On June 10th the Vatican's Ministry of Education released a gender education guide, "Men and Women He Created," which says transgender people are out of touch with the laws of nature and argues that those who call themselves genders mobile (not specifically defining boys or girls) ignore the theory of God and biology: "The Bible reveals the intelligence of the Creator. The human body can only be assigned as masculine or feminine. 」

On June 10th the Vatican's Ministry of Education released a 31-page document entitled "Male and Female He Created"as a guide to gender education for Catholic educators.

The code specifically addresses the transgender community, calling it a "great crisis" that "humans ignore God and biology and advocate the ability to choose their own gender." They objected to the concept of "gender mobility", noting that modern human interpretations of gender were more complex than dual gender and were far removed from the laws of nature. Those who think their gender is fluid are just confused in the realm of freedom of emotion and desire.

According to the BBC, they believe that gender is not a human decision, but a God-determined one:

"The Holy Reveals of the wisdom of the Creator's design, who has has assigned as a task man body, his masculin City and femininity."

"The Bible reveals the intelligence of the Creator, and the human body can only be assigned as masculinity or femininity. 」

The document argues that the current human culture has lost its way, not only to eliminate the natural differences between men and women, but also to destabilize a family.

Why choose to release the document in The Gay Pride Month?

The Vatican's decision to release a document on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall movement in June, Gay Pride Month, disappointed many. Netizens said on Twitter that the Vatican's statement was "arrogant and hateful."

While human gender consciousness is improving, the Vatican is trying to go back to the Middle Ages and determine a person's existence through religious belief, especially in June when it issued a statement of objection.

The BBC's Megha Mohan comments:

The 31-page document was was decisive in definition of the gender binary, dyling any. It states that a person identity identity beyond beyond cisgender (when personal and gender identity is the same as as sex sex) is Trying to be "ba".

The 31-page document seeks to define gender duality, negates other possibilities for gender, condemns any deviation, and claims that if a person does not consider himself to be gender-neutral (i.e., gender identity is the same as the biological sex), it is an attempt to "provoke."

Ironically, on June 4th, New York City Police Commissioner O'Neal issued an apology, admitting that the 1969 arrest of transgender people at Stonewall Bar was a wrong and discriminatory decision. In the Vatican's code of instruction, it is also mentioned that students must be taught to respect everyone in order to avoid campus bullying.

Just when we thought that the Stonewall movement would not be repeated and that the world was more friendly to LGBT, the Vatican's actions would make the vulnerable communities in the Church more oppressed and vocal.

See Taiwan from the Vatican's Education Guide

Let's look back at Taiwan's sex education. Whenever there is a bullying incident caused by the gender temperament of the campus, there will always be people questioning the necessity of sex education, think that the fundamental problem of bullying is not related to gender, but the character education of students. However, when we refuse to talk about gender diversity and understand different gender temperaments, the result is to deny the possibility of other genders.

Writer and pastor James Martin took to Twitter to comment on the Vatican document: "Sadly, this is a blow to the transgender community and a direct denial of the existence of transgender people. 」

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall movement, can we expect a more inclusive society in the future?