Short visit Lin Yuyu, on the screen of Song Qiaoping, healed countless families. As a social worker, she said she had only seen her family hurt each other and did not treat each other. But having played this role, Yu told me that people who were stabbed by their families again did not give up their families. Because there is only home, so you don't have to fight anything. So human beings will be brave enough to go home.

Thinking of Lin Yuxuan, thinking of "Our Distance from Evil" Song Qiaoping, in a social atmosphere without emotion, she appeared, on the Buddha opened a space for appeasement. Qiao Ping has seen so many injured families, and said that family always hurt each other, but what makes me most profound is that she did not give up the hope of becoming a family.

As for playing the role, Yu told me, because we know that you can master too little, so if we can be happy, we all want.

Out of the play, yu yu as an actor, but also a photographer. She said, very similar, if through my hand my eyes, so that more people see the world is actually beautiful, it will make her down-to-earth, let her meet. Not so much that we are looking for a home, but rather that what we are looking for is the place of ourselves in this world.

Photo by Lin Yu-yu

From actors to photography, I wish I could give you some healing.

Q: Talk about how you feel about the role as an actor.

Actor is the presentation of a person's relationship with the world, is the interpretation, extension and amplification of all the experiences and relationships in the world.

Like acting, but rather than like acting, it should be said that i like to pass on their hearts to the world's beautiful interpretation of others. It's a major source of accomplishment that makes the person feel comforted by my interpretation of the character.

Q: In addition to acting, you also do graphic photography. What do you think you have to do with photography?

Photography first came out to me more like through the light and shadow of a diary, express feelings. A sense of accomplishment is a bit like an actor,' to be able to resonate with everyone in these ways and soothe each other.

Played Song Qiaoping, let me see the injured people also long for a home

In my experience, the family did not treat each other, only hurt each other. -The Distance Between Us and Evil Song Qiaoping

Q: In Our Distance from Evil, Song Qiaoping, as a psychiatric social worker, you observe what is the relationship between the treatment of "family trauma" and her?

High school parents died unexpectedly, from then on with her sister, JoPing, in the face of life's vagaries and challenges, she chose to focus on the group's trauma rather than the individual. In addition to enjoying the basic character of caring for the crowd, I think she also gets her own healing through the process of caring for and treating others.

Q: Song Qiaoping in the pregnancy, both look forward to and afraid to be a mother, what do you think her state of mind is?

Chopin and Joanne's parents died unexpectedly when they were in high school, and although little is mentioned in the play, I think it has a big impact on the values of their relationship. She knows how people are about the world and fate, and she has too little to control, so she tries not to add new conditions that might "get out of control", such as children. She was eager to maintain a healthy, family-hungry shield that did not fail. (Recommended reading:"The Distance between Us and evil" In this unhappy society, it takes courage to decide to have children.

Q: Because of this play, what do you have to observe about Taiwan's modern family? Why do you think people need a home?

Each family has a different problem because of its membership. But I do observe a more common state, like Taiwan's parents very hard in allocating time to children, but also hope to get along with children, but time is not enough, feel very hard. Maybe it's a different region, life is different, and when i was a student in Houston, there was a lot of time between family members.

Home is a place where you can deconstruct and restructure itself, a space where you don't have to worry about "survival" physically and mentally. If there is not such a place to rest, there will be a kind of abdominal back to the enemy's uneasiness.

Photo by Lin Yu-yu

The first time it was far from home, and outside of freedom, and lonely.

Q: In what state of your life, do you feel the distance between yourself and your home?

Studying abroad, living in Hong Kong as a flight attendant, and working as actors are all full of mobility and drifting feelings of work and living conditions. But I love the feeling of bringing stories from all over the world home with small things to share with my family. I think family members, each person's personality is different, should understand what they and others need, and respect and love. It is important for me to have time and space for each other to build their own lives.

Q: Talk about the feeling of leaving home for the first time to study abroad.

When I rent a house in the United States, a person walked into a glance can read the suite without a partition, although not big, but there are floor-to-ceiling windows and small balcony, this afternoon scene I have always remembered very clearly. Probably because it was the first time I had left home so far, and in that instant I realized the "I'm on my own"! For the first time, I experience the sense of freedom and loneliness of having a place to settle.

Photo by Lin Yu-yu

Q: So, when or under what time or circumstances will you most want to go home?

Feel very tired, can not cope with the immediate situation, will want to go home to remove makeup, a good night's sleep. The greatest joy that home brings me is that I can pay attention to my needs freely. For example, nothing, a hot electric.

Q: What does it look like to do at home?

My favorite place in my family is in front of the entertainment system. For example, computers, electrics, do some complete lyno, you can see that they are so reckless is very precious. Sometimes travel over three or four days with the entire group of PS4s. When i play electric makes me feel at ease, everywhere i have a feeling of home.

From Gandalf to Zhiyu, more care about people than home

Q: If you can live in any one person's home in the world, who do you want to live in?

Gandalf. I think he's a person who understands what intelligence and time are and wants to know what the life marks of such people look like. (I was thinking it might be easy.) )

Q: Share with us one of your favorite movies about home.

It's Zhiyuhe's Diary of the Sea Street. The definition of the family is usually very broad, but he is not only about pluralism, but the nature and definition of the relationship between man and man. Many of the characters are not related to each other, but their bondage towards each other is even more pure and precious.

Photo by Lin Yu-yu

And to chat home, I imagine she is a guardian. She took a camera, or spent time with different actors, and talked to different people.

We chatted that the nature of the home may be tight and can cause harm. But look away, it is only home, can put themselves well. I feel like Yu Yu is a drifter, in this way to record the day, there is a visit to a period of life, and she likes this path, she said that in the face of our habitof in life, she always has time difference, for example, she always asked her, why mingming and family live in the same city, but not under the same roof?

She did not answer, she just continued to walk her own way; she had guided people home in different works, or in that time difference, with her healing physique, interpretation of belonging, as she guided herself as brave.

Man will be brave enough to go home.