In the media, people often call her lu Kai-hui's widow, and in the work field, she has a name, she is Yu Jingping, she said people are like this, first to find the most relaxed look, and then to find the most charming look.

Think of Yu Jingping, I was most impressed by her back.

Chen Shani's "Valley of Horror" MV filming scene, she has short hair, white T-shirt, looking at the picture, slim limbs, and the spirit of the huge figure, become a spiritual symbol of the theme echoing - you will eventually be too much as you look.

Yu Jingping, a photographer, went on to shoot dynamic, commercial, MV and film, and she was shortlisted for best photography at the 2017 Hong Kong Film Awards for "July and Ansheng." Asked about her heart and heart, she paused for a few seconds and said that her first favorite was actually a flush of photos.

I want to know, what i left behind.

"I didn't like photography at first, I liked to wash pictures. From the development to the blank shading, the moment before the picture appears, I have a sense of anticipation, I want to know, what I stayed. Yu Jingping recalled, "At that time also do not understand the light, just to shoot, shoot back to the darkroom, probably a point of the end upside down, and then always think, why the photo is not good to look at?" It turned out that I hadn't done it myself. So i'm in the photography line.

She is fascinated by the moments of the past and present: "For me, whether it's coming up, or what's happening now, it's in photography. Photographer, have the ability to predict. The photographer is quite magical work, leaving the past, the experience of the present, and envisioning the future, but a few blinks of events.

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Working in the film, I feel that she attaches great importance to light, where light comes in, where to go out, through the flow of light and games, what kind of space atmosphere. She used to say, "It's all right, let's try it." 」

She says it's thanks to dynamic live experience, the team has taught her a lot, and the lighting teacher is happy to teach her how to see the light, where the light comes from, where it goes, and how to fight. She says she wasn't born in Cobain, didn't work as a photography assistant, and didn't experience film training, from plane to dynamic, and more than 20 years ago, she felt lucky.

She filmed with the hearts of her fans, and in the age of no numbers, she took her favorite movies, took them with a camera grid, lined the floor of the house, and asked herself why I liked the mirror, photography, light or spectre, to think about the running of each play and how to split the lens.

This industry shouldn't have standards, why don't you try

She started on her own self-taught, and was free to think about photography. She doesn't want to deconstruct the lens in a standard way, "for example, shooting raindrops, when a lot of people say, is to shoot raindrops, you just hit the lights, so shoot ah." I don't believe it, I said I'm going to try myself. 」

In the year of film industrialization, Yu Jingping said that the industry should not have standards, why not try?

She mentioned that Du Kefeng took a picture of the spring light at first glance, there was no receiver box, he kept pressing the shutter, the receiver said the shutter sound loud, you stand away, he was rushed to the opposite building, with a photographic cannon, looking out at Zhang Guorong and Liang Chaowei. Stand away from the standard, do not line up to stand well, the results are speechless.

She has no baggage, no fear of making mistakes, free, not afraid to admit that she does not understand will not. "I think in this industry, if you ask, you go to try, you will grow their own unique language." If you always rely on SOP, it may be because you are insecure. 」

There should be no criteria, there should be gender. She said that the line, in fact, there is no feeling of gender restrictions, not to mention she has always felt that the girl's vision, too suitable for photography, but there is one thing, she is not sure if it is the cause of gender.

She was making her first film, Hong Kong, martial arts, she borrowed a wheelchair, put the camera machine on top, when the actor saw her push ingress wheelchair out, has seen her several times. When Wu opened the shoot, she pushed the actor all the way to the wheelchair, the director shouted a card, the actor turned his head, said to her, "You, don't hit me." 」

"At that moment I felt that he didn't believe me, I didn't know if it was sexist, but at that moment, I was hurt, and I felt i couldn't be trusted. 」

Yu Jingping tilted her head, the injury came from the no origin, lost the qualification to be trusted. Maybe so, she's always trying to shake her shoulders and throw those rules, those SOPs, off. She's going to walk into the scene and make a great start.

Find the most relaxed look, then the most charming look

Chen Shani said that it is always comfortable to shoot Xiao Yu, because she can see the characteristics under the appearance, people feel free, can do natural performance. Yu Jingping said that photography work, gave her a lot of happiness, "I think it is professional training, I will not use a subjective way to look at beauty and ugliness, I would like to find everyone's unique look." 」

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Photographer like a thief, peering through the lens, the skin bag below, what characteristics, Yu Jingping said, "first find his most relaxed look, and then find his most charming look." When a person relaxes, there is a way to see a lot about him. 」

Feel at ease first, and then discuss what beauty is.

She said she was going to shoot a female singer, and she made a few thoughts, and the other side refused, saying it wasn't me. By chance, the female singer told her that she had been a stage actor for a long time, always playing someone else, And Yu Jingping suggested that we might as well find yourself. "If you want to, come to my house to take pictures, that's the most relaxing place for me, you're going to be a guest, you want to put something in, you put it." That day, they chatted all the way to night, the sky is shining, "when you spread yourself out, the other side came in, will also be willing to let you understand her." 」

Yu Jingping said that in fact a person standing in front of the camera, she may know his psychological state, a lot of times there is no self-confidence, but from a situation you do not know what is.

Photography is like this, inside the lens, naked and intimate, outside the lens, across a safe distance, she said, photography gave her happiness: "A lot of people ask me who is difficult to shoot, I think no, I think everyone would love to exchange gifts with me." Whether they do it or not, they will. Willing to pay the most helpless, the most naked situation, willing to give me. 」

At work, she felt she had no gender and did not treat the subject without gender. In 2008, the same period of shooting the whole male class of the nine down wind, and the whole girl class of flowers ate that girl, for her, are young flesh, she smiled, "Of course, I was so." 」

If you don't want to know yourself, do a light repair ah, it won't get better.

The video shows the size, from 4K to 8K, and any fine pores, any wrinkles, is clear. Yu Jingping said that the beauty of this era, to look at this way, even if it is too harsh. "The equipment is very sharp, I would like to choose what lens to use, to cut down these tension. The beauty of this era, it is very open, there are various possibilities. 」

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This era of appearance anxiety, is not from our too accustomed to avoid themselves, hiding in the beauty app, a long time did not look at their own appearance, only to seek beauty, "if we feel ugly, we light ah, repair ah, will not become better." 」

New technology is not wrong, beauty is also, defects can not be flaws, as long as you do not think it is.

All the origin, or from the understanding of their own. "Even so, I feel like I don't know myself very well. People say I have a good personality, I've always felt like a ferryman, like a container, and I'm still looking for what I'm like. Ferry people, intended to ferry people, without purpose, without return, accompany each other on a section, arrived on the other side, will also want to ask, then I, who will ferry me?

She said it was not good to talk about herself now, and Lu Kaixuan was gone, and something had happened, and she felt a little confused. (Extended reading:"Your left hand my right hand" to his wife Lu Kaijuan: In a long time, we will always stay)

I remember that afternoon, we visited An-Yi, An-Yi asked the public, do not believe that the world has God, Yu Jingping nodded, said he believed, "I can't believe." Later, Ann, gave her a hug.

Yu Jingping is like this, she is far, through the lens, give you a hug, you know, she sees you, and not just see, she sees you, know under the skin, what you look like. Occasionally, we'll take it back.