Five days after Hong Kong's anti-transmission protests on 9 June, the day before we saw a large number of clashes between the police and the public, and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mrs Carrie Lam, made a televised statement in the evening, calling the afternoon clashes between the police and the people "an act of rioting". In addition to the clashes at the sports scene, we have also seen some of the crowd's unkindness and humiliation of women's bodies. The scene of the movement, it is the individual for their own belief in the value of the moment, but also to open a peaceful and rational dialogue, rather than create more confrontation, discrimination, bullying occasions.

In the twilight, Hong Kong people have been unable to sleep safely for several nights, and in Taiwan, we hold our breath and our hearts are not at peace.

Starting from 9 June 2019, more than a million Hong Kong people joined the procession against the amendment spree of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance , also known as the Sending to China Ordinance, and the Hong Kong Government, in defiance of public opinion, sent the Ordinance to the Legislative Council for its second reading on 12 June. (Recommended reading: We didn't sleep that night: Hong Kong anti-trump demonstration photo collection)

A large crowd also gathered in the Admiralty area yesterday (12 June) to surround the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, the headquarters of the SAR Government and the Office of the Chief Executive, and after 3 pm, began to storm the Legislative Council gate to refuse horses, although at one point broke the first line of defense, but because the police immediately fired tear gas, bean bags to force the crowd, resulting in serious police-civilian conflict As a result of the closure of the surrounding roads , the Hong Kong Government has therefore announced that the second reading meeting of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance Amendment Scouring will not be held .

Despite the fact that the legislative procedures for the Sending Of the Regulations were blocked by the masses, Hong Kong Chief Executive Lin Cheng-yue stressed in an interview with the Hong Kong media TVB yesterday that "the Sending and China Ordinance must be amended and Hong Kong must not be reduced to a fugitive paradise" and further used the metaphor of "mother-in-law talk" to his relationship with the People of Hong Kong at the moment.

Lin Zhengyue said, "I am a metaphor, I am a mother, have two sons, if my son will only make a noise every time "I want to do this", and I just just accommodate him, I think short-term, our mother and son relationship will be very good; He would regret: "Do you want to solve the day A mother don't mention me?" Why didn't my mother remind me at that time? )」

Likening the protests of the people of Hong Kong to "childish willful sex" and bringing themselves into the "good mother role for the child", Mrs Lam's remarks expressed her determination to pass the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance Amendment Act, and the dispute over the Ordinance does not seem to be over and deserves sustained attention and follow-up.

And at the scene of the protests, we actually saw the gender implications.

Outside of the protest, we saw the slut's humiliating social movement scene.

On the night of June 9, a Hong Kong woman was evicted by police during a protest, and witnesses took pictures of her being "carried away from the scene by two policemen." Afterward, a Facebook fan named "Glory to the Hong Kong Police" posted the photo on its page, deliberately adding two points to the woman's chest in a back-and-forth, and posting the text "Looking for highlights" to create the illusion that the woman "was not wearing underwear".

Images s/web screenshots

The "Pay Tribute to the Hong Kong Police" fan page is undoubtedly a blatant and violent physical insult to women, not only a departure from the discussion of the ordinance, but also a blurring of the focus of the social movement. The message below the post was also full of taunts, including "shame for the woman's parents" and "The police were sweeping the yellow".

The Hong Kong woman wrote on her facebook page after being viciously attacked:

The simplest way to attack a woman is to insult it with sex. Ignore her will, ignore her vision, focus on her appearance and clothes, and then from the stigma. It is precisely because women in society still have the responsibility to take good care of their bodies, from the chest nipples to the thighs and ankles, if not covered well, it is the woman's own misconduct. However, how much to wear, how much to show, it is also their own decision, not by the limits of society.

Images s/web screenshots

The sexist episode of this social movement proves that women, on any occasion, in any country, may not be subject edathemed by malicious speech. Looking back on Taiwan's Sun Flower School Games in the past, there have also been participating women were photographed, later published by the news program, the program guests and presenters openly on the program of the woman's experience.

From the sun flower learning to the anti-transmission regulations, we would like to ask, the focus of the social movement site, can focus on the appeal? Can it replace the mockery of women's bodies with rational discussion? Can there be more effective and respectful exchanges? (Recommended reading: The Queen of the Sun Flower event: Four Witch Hunts, how many did you get?) ) )

And when a woman is involved in the field of sports, can he be treated without respect and equalness?

The scene of the movement, in addition to allowing those in power to see the people's demands, is also like a mirror, reflecting different generations, ethnic groups on the same issue of different perspectives. But in any case, any effective discussion should be rational and equal. Taking women's bodies to do articles, for the movement is not helpful, but also discrimination, ridicule and malicious slander, is to ignore women as a person, the right to fight for power on the street.

In the field of the movement, what we need is not to create more confrontation, nor to turn our ears around and refuse to communicate, nor to abuse and humiliate specific ethnic groups to varying degrees, and we expect this to be a moment when individuals participate in their own belief in the values they believe in, but also to engage in peaceful and rational dialogue.

At this moment we are in Taiwan, we hope that everything will be all right in Hong Kong and that the people of Hong Kong will be safe.

To those who love you in society:

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