14-week maternity leave, the Award of Outstanding Female Scientist stodgy for inspiring women to enter science, and collaboration with the Spring Festival-Chi-Chi-Chi Center to create the happiest factory in Taiwan to see how the Leia Group, a century-old beauty giant, has done it through the perspective of d'amp;I integration.

"Respect each person's different states, whether it's gender, culture, race, age, physiology, or marital status; individual differences should not become unfair, but through effective collaboration, everyone should be allowed to play their best." -Lea Group

The first corporate visit between the d and I strategies came to the Leia Group's office in Taipei 101, where we were curious about the Leia Group, a multinational company that spans 150 countries, operates more than 36 brands, manages more than 86,000 employees, and lives for more than 100 years. How to cross geographical boundaries and cultural boundaries, in the enterprise to implement the spirit of multi-integration, cohesion of the team to the heart, promote the concept of social welfare projects, and respond to the Mission of the Leia Group - beautiful, with the public to share (Sharing beauty with all).

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan's Leia Group

Shalom, Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development and Public Affairs, Taiwan Leia Group, shakes the shaker's mug cup, mug is breakable, but a giving heart is not. The mug will be broken, but a heart that is sincere lysing is not, and then talk about Leia's corporate ethics, one of which focuses on Human Rights, which is the beginning of the Leia Group's talk of diversity.

Building the happiest factory in Taiwan: international guidelines and collaboration on the ground

Emmanuel Lulin, the ethics director of the Global Leia Group, noted in 2015 that corporate ethics is the way we work for the Leia Group. The integration of ethics and code of conduct not only has the spirit of respect, from a financial point of view, the enterprise body also demonstrated better production and collaboration efficiency, enhance the ability to retain talent, in business achievements, there is also the growth of digital verification.

Human rights projects in corporate ethics, with reference to EU benchmarks, are set as four cores of respect, courage, transparency and integrity, from the production line to the sales end, from customer, labor relations and then to cooperative suppliers, all set clear international applicable guidelines. Lilly, General Manager of Human Resources of Taiwan's Leia Group, mentions that the Taiwan Leia Group sends management to its headquarters in Paris every year to participate in the training program, from the basic concept sour to how to design and lead a diverse and integrated team.

In addition to international guidelines, the Leia Group also encourages the search for local collaborators. The Taiwan-taiwanLei Group has collaborated with the Chun Yu Qizhi Center for more than 20 years, offering more than 100 product labeling opportunities for people with disabilities. Product labeling in the minds of many people, is high lysing, can be replaced by machine work, and Leia Group through the design workflow, so that children with physical and mental disabilities to play their strengths, reflect the characteristics of careful and focused, work success, children do gymnastics together sooner or later, to create the most happy factory, but also reflect the community integration.

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan's Leia Group

"I want team employees to know more about this group of collaborative partners, and the labeling of each product is actually the result of their efforts. Shalom notes that the advent of a product requires the ability of different fulcrums to function.

In 2015, Taiwan's Leia Group partnered with DiD Taipei to promote an unprecedented experience camp, inviting team employees to enter the dark, experience the world of visually impaired people, and conduct in-team training (team building) through the dark workshop process. It also allows employees to think from different perspectives and to be more aware and emscient with "differences".

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan's Leia Group

Based on the sustainability goals set by the Global Leia Group in 2013, the Leia Group hopes to provide 100,000 jobs to disadvantaged groups by 2020 by working with suppliers, which Shalom says is an ambitious goal and I think they are on this path.

Setting up the Outstanding Women's Science Award: Social Needs and Enterprise Advantages

Since its inception in 1909, the Leia Group has been driving innovation in the beauty industry with its technological research and development capabilities, investing more than 3% of its revenue in research and development to ensure the scientific backing behind the product, and they have observed a phenomenon - why is there so few women in research and development talent?

"Women are not involved in science, and globally, there is a reason for the difference in the proportion of people who are taught. In terms of Taiwan's environment, we find that the proportion of men and women being taught is equal, or even slightly higher, and that women are not involved in science because of the bias of gender stereotypes. The growing environment tells us, "Women are not good at numbers", so many girls, even if they do well, even if they are interested, still do not have confidence. 」

Since 1998, the Leia Group and UNESCO have established the Global Award for Outstanding Female Scientists (L'OR AL-UNESCO For Women Science) for women scientists, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of women scientists around the world to society. Taiwan also invited the Wu Jianxiong Foundation in 2008 to launch the first Taiwan Outstanding Female Scientist Award.

"When we started this award, a lot of people questioned why we did it. Shalom shared that many people were skeptical of the award, "and grateful to the Wu Jianxiong Foundation, willing to work together." As a model for Chinese female scientists, Dr. Wu Jianxiong hopes to inspire more Taiwanese women to regard the field of scientific research as a career. 」

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan's Leia Group

The purpose of the award is to show people the benchmark and the model, female scientists are not science geeks, but can drive social progress of the work. In 2009, Taiwan's Leia added a rookie award to encourage women under the age of 42 who are interested in deep-working scientific research, but also from the real experience of female scientists, "Women in the field of science, there is a particularly hard way, that is, in the 30- to 40-year-old range, perhaps doctoral graduation, ready to embark on the path of scientists. Also encounter edified marriage, child-birth stage of life, there will be pull, many people because of the factors of family care, can not continue to adhere to. 」

Education is equally important, the Leia Group and the Wu Jianxiong Foundation jointly organized a tour of taiwan's colleges and universities, bringing the women's science awardwinners to the female students of the year, through interviews, through experience, through the experience of the establishment, through role models, to reverse the gender stereotypes, to promote change," after the lecture, we were surprised to find that 95% of the The original hesitant to choose the group of students in the questionnaire, want to change their own selection group to the group. 」

To this day, the 2008 Outstanding Prize winner is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the proportion of women applying for science-related fields has grown by 3.4%, and change is taking place, and through the setting of the Global Award for Outstanding Female Scientists, the Leia Group is demonstrating a clever combination of social needs and corporate advantages.

14-week maternity leave better than industry: Employee care shows resilience

We went on to talk about the entrepreneurial spirit of the Leia Group, Beauty, and Sharing (Sharing Beauty with all). Beauty is their language, it is their art, it is their passion, it is their responsibility.

Leia Group set sustainable development goals, from sustainable research and development, sustainable production and manufacturing, sustainable development and then to sustainable life, hope that the value of the United States, can be measured by the pointer, in all aspects, reflect the spirit of sustainability.

Sustainable research and development, talk about raw materials and formulations, from the green concept, to protect biodiversity, sustainable production and manufacturing, focus on how to make the highest rate of biodegradability, reduce transport carbon emissions, reduce the burden of water resources, through the establishment of clear KPIs, reflect corporate responsibility, sustainable development, talk about staff care, The welfare policies of employees, health care and financial insurance, and the cooperation of suppliers provide jobs for disadvantaged groups, while sustainable living is a transparent disclosure at the time of product sales, enabling consumers to understand the concept of sustainability of products and choose to support environmental sustainability.

Turning to welfare policies for employee care, Lilly notes that welfare policies are implemented globally in the Leia Group, so that some social welfare policies, if not promoted by local governments, will be better than local policies.

For example, maternity leave in Taiwan is 8 weeks, while the Leia Group's maternity leave is 14 weeks compared to the global standard. "For their French colleagues, they have been on 14 weeks of maternity leave since 1950, and they feel that this is long overdue. For us, we can give our employees more protection. 」

In addition to maternity leave, there are also 10 days of paid paternity leave, which allows both parents to share domestic responsibilities and follow the legal process, so that for same-sex couples, they can also be given paternity leave as long as there is a production facts in accordance with the law. "We look forward to seeing a team that works hard and can take care of the family. They laughed that the company's fertility rate was high, and that eight years ago, lactation rooms were set up to care for work, care for families, and care for life.

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan's Leia Group

Protect personal welfare and give back to society. The Leia Group sets up the Citizen Day of Leia to design a one-day team-wide service event in response to the geographical differences of each country. In 2012-16, Taiwan's Leia Group worked hard to create scientific learning opportunities for children in rural areas, in 2016 focused on the issue of senior age, working with the Hongdao Foundation to provide beauty salon services for the elderly living alone, and in 2018 joined forces with the non-profit organization RE-THINK to visit the Pearl River Beach in Jinshan. Employee feedback, through the annual Citizen's Day, feel that they have become happy, can be the same, can give, the establishment of a subtle consciousness, but also an important spirit of diversity and integration.

For the second year in a row, 83% of employees said they were proud to work for Leia.

A closer look at the implementation of the Leia Group's d-and-I policy, through international guidelines and local design, has achieved outstanding results in employee care benefits, talent development, product innovation, and social contributions, not only in the spirit of quality implementation, but also in digital results.

Out of the Leia office, we see a practice of business ethics, reflect the spirit of multi-integration of enterprises, how to cross the cross-border multi-point to promote social influence, through the design of the collaboration chain, so that the time of betting, become a part of value, so that the relevant collaborators, can benefit, so that the advantages of enterprises and social needs closely match.

When d?amp;I becomes the core of the enterprise, when respect for individual differences becomes inevitable(diversity), when the design of a clear collaborative flow (inclusion), the individual can perform at its best, and so does the business.