Do you have any experience in buying a powder that fits your skin tone in a counter? Take a look at the first celebrity beauty brand to practice diversity, Fenty Beauty, founded by singer Rihanna, whose core is "Creating a World where all women are inclusive." What does her 40 color-level foundation sits mean?

5/29, a user shared a screenshot of her phone on Twitter, surprised by the untouched scars on the model's face on Fenty's official website, writing: "I love this untouched photo, even if the scar on the model's face doesn't meet the standards of social beauty." The tweet was retweeted 1,700 times.

This is a concept photo of the Fenty brand founded by singer Rihanna. This summer, Rihanna teamed up with LVMH to launch a fashion brand with the family name Robyn Rihanna Fenty, becoming lvMH's first African-American female brand founder, according to LVMH's group chairman Bernard Arnault. The Maison team is very diverse and talented: "Everyone knows Rihanna is a very well-known singer, but through Fenty Beauty, I find rihanna is also a great start-up leader. 」

Photo:Rihanna IG

Bernard Arnault says Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's real beauty brand. In September 2017, Fenty Beauty launched with the brand's title" "A Makeup that Embraces All Women in the World" in an attempt to break the mainstream beauty in society and create a brand where no one is excluded.

Photo:Rihanna IG

Fenty Beauty's most successful collection was the 40-color powder launch edifice launched in 2017, when there was a rush to buy around the world, with Candice Carty-Williams, a reporter for the Guardian and fashion magazine i-D, and author of Queenie. Share your experience of buying Fenty Beauty:

"For a long time, beauty cabinets have been hard for women to get close to, because there is always a gap between the sales staff and the counter stalkers, and sometimes they even feel humiliated, such as "there is no skin color here" and "If you use it for a long time, you should be able to adapt to this color"

"Because of my past experience, when I first bought Fenty Beauty, I chose to put a single lipstick and brighten edified on the Internet, and when I passed the Fenty Beauty counter and saw a lot of black/brown-skinned women interacting with the sales staff at ease, I was persuaded to buy a foundation, When I got home, I felt like I was normal. 」

The 40-color foundation, and even the 50 color levels that follow, make Candice Carty-Williams no longer feel like she's a group that's been left out of beauty.

Photo:Fenty Beauty IG

Photo:Fenty Beauty IG

According to Vogue, Fenty Beauty had sales of $100 million in 40 days, and media was worth $72 million a month, surpassing big names like NYX and Benefit. Look at the numbers provided by data platform Slice Intelligence, where Fenty Beauty customers spend five times more than other online beauty, which includes Kat Von D, Kim Kardashian West's KKW Beaut kylie Cosmetics of y and Kylie Jenner)

So is it really about "celebrity plus" for Rihanna's brand success?

In an interview with T Magazine, she once mentioned why she chose not to name rihanna, but to use the family name "Fenty": "I was afraid to step into the world of celebrity beauty because the market was oversaturated to see others so successful. So I chose to name "Fenty" so that everyone wouldn't hear "Rihanna" every time they saw what I was doing. 」

Is it possible for us to create a more dollar beauty market?

The success of Fenty Beauty, the diverse team behind it, has led a number of beauty brands to follow suit after the launch of 40 color levels of foundation. Rihanna, disappointed that her makeup products don't meet her needs numerous times in the past, has seen from her own experience a group of people who have been overlooked in the beauty market and turned restrictions into business opportunities. At the same time, she has come to practice her ideal: to make skin tonelike like real skin (make skin look like skin), to create a world in which all women are inclusive.

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Beauty doesn't just affect a person's appearance, it gives women confidence from the inside out, Rihanna said in a 2011 interview with Time magazine. When they first found the right foundation, they were very emotional at the counter. 」

Beauty products are no longer a social standard, but to strengthen the self-style of the help, women do not need to because of their skin black and white, and in the cabinet when trying makeup feel inferior, a variety of beauty products, so that women highlight personal style, find real self-confidence.

"Makeup should be fun and fun, and no one should feel the pressure for it," Rihanna said as she launched the brand. 」

Back in Taiwan from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, is it often bothering to pick a "skin color" that suits her when choosing foundation or concealer? People's skin color is difficult to be standardized, but we can create more dollars of beauty market, in the near future, we look forward to Taiwan can also launch a variety of female conditions of products.