Last week in London, A lesbian couple was viciously provoked and attacked by a group of men while on a bus in London, England, and beaten to the point of being covered in blood. "They ordered us to kiss so that they could appreciate it. Then, call us "lace side" and laugh at the lesbian sex position. June is Gay Pride Month, but it's ironic that this kind of sadthing happens.

In London, England, on May 29, a lesbian couple were beaten and bloodied by a group of men who were provocatively and maliciously attacked while on a bus in London, England. Melania Geymonat, one of the victims, revealed the whole story on Facebook.

"Last Mar, I had a date with Chris. We got on the Night Bus, head for her place in Camden Town, climbed upstairs and took the seats front. must we have kissed or something be thiscause guys came after us."
"Last Wednesday, Chris and I were out on a date. We got on the night bus to her home in Kenton. After climbing the ladder, we sat in the front row. Presumably we both kissed or did something, so let the men keep an eye on it. 」

"There was at four sleast of them. They start behaded behaded like hooligans, demanding we kissed so they can enjoy watching, calling us 'lesbian' and des cribing sexual positions. I don't't remember the whole episode, but the word "scissors" stuck in my mind."
"There were at least four men. They started doing some low-level moves, ordering us to kiss so that they could appreciate it. Then, call us "Lace Edge" and describe the sex position. I don't remember the full conversation for sure, but the word "scissors" (lesbian sex position) has been haunting my mind. 」

"In an attempt to calm things down, i started making jokes. I thought this sedm make them go away. Chris ever pretended she was sick, but kept on kept on harassing us, throwing us coins and becoming more er add o'r i t."
"To ease the scene, I started making jokes and laughing, thinking it should make them go away, and Chris even pretended to be unwell. However, they kept harassing us, throwing coins at us, and becoming more aggressive. 」

"The next thing I know is that Chris is in the middle of the bus fighting with them. On an impulse, i went over there only to find sing s ingle and three of them beating her up. The next thing i know is i'm inged. I got ddis at the sight of my sight of my blood and fell back. I don't't if rememberher or not not i lost consciousness."
"The next thing I know is that Chris is fighting them in the middle of the car. I ran over and found That Chris was covered in blood and three men were beating her. Then I was punched hard, dizzy, and felt blood pouring out of the wound, and I wasn't sure if I had lost consciousness. 」

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Geymonat said the next image she remembers was the police presence. At that time, they were still bleeding, and their belongings were looted by the men.

After the decriminalization of comrades, discrimination is not over.

What frustrates Geymonat the most is that "violence" becomes some sort of routine, leaving women or gay communities living in fear for a long time.

Iris Marion Young, a feminist political philosopher, argues in Five Faces of Oppression: "Violence is systemic because it targets members of a group simply because they belong to that group." It means that many groups are subjected to systematic and violent oppression. "Members of certain groups have known throughout their lives that they must fear arbitrary, unprovoked attacks against their personal or property. These attacks have no specific motive and are intended only to destroy, humiliate or destroy the person. 」

Shortly after the attack in The UK, it was june's Gay Pride Month, and it was ironic that the two were photographed.

In fact, Britain is considered to be a gay-friendly country and can respect pluralism. Back in history, Britain decriminalized gays in 1967 and then legalised same-sex marriage in 2013. (Extended reading: Liz Barker, Mp for the House of Lords interview(below): Talking about LGBT is not progress, but fundamental rights)

It is worth noting that the legalization of same-sex marriage or the decriminalization of gays will not be the end of the gay rights movement. This attack, like a head-to-head drink, tells us that when discrimination has not gone away, comrades can't really live in peace of mind.

It happened in London, England, nearly 10,000 kilometers away from Taiwan, far away, but in fact, the issue is close to us, because it is difficult to ensure that Taiwan does not have a similar incident. We look forward to the future for gay rights, as Geymonat said at the end of the text:

"I just hope that in June, Pride Month, stuff like this can be spoken out loud ly so HAPPENING STOP!"
"I just hope that in June's Gay Pride Month, similar events will be seen and never happen again. 」