How many times have you been trapped by the phrase "I'm not ready"? At every moment of big decision in our lives, we are used to asking ourselves, "Are we ready" and are hesitant to think we're underprepared. But when will it be ready? What's really good? How do you face the challenge of getting ready? See how Nike's "Dream Further" takes three minutes to tell a story of experience of confusion and falls, and cheer up again.

Nike, the world's leading sports brand, recently released an ad called "Dream More" to promote the 2019 Women's World Cup, in which makena Cook, a 10-year-old player, feel a little nervous about her debut, with the player asking "Are you ready?" when she did not respond, but her eyes drifted.

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At every moment of big decision in our lives, we are used to asking ourselves, "Are we ready" and are hesitant to feel they are ill-prepared. But when will it be ready? What's really good? How do you face the challenge of getting ready?

I ask myself in my heart, and I want to ask you.

Time wouldn't be you now without this push

In the ad, makena Cook, a small player, is on the sidelines, and there are moments of tension and anxiety that we've experienced in our lives. Then she was led by the players, running on the football field, partying with the players in the lounge, and then back to the football field to fight hard, and I watched her being led around, as if to see us being led away by time.

Don't know from when to start, grow up is no longer a distant thing, a year in the blink of an eye past, we are pushed by time to go forward, from still hesitating to miss which university, instantly to graduate to find a job time. In these days of being pushed by time, we found the center of gravity of life a little bit, a little bit found their love and care, a little bit long into the present three-dimensional appearance. (Recommended reading: Close your eyes and feel the world!) Let you bravely step out of the comfort circle of the world song list)

We can't let the time go slowly, we can't go back to the past, but also, if time is not such a push, you will not be the present you.

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Falling is inevitable, learning is also

On Makena Cook's football adventure, accompanied by Australian footballer Sam Kerr, who ran towards the goal on the football field, with nothing to see but the goal and the ball, obstacles or the opportunity for the hearted person to find a chance to enter, causing them to fall and then snatch a point of the expectation was interrupted instantly. We are instantly startled, this is not life?

In a mess, we saw the dreams and goals worth following, and marched forward with a heart, and despite the occasional bumps and bumps along the road, we still plucked up the courage to keep running in order to reach the goal not far away. Of course, there's a good chance of losing your foot and falling, but what about that? Fall once we will know which way to go next time, and then fall once we will know how to fall without injury.

When we accelerate forward, falls are a normal thing, every fall is a kind of learning.

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Hold your breath and fight hard

Sam Kerr and Makena Cook were given the chance to give the penalty because of fouls from each other's players, and they seized the opportunity to go head-to-head with the exhausted Sam Kerr, who preferred to work together, each of them, and played their strength to secure a long-awaited victory.

Falling is a must for success, and we look at the changeable areas from the experience of failure and return to the track to continue running. That's exactly what happened, and the opportunity came, and with the experience of colliding with our whole body, we were no longer afraid of the challenges ahead. How much desire we have for our dreams gives us a chance to achieve them. (Recommended reading: Let intuition take you further afield: "You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"

After the fall, we carefully place the energy, ready to release the most suitable opportunity. We held our breath and fought hard, and finally reached the distance.

"Dream More" is to promote the women's World Cup football advertising short film, but it shows, in fact, we are growing up, in the way to adults will encounter all the experience, no one can avoid, and no one will be lost forever.

Are You ready? Let's do this and ask ourselves.