In the journey of life, there are some roads, there will always be a person to walk. Single woman's suite, an elegant coffee table, single toiletries, exclusive large bed; Life seems to come to the last, such a home.

You may have stayed at several different homes, living with your parents, college girls' dormitories, living with your partner; But occasionally, you miss yourself.

Single woman suite, a person or a cat, want how to set up, want to go home, want to dress naked, yelling, your home rules, no one can manage to get involved. Because this is your home with yourself, you are your own belong.

Five single women's suite illustrations, walked into the most comfortable home together:

After work a man is on the sofa, any position can be

Busy all day, really tired, can have a space of their own, do not have to share with others soft sofa, just rely on on that above. To see Korean drama, eat potato chips, go to the net shoot ..., what posture, and then ugly, no one cares!

Don't be busy for anyone, make a cup of coffee for yourself and make a simple breakfast

Don't cook for anyone, want a flamboyant brunch today, or a simple toast half-cooked egg, my life, started by myself. The most enjoyable, can have a person, quiet and quiet morning time.

Occasionally someone else's toothbrush will appear in the toilet, but after a while it'll be gone.

Sometimes there are some life passers-by, accompany me through a period of road, but they always come and go. I finally understand that, i am the most loyal partner in my life. Take care of yourself because you know you're worth it.

There's a good sister in bed, the same size as a person's doll, said let me hold the sleep

People around, always afraid of you lonely, this doll is very warm, but in fact a person sleeping, can fill the whole bed, really great ah.

In any place can change clothes, walk around, a person living really comfortable!

In my room, you can not dress up, do not care about anyone's eyes. In fact, my favorite to wear, is that hairball and reluctant to lose the university T! Also, can change clothes anywhere, can also walk around naked, how can not like, their own with their own home.

A single woman's home, like a record of a girl growing into a woman, along the way imprint. It carries your most vulnerable moments, off-duty moments, hungry moments, lonely moments of love; How much you suffer outside, how much wrong, back here, you built for yourself home, it has been gentle waiting for you.

There is no need for anyone's consent for this matter.