If one day, my mother left me.

No one will cook that table for me familiar dishes, no one will like her generally to me to hush cold, My later life, no more mother. If that day of the arrival of the day, how can I face, lose your day?

It's like all daughters sneaking around. American illustrator Halle, who couldn't sleep one day, thought her mother would one day leave the world one step earlier than she had earlier. Every day after her mother's departure, in any case, she will be a motherless daughter.

Her heartbreak led her to ask her mother, Susie, to write her a "mother's death guide" the next morning to accompany and guide a daughter on how to spend the day without her mother.

One day a text message, mother said do not be afraid, if you want to cry, find a friend, tell her how to lose me feeling; If you miss me, remember, I too, always miss you.

The day I left, it's probably going to be like this.

(The phone rings)

"She passed away. 」
"She passed away. 」

This situation will probably last for several days,

So you'd better stay away from the phone.

Day 6: Go to the 24-hour restaurant for a good meal

You need a good friend now, even if you want to fly to see you right away. Tell her what you need, ask her to listen to you, cry with you, chat in the north, or just sit quietly.

Go to your favorite twenty-four-hour restaurant, have a pie, have a cup of coffee, talk about something that doesn't matter to death, or just tell her what it's like to lose me. Tell her how I used to make you laugh, or how I forced you into a frenzy.

There are no rules, no right or wrong, good friends will understand. And a real good friend will remember to help you bring a box of paper.

You don't have to go through all this alone, don't do it now, and don't do it in the future.

Day 17: Nods and smiles

You'll often hear people say:

I can see how sad you are.
Time will smooth everything.
She has gone to a better place.
Everything will be all right.
She wouldn't want to see you so sad.
At this age, at least she is full.

Please don't answer this:
(Though I know you miss it very much)

Oh, my God! Are you my brother, who has been separated for years? How else do you know how sad I am?
How long does it take? Until the day she came alive again?
Are you sure? Why are you so sure?
So would you like to sign the sign and hang the guarantee?
You're right, since she'll never go home, why don't you go to a party!
In fact, also good, she does not love to take risks, should have to live another 20 years before the right.

Day 231: Celebrate your birthday

Until this day comes, death is not hard for me. I always make jokes about death and act as if I'm funny.

But I can't do it today.

I'm gone, I can't call your name.

I'm gone, I can't give you a cash-filled gift card with a little golden retriever on top.

I feel sorry, I can only lie in the grave, can't go into the kitchen to help you make a sugar cake, can't give you a hug. I can only imagine how you feel now.

This birthday must be very bad for you, but don't forget, it's me who died, and you're still alive. On this day, you feel sorry for me is enough, do not feel very sad.

It feels terrible.

I wish I could be with you.

Day 2000: Have a good dream

I don't want to peep, I don't want to disturb your life, I just go and see you. When you wake up, you may forget what I said in your dream, but try to keep the feeling of this dream alive. I haven't read you for a long time to tidy up your room, I hope my visit will remind you, and let you know that I will always love you.

The mother gave her daughter's heart, let each other follow each other's heartbeat, from the umbilical cord of the uterus, began, love the flesh and blood, intimate as poetry. If there is a daughter without a mother, is it like the loss of some kind of life organ, a mother gave, also took away from it?

May all the path of recovery, to fill this pain, is more love and gentleness. The mother wrote her daughter's life guide, teaching her to adapt step by step to the days when she did not have herself. She wrote, said the solution, but in fact, a lifetime of missing.