There have been a person living days, talk without echo, can only eat dinner with their own, life a lot of lonely. But it is also at this time, you first find yourself brave, know that you want to cherish the person, but also more able to make themselves happy.

The days of living alone, you are the most powerful partner in your life, whether it's just a temporary home, it may be the one you've been clinging to since then.

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After may home bar website line, we began to take everyone into the real home; we found the pain, saw the restrictions, but also hope to find a way home. So this month, we don't talk about reconciliation, but talk about ways, how to build their own happy home? The first chapter, start with a person's residence!

Maybe because you're working, studying, or for any other reason, you're starting your first time as a loner. What does it look like to live alone, in your imagination? It could start with a small suite, where you put on a few decent-looking pieces of furniture, something that makes sense to you, and you're in your favorite corner;

Looking for a sense of belonging in a hundred ways, single suite, is already new out of society you, or single you, there will be a choice. But is it just a sleeping space or a home? Every day can only talk with their own, such a lonely place, can let me get a sense of stability?

The days of living alone are indeed very quiet and often feel lonely. But the so-called home, sense of belonging, do not have to be attached to the noisy, interactive relationship with others. You may not know, but today i'm going to tell you that living alone may be more suitable for you for several reasons:

Start paying the price for freedom: you'll find you're braver than you think

After living alone, in the past may have someone else for you to take care of the daily living, including food, laundry, home appliancerepair, financial planning, etc. , now pass by you alone to take care of. But don't feel down. In this process, you will instead begin to recognize your abilities. For example, in the past you thought you were afraid of the earthquake, only one person, and at this moment you have no choice, but may grow the courage you have not experienced.

Challenge to cook a meal for yourself, set up a bookcase, arrange a clean-up, everything you do, not for anyone, just for yourself. You will find that you are simply the most powerful partner in your life. And you will begin to understand your own life needs, vulnerability and strength, and feel different in your ability. Then you'll appreciate yourself more and more.

And starting from this home you're slowly building up, you'll become more willing to accept challenges in the face of the outside world.

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Practice alone: Even if it's bad today, you have the ability to make yourself better

When you start living alone, you may feel the benefits first. It's easy to imagine, for example, you can dress at home, lie down without a bath, sing loudly and talk and cry, without feeling guilty, your life, custom guidelines. But slowly, you will also begin to find, how to speak without an echo, delicious things no one to share, want to see the play can only taste their own. Living alone is how wonderful your life is, it seems to be a person's business.

Just, don't be depressed. This is a great opportunity to build your sense of self. Psychologist Abraham. Abraham Maslow once argued that loneliness is a defining feature of self-fulfilment. Take advantage of the extra time in these lives, with space, and really leave it to yourself. You can arrange a quiet brunch for yourself, read one afternoon, or pick a movie that touches you, turning off the lights and watching it alone in the dark. In these processes, you'll know better what you like and don't like without anyone's consent.

When you're in a good mood, when you're celebrating loudly and life is bad, cry hard. Living alone can help you explore your emotional responses. And after these low tides, have the ability to comfort themselves.

Then you'll find that loneliness makes you realize yourself. You've been, more and more like yourself.

Quiet home, accept your tiredness: the outside world has everything to do with

The basic function of home is to meet the physiological needs of individuals, and then make people feel completely relaxed place. We receive countless messages and contact with all kinds of people every day, and you dress up each other as yourself, seemingly coping with and creating the ideal life. But like Eric J. What Eric Klinenberg observes is that in the digital generation, home will become an oasis of the mind, and it will be only when you are left alone that you can really get back to life.

A person's home, quiet and undisturbed, accept stake in your most vulnerable but true side. This is a place where you can do whatever you want and give your soul a chance to rest every day.

Why is this so important? In the study of the scientist Ferris Jabr, it was mentioned that allowing the brain to "shut down" moderately helps maintain our production and creation and also stabilizes the level of daily life. Let yourself stop, let yourself temporarily have nothing to do with the outside world, let oneself seem to continue and thin life, to this place, quiet soul shelter, can protect its original beauty and gentleness.

Anyway, in this city, you need a place like this.

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Live with yourself: What seems to be your own thing makes you more concerned about the world

Finally, there's one thing you might not have thought about: living alone makes people more social. Also from Klingnamborg's research, living alone is not a completely lonely journey. People who live alone tend to spend more time in contact and interaction with others;

First of all, we can quickly realize that you can't really do everything on your own. The exercise of living alone also includes how to show vulnerability to others. You'll start thinking about your family because you've cooked a hard meal, you'll be eager to call out your friends because you can't get a good job, or you'll miss your former partner because you're in a slump at night. No matter what, whenever, it opens your connection to the outside world and makes you more treasured the relationships that exist in your life.

On the other hand, you are also more willing to share space with others because you have an independent self, because the time you have to spend with you and others is voluntary. Your self-life and self-awareness are built to help you desire to care for and appreciate others. The reason is very simple, you know that you are happy, you also began to have the ability to give others happiness.

Be able to complete yourself, to love.

Walk out of your own home and find ways to get along with the world and be more comfortable with it.

Living alone may be a transitional choice in your life, or you may find the most ownership form after experiencing such an option. In any case, it may bring you the harvest that you can't get in other home spaces.

This family of all kinds, not fake his hand, by you bit by bit, gradually constructed. When we experience first-hand that we can be self-sufficient and make ourselves happy, we also have more respect for ourselves.

From a person's home, know that there is no doubt behind the support, and the present, will be more expected life.