Posture name: passion whirlpool

Where to lie
The clitoris stimulus: (Full of 5 )
G-point stimulation: GMT (full of 5 )
Action challenges:
(Full of 5 )
Visual excitement: The value of the (full of 5 )

How to:

This posture, because of the special position of the two sides, is to uncover each other's prelude to the previous dramas!womany recommends you for passionate and hot intercourse to bring more passion to each other!

First, find the most comfortable lying posture of each other, and don't take your breath away from the heat of your mouth. First, you use your mouth, hand over the inner side of his thighs, to peck, cursing, scratching, scratching, scratching, and scratching him off.Then, with his mouth and his mouth open to him, he would peck with his tongue, and then gently kiss, suck, suck his fingers, and he would certainly look forward to the next combination of his fingers.When you combine it, you can caress his buttocks, and lead him to a 360-degree drawing in depth. You can also tie in with his rhythm and wobble, so that you can immerse each other in a 360-degree spiral of unself-drawn passion!

Small dexterance:

If you want to add a touch, you can romantic atmosphere to the candle , and in the front of the show you caress each other with small items such as feather flippin or massage stick , and then you will absolutely feel the need for the next combination!In such a romantic situation, enjoy each other's heat and heat!

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