Rent-out houses, there may be no windows, wooden cubicles, the top floor covered with limited living conditions, let you down. But this not-so-perfect space is the first home you've built for yourself.

You'll be here to fill your belongings, start visiting with friends and loved ones, step by step, and become your close place in life. Reading work outside, can go back to where, that small and narrow place, is not the best at the moment, but never fail you.

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Renting out a house and remembering the year you started looking for a house, you usually had a few not-so-good experiences. Market alleys, roofs covered, snails without windows, you use your imagination, you know, that's not the home you're going to.

However, experienced people will tell you that the house is very sought after oh, see like, don't hesitate for too long. So you'll slowly lower expectations, raise your budget, and you'll be looking for a place to live, and it's going to be an exercise with reality. In this, it's like trying to verify how hard it is to go.

Like in a sandwich, find a place to settle; If it is not big, not too convenient, not very beautiful, if it is not more comfortable than the home of the original country;

It may really be in the middle, it may be very meandering, but looking back, you will find that it does not actually live up to where you want to belong:

Because it's the first home you've found for yourself

Maybe when you were 20 years old, you had to rent out for the first time, and you started hanging on the rental web every day, starting with looking at that photo, to following the landlord's agent and going deep into every lane. You'll remember that they turned open every room with the key, and you stepped inside, and you felt something. Wet, boring, fresh or something, you've seen the ridiculous wooden cubicles, the fire-proof alley windows across the street at a glance, and there are a lot of pictures that are breaking your established impression of home.

But at the same time, it's building new ones.

You'll start to imagine what kind of space you want, whether you want a single sofa, or a bedside table, where you can stay and do something every day. Within all the external conditions, you will find that you have not given up the life you want.

If you click a floor lamp, you can create your quiet reading corner, every day to read a good book, is the day you yearn for. Then all, from zero to have, to put in more and more belonging to your things;

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Because at the beginning someone, through the space that belongs to you

If you also find out, even if we can rent a house, in a building on a certain floor, and then use the mezzanine to separate a certain 5, 6 Ping mini space. But it is still fascinating, it is really very much, separated from one family after household door.

Remember that when you handed over the house, the landlord gave you the key to explain which door was dedicated. You listen carefully, lock together, a way home. And someone will start to knock on your door.

Go to your house to do a group report, buy dinner together to watch a horror movie in my room, you find yourself there will be a few identifying home space moment, is someone knocking on the door, come in the moment. Would you tell him, where is the indoor drag, do you need some water? There's only one chair, so let's sit down.

If you don't mind, this is my home.

All the strange smells they bring in from the outside make you more sure where you belong.

Because you've been here for a while.

Maybe for some reason, studying, working, you leave your native family and start renting. At first, you don't usually think it's a home, it's just a temporary space for your life at this time.

But the emotion about the place is often accumulated and pieced together. You're at this stage of your life, maybe your college days, or you've just been out of social work for a few years, the dramatic changes you've experienced outside, the upsurges of life, and when you get into this house, you're put in place. Because of which time you are in a good mood, more put a cushion, because of which love broke the water cup;

Years and months down, it is like a memory pad, with you slowly hone, become the most adaptable look of each other.

If you forget something, you look back, you find that the original mini home is the most touching, it helpyou write down all your own. Where you get lost, you won't be afraid.

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As a renter, you choose your first home for yourself. It may not be perfect, and sometimes a little bitter, but because in those days, you came out of your native family and simulated for yourself, what freedom was. The first time you can have a space of your own, in this house, it becomes a partner with you to experience that desire.

Magically, the most temporary living in the imagination of the rental housing, but let you see for the first time, originally you can build for their own life. It lets you know the home you want, it does exist.

And in the future, you may have a bigger and more comfortable home, perhaps from this small and narrow space, began to breed germination.