Let you know more about your two personality traits! If you're confused and confused about life and don't know what qualities you have, let your business love to use the two tests that psychologists love to use and explore different possibilities!

The world's best-selling novel, "The Troubles of Junior Witt", has made the author Goethe's hit overnight and has been circulating to this day. No matter what era, young people have universal doubts about life, society, we have expectations of society, the future, but at the same time feel powerless; we may also be curious about the same sex or the opposite sex, so as to develop the feelings of different family blood relatives; we think that we know enough about ourselves, but grow up, The more You find that You don't understand yourself enough.

In order to confuse you, recommend two personality traits test, let us from a business and psychological point of view, explore different possibilities of their own.

Miles Briggs Personality Classification Pointer (MBTI)

Eighty percent of the Fortune 500 companies that have been selected by fortune have used MBTI tests to help employees find their talents and strengths and continue to grow. What's the magic of MBTI, and why is it one of the company's favorite personality traittests?

The scientific basis for the MBTI test comes from the well-known psychologist Jung's "Psychological Type", and the scholar Katharine Cook Briggs and his daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, add edited the four human instincts proposed by Jung to further propose the following four groups of categories that can be combined. and developed MBTI tests with 16 different combinations. (Recommended reading: Are you a low-esteem personality?) Ten questions to help you understand yourself)

  1. Extraversion/Introversion
  2. Feelings/Intuition
  3. Thinking/Emotions (Feeling)
  4. Perception/Judgement

If you want to know what qualities you have and what kind of work you are suitable for, take a quiz now!


Although mbIS tests are popular with the business community, they are also questioned by many psychologists. Psychologists believe that MBTI's theory is not supported by actual data, nor is there direct psychological theory or experimental proof of effectiveness, so in the psychology world, the MBTI test is considered a test with no practical effect.

By contrast, the "Five Personality Traits" proposed by psychologists may be more grounded trait tests, so it is also provided for you as a reference to see the personality trait test in the psychology world!

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Five Personality Traits Test

The five personality trait tests are put forward by modern psychologists, through the academic theory of modern psychology, the human character is divided into five categories, further exploring their own possible future direction, is also considered to be the contemporary psychology, the highest organizational level of the five aspects of personality traits, and the five characteristics include:

  • Open Experience (Openness to Experience)
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extrovert (Extraversion)
  • Affinity (Agreeableness)
  • Emotional instability (Neuroticism)

These five traits represent the range between the two extremes. For example, extroverts represent the range between "extreme extroverts" and "extreme inwardness". In the real world, most people's traits are somewhere between the two extremes of each dimension. Start the quiz now! (Recommended reading: Do you know yourself?) 19 illustrations to give you a glimpse of psychology)

Five Personality Traits Test

But also remind you that tests are just "tools" to help clarify yourself, not methods. There are hundreds of tools, and the personality tests and sexual tests we've done in our life experiences are not just one, but the tools are just a reference. Your direction of life, your life subject, or have to explore their own, solve, in order to really grow and learn, but also to get your dream of the ability and life.

I wish you in this exploration of their own way, with tools, more determined the future direction of life, in this everyone shouts to do their own society, really do their own. Finally, also send you a sentence has long been no place, but by the words I wrote on the first page of the notebook, it inspired me every night, hope can also encourage you:

All you can hear is the story, what you have experienced is the growth.