There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how female fan intern Irene reflects, learns, and grows up at a high speed.

In the women's internship so far, has been nearly four months of time, many growth and mood are scattered in the page every day.

Remember the first day of the on board (becoming a team partner), which happened to be the day after the Spring Festival, every Womanyor received a red bag with the words, "Believe me, you are important", a short sentence, as if to remind me: Don't look down on yourself, you are not small.

We're a team partner, regardless of position.

Walkinto into the second floor office, I was secretly surprised in the bottom of my heart, as an intern of me, actually also have their own exclusive office seat. It sounds like a small thing, but it's a complete reflection of the first thing that women are obsessed with:

Whether you're an intern or a regular, we'll grow together.

I remember that on the second day of my job, I had a regular daily presentation meeting with Content Lab. The first time you participate in a meeting, you need to get into the situation immediately. At that time, I, the imagination of interns, is probably at the bottom of the company - not humble, but always feel that interns are more like the execution of the role of the task, with the discussion of the work, estimated that the rotation is not me.

Here, however, no one thinks "I'm just" an intern. For example, I'm still a college student, and when the editorial team discusses the relevant topics for this age group, I can come up with some ideas based on my own experience or that of my friends around me. When I share, my partners always listen attentively, my opinions can be discussed, and my feelings can be taken seriously. At Content Lab, every editor can be a point of view, and we throw things at each other, half an hour to an hour of meetings, always full of people's brains, but feel rich.

After coming to the women's fan, completely broke my initial "internship" imagination. I can participate in the idea of a branch home, I can apply my ideas to running Instagram, I can write about issues that I think are important. Turning over the first week of reflection notes, I wrote:

"Fortunately, what interns are doing is not clearly at the same time as the official, whether it's a meeting or any event, not just a bystander, but a sure part of the women's obsession with growing up every step of the way." 」

In women's fans, every partner is important, and your voice will be heard.

This is my seat. )

Learn work skills, also learn mood conversion

At the beginning of getting along with everyone, in meetings, I often only dare to speak timidly, the tone is always full of uneasiness and uncertainty, as if to say a thing that I can't even grasp. After careful consideration, I found that this anxiety has long been ingrained in my heart. All I learned in school in the past was how to receive and execute, and I rarely had the opportunity to speak out about my thoughts. It is quite difficult for me to take the initiative to think or give an opinion.

Later, Audrey asked me to practice, give myself a little more courage, and communicate with others locally, not to appear afraid or hesitant. (Same-on-the-spot:"Women fans say work" Real freedom is up to you to decide what to believe)

"To believe that one thing is up to me, it will be different. Audrey, editor-in-chief of Women's Fans

So I began to observe how we told a powerful and organized story about it. I find that when I think which partner is particularly good at speaking, it is often what he says, with specific and profound insights, rather than a gimmick to shove the time of the question. That is, you have to believe that what you say is valuable and meaningful.

If you want to do this, you must spend more time looking for issues and related news stories, understanding and absorbing, knowing that the cut points and appropriate actions can be systematically shared with other editors. This also echoes the women's fan CEO, Yu Xuan, who often dings our "prepare in advance" spirit.

After continuous practice, I spoke from the beginning in a subtle voice, to now i can confidently say what I think, and even to other editors to give back. I think everything comes from practice.

I learn to find topics and decide topics on my way to Instagram every day, and I'm working on my own to figure out the reader's profile and get a female fan base, from 10,000 first-time fans at the time of my takeover to growing to more than 30,000. In the women's fans, I finally can long time to stay away, hear their own voice, see their own solid existence.

Everything i do will be different. It's been almost four months in the women's fan board, and there's a lot of adventure waiting for me. I'm still flying on this internship trip.