I have a successful career, also has a good boyfriend, I admire him, I thought we will get married, hand in hand to share the day of the victory group, but he was in the line to back down, mentioned the break-up, I am very broken, do not know what the problem is. "These men say they want strong women, but they only want cheerleading teams in their bones. 」

Netflix's original film ,""""Always Be My May" and a co-star, screenwriter, producer and Randall Park, played a long-time friend, reunited years later A series of stories.

This is an important film to flip the Asian image of the screen image of the important film, in the past some Western films, Asian characters are presented as stingy, stubborn, nerds and so on stereotypes;

Qingmei Bamboo Horse, Sasha and Marcos, after 16 years of loss, see each other again, Sasha has become a household name celebrity chef, Marcos still nest in the same neighborhood, the same home, and lived no different life before, it seems that no progress. This sudden encounter, let their lives meet again, the past love vaguely to ferment.

As a child, Sasha in the family can not get warmth and love, every day back home, always have to face the empty big house, fortunately living next door Marcos will knock on the door, invited her to have a family dinner together.

"Bringing soup to school will become a fringe person, and can only sit with other strange curry with soup. 」
"Even if you bring soup to school, I'll sit next to you." 」

Qingmei bamboo horse is so, we play together until grown up, we have seen each other's most stupid appearance, we also participate in each other's troubles in adolescence and growing pain. From the children gradually become adults on the way, every period has trouble, since you worry about taking the thermos bottle with soup to school will be ridiculed, it doesn't matter, I accompany you.

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Later, after a spat between the two men, a big quarrel, and thus lost the link. The next time we meet, it's 16 years since 2019. Chen Hasha became a top chef, quickly became popular, has a well-known restaurant, has a feeling of outside envy. She met Marcos again under the deliberate arrangement of her friend.

Hey, I'm a star chef now. How's it going? Did you go on a world tour with that former band?

I am a career strong woman, can also want love?

Originally, Sasha had the same outstanding boyfriend as herself, she worshipped him, they meet the enemy, they will be successful lying together to live the life of the victory group. However, he was reluctant to enter into marriage and chose to leave. Sasha doesn't know what the problem is, she thinks they can't be more suitable for each other, how he said to go, so leave her alone?

Soon, he took the phone, Sasha thought he wanted to compound, did not expect him to open an opening is a business, point to Shaxia in the business meal listen to where to do too bad. In that instant, Sasha seemed to understand suddenly, the end of this relationship, not their own problems, not that they did not do well (or do too well), but they want to never be the same.

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"I don't bother with birds, okay?" I don't bother to bird your thoughts on brand positioning. I've wasted the golden age of fertility on you. 」

Sasha finally sees through, he is a self-centered man, her presence is just a sideline. If he never pays attention to her, why should she work so hard to get it?

"He's so perfect, I always feel like I'm going to fake him around him. And he only thinks of himself, always said how much he likes and supports my career, in fact, the focus is on him to have face. These men all said that they want women strong people, in fact, only want cheerleading in the bones. 」

"Yeah, I'll be a lonely old man who dies in a big house, and i'm dead all around." 」

Having said that, Sasha still has a lack of love in her heart, eager to be filled. She kept falling into love and climbed up again. As a career strong woman, is it doomed to work pride, love field amnesia? (Recommended reading:"I tell my daughter this way": As a strong woman, you don't need to feel guilty)

Huang Ellie through the role of Sasha, once again let everyone see, career and love is not only two choices. She fell in love with Marcos and took part in his life, while expanding her career and opening the restaurant after room. She confidently told Marcos, "I'm going to the next stage of my life." What about you? Together?

Are you a rupin? It's okay, I still love you.

Marcos is very different from Sasha's ex-boyfriend, he doesn't strive to advance, he's not confident and arrogant, he's hardly changed compared to 16 years ago. He never set foot in that small neighborhood of San Francisco, playing the former band, but didn't want to perform anywhere else.

"Don't you want to make a name for yourself?" Not even to reach your potential? Don't you ever want to step out of this neighborhood? 」
"No, I don't want to." 」
"Never want to?" 」
"I don't want to, okay?" San Francisco is my home, these people are my family, I am very content. 」

Sasha longs for a forehand, constantly expanding the restaurant and life map; Marcos, on the contrary, prefers to live a life that is the same, a little boring, but at least not risky.

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"You think I'm just a normal person, why are you still dating me?" I get it, because you need someone to help you with your bag. 」
"Don't humiliate me for my pursuit of fame and fame. You can't try something new at all. 」
"I'm not afraid to do it?" I just don't want to be your follow-up so you don't have to be alone in public. 」
"Why not?" What's wrong with me? Is it wrong to support me? In the case of women with men, no one talks. 」

Perhaps you've heard this sentence: "There must be a woman behind a successful man." Why not a successful woman, there's always a man behind it? Or can we get better together and lead hands to the success we aspire to?

"I love you. I don't need you to live my life, but I want you to understand that this is my life. 」

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"I want to be with you, even if you're bad, I still want to be able to see you when I go home." 」

In addition to flipping the Asian character' image, the film also explores the conflict between women's career and love choices. Most importantly, it allows us to see the possibility of another relationship practice, for Sasha, she wants a long-flowing love - even like Marcos, not to have much great achievement sit no matter, as long as you can walk side by side with themselves, in love with each other at the same time have dreams, it is sincere and happy enough.