After the topic of gender strength, we invite different groups to talk about marriage. Xu Yiren, as a blue camp legislator, but quite married, has been threatened within the party, but also recruit netizens to laugh. In response, he said: "I have always believed that the votes I voted for were not hurting the Kuomintang. 」

On May 17, 2019, the Legislative Council passed the Interpretation And Implementation Act No. 748 of the Court's Interpretation, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to marry together. After the first wave of marriage, we invited the Kuomintang legislative committee Xu Yiren, the DPP legislative committee, Yu beauty to talk about the process of participation, and how to respond to the pressure within the party.

This, let's talk about Xu Yuren, a member of the Kuomintang, a lawmaker in the ninth non-districting party, who has repeatedly spoken out as a comrade.

What's it like to be in the Blue Camp? He was asked to quit the party, and others laughed at him for harvesting the same luck. He said he had many gay friends and supported gay rights: "The nominated KMT is not a division, and I think, at least, give the KMT a little different voice." If I can't even say that, why am I here? 」

There are three big questions about the law: "Looking back at history, are we responsible enough?" 」

On May 24th, Interpretation Act No. 748 went on the road, and although gays are already registered to marry, many people are concerned that, because civil law is not directly applied, but a separate law, some disputes remain unresolved in the law - including in-laws, restrictions on adoption, and cross-border marriages that have not yet been allowed.

"At first, we were all in favor of civil law. However, in the result of last November's referendum, the 10th case, "Civil law marriage should be limited to the union of one man and a woman", was dashed by the civil law faction's hopes. Gay marriage, there is only one way. It's not the way to get your head down. The version of the Executive Council, interpretation and implementation of the Law No. 748, has become a consensus among the majority of the same party.

However, Mr Hsu said: "I think this is a 60-point piece of legislation. I wouldn't say it's cowardly, but we're not brave enough. 」

He was more worried that after the passage of the Interpretation and Implementation Act No. 748, public opinion tended to think that "comrades can get married, should not be extravagant at once too much", it is likely that in a short period of time, no political party dare to touch the follow-up issues.

"I understand that, in the current wind, it is likely that this law will be passed, and it will be very difficult for Taiwan to resume discussions (follow-up disputes) in a decade or so. 」

"Do you remember the suicide of a French professor before?" To this day, we can't solve his predicament. Because his partner is Taiwanese. 」

He was referring to the death of French professor Bi Ansheng in a fall in 2016. At that time, including Mr. Bi's sister and students, they had pointed out that part of the reason for his death might be related to his relationship with his partner, Whose, was not recognized by the law. (Extended reading:"Gender watch" the law ignored the gay story, without a lover without a house of Theansheng)

"I believe that when you ask Yu beauty, she must not be satisfied enough. Looking back at history, are we still not responsible for ourselves? 」

Inside and outside not people: ridiculed by netizens, threatened by the party

On March 5, 2019, interpretation and implementation of the Interpretation Act No. 748 was published at the second reading. On the day of the vote, Xu Wasen did not attend and became a laughing stock on the Internet. Many like netizens accused him, saying that Xu Yanren could not stand the pressure of the Kuomintang party and was afraid to attend the vote. Others scolded him, quite not quite full, is the harvest fighter.

"It was a procedural vote, not a bill," he said. The caucus says there are different opinions, so don't come in. I was like, well, I don't vote, i'm saying I'm against it. The result was much-written. People keep attacking me. 」

He explained so.

Speaking of netizens he is still angry. That day he wrote on Facebook, "No votes, no opposition", more than 700 words, written full of unwillingness.

Where did that gas come from? Maybe with a little helplessness. Political depth, more talk than he is a large number of people. Young people who want to be close to people who care about human rights are disgusted by the wrong color. Like a bat in Aesop's fable.

"I always remember that days when a lot of people rushed in and attacked me on Facebook. Who are they? Xu thought, "They are probably dark green Taiwan independence." They should be hard to bear, and the KMT has a very similar legislature. 」

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

"They want to prove that the KMT sucks in every way. However, the reality is multi-faceted ah. 」

He said the referendum at the end of 2018 had been a big defeat, and it was gradually pointed out that same-sex marriage was not necessarily a purely blue-green issue, but a more generational issue. The older generation and the younger generation of information difference, resulting in differences in understanding, gradually grow how much bitter hatred.

We all know that. But it's always hard to do it. Xu went on to say:

"Each member has his own beliefs, and you see Lin Yu, Lai Shixuan. I didn't attack them myself because they didn't support same-sex marriage. I think it's hard to get to this point. I don't think it's better to treat each other as enemies. 」

"A lot of people wait to see my jokes, and I'm going to be on full-time. On the back of Facebook's glow, Xu Weiren sounds a lot of reluctant.

"Being attacked by the message, my first thought was not to let them get away with it. 」

"Wow, this is only a full-time workout." I said.

"Yeah, then I cast every one of them." 」

The so-called later, is the Kuomintang caucus did not sacrifice the party discipline constraints, on May 17, a total of seven Kmt party members in the poll, running the same vote. In addition to himself, Mr. Xu said, six other KMT members who support key Articles 2 and 4 are under even more pressure.

"They weren't as obvious as I was in the past, they might have been supportive, but they didn't dare, so when they came out and voted, I was happy. Finally, I said, "Thank you, let me not be alone." 」

He said he believed the split was the same in both the DPP and the KMT.

"In the past, we all thought that only the DPP was supporting the issue. But after the referendum, it was only discovered that both parties had actually come under pressure from constituencies and churches. 」

The conflict of values will not disappear overnight because of the passage of marriage.

Amendments to the law may help bridge the discrimination gap. But the marriage system, rugged, each has its own way. "What the law can do, we try to do, but a lot of things, the law can't help, rely on dialogue to complete." 」

The experience of this time is very live. It's like a quick taste of human cold and warm.

And people's memories are short. I'm also starting to think if politics is so short." Do I want to stay here?' 」

"The votes I voted did not hurt the Kuomintang."

"I was originally nominated for the KMT not to partition. I wanted to say, well, since to do, help the Kuomintang bring a little different voice. But if, even such a voice is afraid to say, then why do I come? 」

In the run-up to the next election, would he regret it if he wasn't included in the party's nomination? He thought, "If I had been afraid of punishment, or had an exchange of interests, and voted against it, I might still have been able to lift my head for the rest of my life." 」

"I have always believed that this matter is not hurting the Kuomintang. And in the progress of Taiwan society, we have done our part. That's all right. 」

Postscript to the interview

After the interview chat, I asked, Xu Yiren will look at their own network message? Netizens support, attack, anti-string, complex, many legislators have chosen not to look, hand over the assistant back. I asked him if it was easy to affect his mood.

"Yeah, I'll see." He was silent. "But I know I should learn not to look." 」

He talked in an interview, as if anxious to reply to both sides. At this point, it's like talking to yourself.