Kim Jong-un, Hong Kong's Legislative Council announced today that the meeting was suspended, but the struggle is not over. We see a lot of women's faces in the anti-send movement. Singer He Yunshi, Taiwan IG girl Zhang Peixuan, and mother who shouted at police. If you stare at the news all day and make you anxious, don't lose heart and save your strength. As Zhang said, "In a huge uprising, everyone can find their own point of power." 」

In March this year, the Hong Kong Government sent the Legislative Council the Draft Amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, which is an extradition agreement and, if passed, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government can directly extradite fugitives to other parts of China. The agreement is also seen by public opinion as potentially eroding Hong Kong's sovereignty.

In April, the Director of the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore, Mr Lam Wing-ki, went into exile in Taiwan after being introduced under the Fugitive Seigi proclamorage.

On June 9th Hong Kong staged the biggest demonstrationsinceing since its return to China. More than a million people took to the streets to protest against the Hong Kong Government's amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.

This time in Hong Kong, we saw a lot of women's faces. They may be entertainers, mothers, students, and although they are just ordinary people, in these days, every woman has used her own life experience to participate in the issue.

We want to show you the female faces of these sports scenes, who stand on the spot and have no choice but to avoid it.

As Zhang Peixuan, a Taiwanese girl, put it: "In a huge uprising, everyone can find their own point of power." 」

He Yun poem: will not allow our city, not to fight and defeat

Hong Kong singer He Yun-sing, long-term solidarity with Hong Kong social movement, gender issues.

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Anti-send-in movement, she is also very deep. On June 7, she was invited by The Washington Post to write an article that read, "Hong Kong Fugitive Spher sanodes threatens the spirit of democracy, but we are also waking it up" (Hong Kong's extradition law threatens the word of the democratic spirit. But it's also awakening it. )

"Historically, major changes have often been made by those who are willing to stick to them," she wrote. Hong Kong, though often considered a city of impatience. But Hong Kong people have always been fast learners. We learn to grow from the frustrations of the Umbrella Movement. In the face of the long battle ahead, we also have more awareness of reality. (Extended reading: Not only to do days, He Yun poem: "In the performing arts circle to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy")

"We will not allow our city to lose without defeat. (And shall we not allow ours city to go go down without a fight.)

Hong Kong mother: I am the mother of others, you also have a mother, put down the weapon, ok?

And in the anti-transmission movement, heart-wrenching photos and photographs, we also saw many people on the streets in solidarity. One of the videos, in which a middle-aged woman shouts at the police, becomes the most heartbreaking moment on the field.

Behind her was a crowdofed street, facing more than 10 policemen, dressed in yellow towels, crying and saying, "I am also a mother, you also have children, why are you hitting these children like this?" You're in the queue, that's enough. 」

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"Smoke bombs I've smoked, I've sucked you a few smoke bombs. I've paid the price, too. Is one person giving up a step? She took off her shoulder bag and put it on the ground, slowly moving forward. "I'm not attacking you. I don't have a weapon! Are you going to go to a woman like this? 」

"Think, when you went to the police school, you didn't do it for a good job, did you?" You're all for a little bit of justice, aren't you? I'm not a bad person! I'm not a heinous man! You told them to stop! Isn't that good? 」

The Hong Kong mother hasn't left her name in the media, and we don't know more about her story. But her words are the voice of every protester. We are all ordinary people, although there is no name, but each other know, hey, we are all hopeful, stand up together.

At the same time, Hong Kong Chief Executive Lin Cheng Yue-yin's "Mother Said" also angered many supporters. She defined the anti-China movement as "riots" and, in an interview with TVB, used the analogy of "mother taught son" to use the military repression: "If I only accommodate my son every time, I think our mother-son relationship will be good for a short time." But when the little friend grew up, because of the waywardway, and I went to indulge his wayward behavior, he would regret: "Why didn't my mother remind me?" 』」

Yesterday, the Position News published an article entitled "A group of Hong Kong mothers' responses to the Chief Executive's "Mother's Theory".

We are a group of Hong Kong mothers, but we will never attack our children with tear gas, deadly rubber bullets and cloth bags. Nor will we see young people still unmoved by the blood flow under the baton.

"The people are not the chief executives of your children; the people do not need your charity, as long as you are the head of a district, as a public servant, listen attentively to the voices of all parties and respond appropriately and appropriately." 」

Taiwan IG girl Zhang Peixuan: In the face of a huge uprising, everyone can find their own point of power

In the anti-delivery scene, there is also a Taiwanese girl, bought a ticket, rushed to Hong Kong. She's Zhang Peixuan, who posts first-hand news in real time on Instagram. Some people were shot, the struggle needs supplies, the night time clear, the same worry about Hong Kong, sleepless Night save son of Taiwanese, the news from her limited time dynamic.

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Some have questioned whether she is a Taiwanese, "Hong Kong today, Taiwan tomorrow", which does not necessarily happen. Why stand up for Hong Kong? How many things can a person in the district do?

She wrote on Instagram:"No one is an outsider, and there are too many things that the average person can do, except care and publicity. So! Trust your own influence! Taiwan is definitely still saved! 」

"A huge civic uprising, every hub is a point where you can exert your power. 」

women's fate should never just obey the greater will of the nation

The presence of women, in social movements, has long been neglected. Sometimes seen, but only as the main card of God, or, just the object of desire. For example, in the past few days, there were also female supporters who were dragged away from the scene by the police and were subjected to sexual humiliation by netizens. (Extended reading: support Hong Kong, also support gender equal rights!) Women humiliated by sluts at the scene of the "anti-transmission"

But in this campaign, we also see that the lives of these female participants are shining brightly. Both male and female, too, constantly confront unreasonable institutions with physical itys. From artists, mothers, to students, they speak loudly and volunteer. They were involved in the scene and did not choose to avoid it.

Women's fate should never just obey the greater will of the nation, at the mercy of others.

One last thing I want to say.

In January this year, I was in Hong Kong. Only stay for three days, there is no time for any profound fate. At the beginning of the year, hong Kong's flu pandemic, "The Elephant Sits on the Ground" was screened at the Imperial Theatre. I read Han Lizhu's Homecoming at hostel. Umbrellas and vain essays, she wrote:

"On the 70th day, people on hunger strike for more than 95 hours were in wheelchairs. One man said, "I have said before that any struggle is futile." I do not believe that the wise head will not know that all the invainity of life is the process of accumulating more energy. 」

Nearly half a year later these days, the city is full of smoke, water column, riot. The crowd was beaten and the bullet struck his head. After the clearance, I want to say, hard you. There is another island in this world that can't sleep with you. "Life is a little longer than we thought. And again and again, seemingly futile actions are not wasted. Umbrella movement from not only failure, the present predicament, will accumulate into our flesh and blood. (Extended reading: Stop saying "Hong Kong today Taiwan": We have Taiwan today and can act today)

"All the futility in life is the process of accumulating more energy. 」

No matter where you are, who you are, you can make better choices in your place, for the future.