SurveyMonkey, a Us pollster, surveyed office workers and found that the more confident people are, the higher their income? Fifty percent of the 300 respondents "think appearance is important" and 39 percent think appearance is super important. In addition to the need for professional competence in the workplace, self-image is also a part of the world that cannot be ignored. Fresh graduates, you think of what kind of workplace image you want to build? Share with you six tips to improve your self-image to stand out from the crowd!

How you look at yourself determines what world you can see.

When I first saw the word "self-image", I thought it was the meaning of "look" for "a good way to hear", but apart from the literal allegation of appearance, self-image is more of a "what kind of self you want to show through appearance". Appearance is part of self-image, and when we talk about "the first impression of appearance is important", we want to emphasize that "appearance is the first step in self-image building, and this first step is very important".

Others believe that having a substantive ability is more important than appearance. But from another point of view, why isn't appearance part of ability? Take care of your appearance, why not be regarded as a real ability? We must see and acknowledge that the establishment of self-image is a capacity, and even more important.

And in June graduation, we are moving towards the next stage of life, will know new people, will join a new organization or family. What kind of self do you want to behave at this point? What kind of self-image do you want to create?

Network Survey: The More Confident People, the Higher Their Income

SurveyMonkey, an American online research firm, conducted a study of 300 active workers on "the association of self-image and job performance" and found that 50 percent of respondents thought "look is important" and 39 percent were more extreme, saying "look sits very important". Only 11% of workers are less important in appearance.

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After further comparison sifted between the two groups of respondents who "thought they were relatively successful" and "think appearance was important", a large percentage of respondents who thought they were successful also found that appearance was important to them.

Although the majority of respondents thought appearance was important, it did not mean that they had confidence in their appearance, much less that success was necessarily well paid. According to the SurveyMonkey survey, only 10 percent of respondents were "very confident" about their appearance, with the majority saying they were "confident" and 40 percent were "confident." When compared its level of self-confidence to income, it was found that the more confident people were, the higher their income.

A total of 18 percent of people who feel extremely confident about themselves have an average household income of more than $150,000, significantly higher than other income levels. 56% of people feel confident about themselves, and the average household income is between $25,000 and $49,000.

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Through SurveyMonkey's survey, it can be assumed that people who have confidence in their image have more opportunities and chances to succeed at work and earn more. Because of self-confidence, so can have the courage to challenge themselves, seize the opportunity to show their hand.

Six tips to easily improve your self-image

Joanna Gaudoin, founder of Inside Out image, a management consulting firm that has worked with international companies such as HSBC and Morgan McKinley, offers six tips to share, whether fresh or new, to improve your self-image in the workplace!

  • Put on your favorite clothes.

Wear your favorite clothes, easy to feel comfortable, but also in the big scene to stay calm. If you're an easy person to get nervous about in an interview, try Joanna Gaudoin's advice and put on a dress that you like without losing a sense of professionalism that, in addition to giving a steady first impression, can ease the tension.

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  • Add key colors

Shen jing, safety brand of the workplace wear is nothing but black, dark blue, gray, white and other basic colors, but in a piece of black suit white shirt interviewers, if you add a focus of color slightly dotted (not necessarily basic color, can be a small range of bright color system accessories), can make themselves look relatively prominent.

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  • Choose the right size

Although the oversize type of clothing is quite popular in recent years, but interviews, work or try to avoid good, because too long or too large clothing size easy to make people look unspirited, too casual, but also affect the professional appearance. Want to be both professional and dynamic in the workplace? Start by choosing the right costume size!

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  • Practice eye contact with others

When you communicate and talk with people, it's basic respect to look at each other, and in addition, you can train yourself to "consciously make eye contact with others." The practice method can be to look into the mirror and look into your eyes, so that the body is used to such a way of communication.

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  • Try to keep your limbs open.

The same is on stage to speak, but compared to shy shrinking the body, the whole body unfolded, shoulders and back naturally straight, gestures with the content of the speech swing more let people feel self-confidence and calm, but also to enhance others to their own attention, on stage to speak before deep breathing, the waist bar straight bar.

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  • Pay attention to the rhythm and tone of the speech

Nervous people epinephrine surge, and thus affect the speed and tone of speech is the normal thing, but the interview or report we had better find a way to overcome the effects of adrenaline, so that the rhythm of the speech consistent smooth, tone can be adjusted according to the content of different accent placement, an effective, professional image of the report from this.

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Appearance, talk, body language are part of the self-image, the above six tips to enhance self-image shared to you, but in the delivery of resumes, participate in interviews, on stage report before, perhaps you should ask yourself, want to present what kind of self-image? What do you want others to give when they remember you? What kind of ideal self do you want to achieve through your work?

On this path of life, we all have the opportunity to explore ourselves and more possibilities that we never wanted to see, and all of this begins with the creation of a self-image.