Interview with Chen Shanni, she talks about contemporary aesthetic and appearance anxiety, how to interfere with our self-confidence building, she is highly linked with the beautiful performing arts scene, brewing concepts for at least a decade, and with the single "Valley of Terror." "I feel like I have to get used to yourself before I get to know yourself. Get used to yourself, how do you say that? "Everyone takes the time to get used to their looks. 」

"Don't you think that our aesthetic imagination is very poor now?" Chen Shani said.

Cone face, white skin, big eyes, when it comes to what beauty is, we are very similar, emerging similar images, "I think it is more annoying that aesthetics has become only one, this matter seriously damaged the way we look at women's beauty, and the way women look at themselves." 」

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Chen Shani wants to talk about contemporary aesthetic and appearance anxiety, how to interfere with our self-confidence building, she is highly linked with the beautiful performing arts scene, brewing concepts for at least ten years, "I have been able to help, so to say it." And with the single "Valley of Horrors."

The Horror Valley theory Uncanny Valley, originally proposed by Japanese robotics expert Hiroshi Mori in the 1970s, describes AI as the scariest when a robot becomes like a human, not a human band. Don't you feel very like the contemporary aesthetic?

We may all be familiar with ourselves in the shotograph software. (Recommended reading: Ads that don't fix the picture, and give a woman a real look)

Beauty and self-confidence, should not be painted rough equidistant

I took the editorial team to participate in a live interview with the Horror Valley MV filming program, followed by two days of filming, recording how 15 girls viewed aesthetics and how to link their appearance to their profession. Beauty is the intention of all, or oppression, or self-advocacy, or never care, in short, everyone grows a set of their own survival strategy. (Same-field screening: Interview with Chen Shanni: Alone, learning to live with your own insecurity)

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I interviewed Shani and asked her about her heart, and she was sitting in a high-seated chair, with her legs wide, and she was at ease.

"A lot of people think that I'm doing this project and that I'm anti-plastic. In fact, I am not anti-plastic, but when you look at those plastic posters very seriously, you will find that everyone looks exactly the same. The repair software is also the same set of logic. 」

She opposes boredom, against single, against uniformity, against beauty and self-confidence being painted rough equires, "because interpretation of itself is complex, it comes from your imagination and there is more, and you can gain self-confidence without just shaping and repairing." I think such a link is a bit crooked. 」

The crooked link also takes the time for our imagination of beauty. Shani said, chance encounter edi-on artists for a long time, there will be a feeling of scare, how to grow more and more like? More consistent in the style of dressing?

"I know that people will be very worried about being excluded from the popular industry or about being afraid that they are not in the epidemic. But the coolest people we know, whether it's shape or music, he'll always have his own opinions. 」

If you can stop, what do you like? Have you ever asked youropinion what your opinion is? The world is standard, you know, and you can choose not to live exactly the same as the standard.

And of course we all know that it's not that simple, so it has to be talked about.

Take the time to get used to your looks and you'll become your own expert

"I feel like I have to get used to yourself before I get to know yourself. Get used to yourself, how do you say that? "Everyone takes the time to get used to their looks. 」

Before love, it's understanding, it's habit before you know it, when was the last time you gazed at yourself? Do you know when you are the most beautiful? Sometimes get used to yourself, is a series of questions, not tired of, to their own point. (Same-field: Staring at the scars, dedicated to the unique you)

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Get used to their own looks, will be good, each person's body shape and contour shim, when used to their own appearance, will begin to accumulate preferences, and then establish their own aesthetic standards and systems. "You'll know what to wear on which occasion and what makeup to draw, which is a long time to accumulate. 」

Such time accumulation, you accompany yourself through, not easy to the process of groping, let to the standard, you establish your own aesthetic vein, it takes root, grow into a part of your body and personality, will firmly follow you.

Observe the performing arts circle, some singers rely on makeup, finish the shape, blow the hair, even the mirror does not need to look, you can directly on the mirror to start. "It's a shock to me because no one knows you better than you. If you let someone else decide for you, how do you build your image, self-confidence, or professionalism in front of the camera? 」

Perhaps because of insecurity, afraid of being hated, afraid of no one understand, afraid of not being accepted by any group, but if not to face up to it, that insecurity, will not disappear, but will be because one at a time ignored, once away from themselves, grew into a dark beast.

Shani used to say, "If you work hard enough, you'll be your own expert." Find your place and adapt to yourself. This sentence, it originally came here.

It's out of place, that's the grid that has to change.

Of course, many people will say, "Chen Shanni, looks good, thin tall, very personal, clearly very good-looking, will understand the beautiful oppression?" 」

She said she was all the way, and she was out of place.

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In the 1990s, Chinese-language female artists, to be sweet, gentle, to have long eyes, "my first album, I wear Harley boots, wear retro tinted dress, I wear the way I like." So, the camera deliberately did not shoot her, the stylist said she was "too" high, difficult to do the modeling, should not step on the boots.

"I was thinking, "What's the standard?" How high is too high? Later, I found out that I was about ten centimeters taller, and if I wore high heels, I would be above their imagination. 」

Standard scoping, beyond the scope, is not "safe."

She has a lot of "too" - "too" tall, "too" strange, too" personality, "I often do things beyond the scope, I have to do communication." For example, in modern times, no one says I'm too tall, but we still bear different aesthetic expectations. 」

Aesthetics change in every age, but should our looks fit the imagination of that era? When the aesthetic standard is so small, so many people live to feel out of place, then it is the grid must change.

"So I never thought that a person had to grow into something to do what he wanted to do. 」

Tolerance of beauty: everyone has a beautiful place

Sane says that when she got her first record contract, dad told her, Are you sure you want to do music job? Music is very okay, but you want to appear in the media, you know your looks, not others expect the "female star", you are sure you understand? Do you know how to deal with it?

She said the home education was pragmatic, "I didn't think I was good-looking from now on, but I'm sure I'm very clear." I know exactly what I look like, i have a personality, I know my character, and what I look like. 」

Family education is very important, for example, with what kind of mood to tell her daughter, every girl in the world is different in appearance, how you want to know yourself, and how you will accept people who are different from you.

"I want to make an invitation that I want more people to take the time to get to know each other and find different, wonderful places for everyone. She shares her habits, "I like to observe passers-by, I think, everyone will have a good place to look, hands, ears, chin, everyone is a different combination, combination of this thing, very interesting." 」

If the combination of physical skin, then nothing to do with the good or bad, the combination is just a combination, to accept it, to feel it, to appreciate its appearance and character, do not easily choose to destroy it. "Such experiences will expand the imagination and tolerance of beauty, will begin to appreciate people who are different from you, and will be more free to accept beauty." 」

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Aesthetic education, in fact, can start from the understanding of their own - what I look like, what i have character, What kind of dress I fit, what I wear good-looking, all the way to ask, can be very interesting, I am very good teaching materials.

Beauty doesnot conflict with professionalism, or does not have anything to do with

She also wants to address the dualconflict and violent link between beauty and profession.

"Most of the time, I'm a backstage person, I write songs, I make records, no matter what I look like, and it doesn't affect my professionalism or love of work. 」

When we talk about contemporary aesthetics, the pressure on women is greater. "Women, whether beautiful or beautiful, are constrained - we hear very often, why do you do this job when you grow up?" 」

Can't be too beautiful, beautiful to make people think you are unprofessional, can't be too unbeautiful, people think you are not "incompetent". To be beautiful, just right, binary eye, breeding the anxiety of many girls, when you hand over a good work, others are the first to ask you is, you are not fat recently ah?

So, the MV shooting of The Valley of Terror, Shani finds people from all walks of life, women fans live to do interview documentary, they talk about their own experience, want to say is - we don't need to become the same look, to do what they want to do, such a simple truth.

"The energy intensity of this project is much greater than I thought. Respondents spoke openly about their experiences, which are rarely mentioned in my work environment. Artists have a lot of fear of being discussed, including how to look at looks, how to think about their work, how to understand how others see it. In this process, I hear a lot of open possibilities. 」

Shani talked about finding women to cooperate, but also because the mainstream media, there is no way to discuss this matter. "They're the opposite, they're the source of women's physical anxiety, and I have to find a platform that really cares about women's issues and women's future." I believe I have a consensus with women. 」

"I know a lot of people who are uncomfortable with their bodies or external images, and I want them to feel comfortable and know their beauty. Because everyone is born with his own look, should not be judged like this. 」

When the definition of beauty is so narrow, too short, too fat and too dark, all doesnot match the screen ratio, she said, well, we try to bump into it. Break the rules, outside the grid, all shapes, free growth, outside the screen, the sea wide sky.

This plan, is a sincere gift, in the era of worship rules and conclusions, let us leave us a little imagination of time and space, give themselves a little loose, give themselves a little freedom, in order to liberate from the framework of beauty, but also to see the universal possibility of beauty.

This warm gift from Chen Shanni, also from women fans, hand-to-hand to you.

Edit postscript

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I know Chen Shani, is 17 years, she released the "God of War" album, I do interviews, we chat album, chat alone, chat about the label, feel that she is a step, open the frontier, set foot on the battle field of the girl's predecessor, think very powerful.

In April 19, I received a call from the woman's office, and a colleague answered it and told me, "Chen Shani is looking for you." Dial back, really Shane, she said there is an interesting plan, brewing has been long, want to listen to the idea of women fans, also believe that handed over to you is at ease.

So we began to talk, chat once injured, chat now have to care, talk about the future possible, talk about how narrow the grid is, and how free and wide people can be. She always sincerely said, Tsingyu thank women fans for their help, I said not to help, we should seriously do something for this era is.