Have you ever thought that perhaps you do not have to enrich themselves after work, nor do you use to keep busy outside of work, but in the work, you can be very full, you can live an ideal life? A three-step quiz that lets you clarify your needs and desires and find the value of a job that will make you happy!

You have a passion for life, you have a goal, so always after work to arrange a full course to enrich themselves, but also always in the work of daily life. But have you ever thought, perhaps you do not have to enrich themselves after work, nor do you use to keep busy outside of work, but in the work, you can be very full, you can live an ideal life?

Pauwels Consulting, a Belgian business consultancy, has proposed three ways to "find your dream job", and through layer-by-layer screening, you find that dream work is not out of reach, in your own hands.

  • Ask yourself, what do you want from your job?
  • What advantages do you have at present?
  • What is needed in the market now?

The intersection of these three questions is the answer to the dream work, let us take a closer look at these three questions, understand their desires and needs. (Recommended reading: Want to know who you are?) MBTI, five personality traits, test your personality and the right job! ) )

4 plus 9 questions to clarify desires and preferences

Without the pursuit of clear goals, enthusiasm will be very likely to be buried in the pursuit process. Through the two groups presented by Pauwels Consulting, we were able to slowly focus from the sky-moving thinking and see the outline of the ideal work from the fog.

In answer to the following four questions, put aside your current work thinking and speak of personal preferences and intuition.

  • When was the last time you felt "enjoyed"? What are you doing?
  • What will make you happy? Why?
  • What are your favorite thoughts when you're working now or in the past?
  • What would you rather do all day than your current job?

After answering the short questions, let's use more specific choice questions to see what your preferences are.

  • If you can, will you choose to do manual, intellectual, or both?
  • If you can, would you choose a freelance worker, start a business, or be employed by a company?
  • If so, would you choose to work full-time or part-time?
  • If so, would you choose to work from home or go to the office?
  • Do you prefer to work in different locations (e.g. business) or do you work in the same place?
  • Do you prefer to focus on a specific task or challenge different projects at the same time?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or team with a team?
  • Do you prefer to work in a small and medium-sized enterprise or a large multinational company?
  • Do you prefer to be a management officer, to take on management responsibilities, or to be a dedicated executive?

By completing both of these, you will have two lists containing the content of your dream job and preferences for working conditions, but it may be difficult to find jobs that meet all the criteria, so choose "Five" is the most important and indispensable requirement for you.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

You should focus more on your personal strengths than on your weaknesses.

Imagine you have a white T-shirt with a soy sauce stain on it, would you stare at it? Most people will. Back to personal traits, it's easy to see only our weaknesses and ignore the advantages we already have, so Pauwels Consulting recommends three ways to focus on personal strengths.

  • Take out the paper and pen, write as precisely and simply as you can, write what you think you have the advantage, and you can start thinking from "when" and "what you do" to get compliments
  • If you can, ask family, friends, and colleagues to list the strengths they see in you.
  • You can also take some personality traits and find your strengths through objective question tests.
By completing these three, you'll have a diverse, large list of personal strengths, take a closer look at these traits, and try to find the 5 unique strengths that make you unique.

What exactly does society and the market need?

After clarifying your needs and expectations, we can begin to search for any similar job vacancies in the industries/companies that wish to enter, or expand the "industry scope" to include job vacancies, similar departments and business categories that are "geographically convenient" and "in line with your own needs". (Recommended reading: Clothing, body, speech, six workplace image management recommendations you should pay attention to)

Find out which businesses, companies, and departments will be able to meet the knowledge and expertise you want, and after trying to expand your search, choose the 5 locations you want and most likely to work for.

After completing the above three steps, you get three final lists that contain:

  • 5 important needs for the desired work content
  • Your 5 Unique Strengths and Benefits
  • 5 departments and locations where you want to work

Put these three lists together, try to find relationships and links between them, focus on your desires and talents (that is, the first two lists) and try to match them to the needs of today's job market. Then through the network manpower bank, around the recommendation of friends and relatives, school professor referrals and other job search channels, release the "you are looking for a job" message, it is possible to shorten the time to find the ideal job.

Finding your dream job is never an easy thing, and the standard of fantasy can change with your own growth. But life is the field between change and change, to achieve harmony and balance of the game, how to play the game beautiful, is the player's ability.

The job you choose determines the shape you live in, and what kind of game you want to play.