprisoned the princess;

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Looking at the whole village, the people of this world, people come and go, very crowded, perhaps everyone, have the injury from home, whether you are a family rich, or a poor, not what kind of complete home, to ensure full. In every door, there may be hidden pain and happiness.

As a result, Aladdin, as a thief, takes a little village people's things on the street every day, but it's not important. He put these broken copper irons together in an attic home. It's like saying, and lend me a little steal, you say that happiness, you say the home.

Princess Jasmine, on the other hand, briefly fled her native family and accidentally broke into Aladdin's dilapidated home. In that high attic, she turned to an old guitar that could only play her mother's song, and saw for the first time what her city looked like; Aladdin's family was four walls, but it had her heart yearning for belonging, like a stowaways of the family.

Stealing to steal, fantasy city, there is no shortage of homesick people.

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To the night, look at the home again

In the live version of the film, the most heart-warming scene, probably is to see the magic carpet moment. That thought only in the animation called to call the magic carpet, into a living gentle cloth, understand the human seven passions, to take you to see more of the world.

Aladdin, who fell in love with Jasmine, knew that the princess had stayed up all night and had a lot of trouble, so she took the magic carpet to the princess's window sill and took her away from the lost home of the power struggle that had lost her mother.

They took the magic carpet and flew over the village, from east to west to north to south. They also sang that, the melody we were familiar with:

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

I can open your field of view.
Take you to the corner of the world
Look at all the trails and the ground
A magical magic carpet tour.

When Aladdin said to the princess, I can show you the world I have seen and take you far away; For one night, both people who had hurt their families, arrived at a place a little further away from home, and re-looked at where they lived. They said it was beautiful, but they forgot for a while.

It's like a healing journey. Take a look, let the family house, the world-bound heart, have breathing space. Two hot eyes, also on this journey, tow each other. This quivering pursuit is where we will reach.

It could be the magic of the magic carpet, there are any guidelines, can really bring happiness.

I've seen the world circle, home exists for you and me

At the end of the song, the princess proposes a return trip, knowing that she is still a princess and living in a castle. But this time, arrived, was already a different place.

Jasmine accidentally broke into a poor boy's attic and saw a completely different city view; Aladdin was also misbehaved as a prince, dancing with the princess in a magnificent palace. At the end of the story, two people from the family background of Tiannandi, seemingly never to meet, but because of the same thing - the yearning for the relationship of belonging, and fantasy meet, and seriously stare at each other once.

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Like the one on the streets of the city, they had handed a loster a loster a loster, knowing that there is a world in which you will have nowhere to go, no matter where you come from.

Therefore, the story finally tells us that Princess Jasmine does not have to marry the prince to become a family. She flips the rigid law, after the pain of the home, because of love, and find their own belonging.

A whole new world
That's where we'll be be
A-siup chase
A wondrous place
For you and me

A new world
That's where we'll get.
This thrilling and endless quest
An incredible place.
Exist for you and me

Because the world is big, full of surprise, and that longing for the distant, longing home, only for you want to arrive and exist.