A mother's life guide to her daughter, and the love that she can't say.

Mother wants to say, without me, you should be more kind to yourself, want to tell you a lot of ways to live a good life, but say more, I can not rest assured you. Please remember, I will always be your mother.

Dear mother, if one day, you will leave me early. Can you tell me what to do in the next life?

Gentlely in the words of her daughter's request, mother Susie wrote a "Mother's Death Guide." She said, I know you are sad, this can only be the last few lines I left, can accompany you on a road. And after walking through, you will know how to adapt, without my days. You're going to do well.

Day 450: Look in the mirror and look at yourself the way I see you

Sometimes you forget how good you are.
I hate that I can't be around you.
Always remind you.
One day you'll grow old,
When you look back at the photos of the past, you will see how beautiful you are.

Day 1775: Some anesthetics

Anesthetics can add points to a good birth day. You're going to experience a lot of pain that no one can experience, unless you say, as one percent of the lucky woman said, "I gave birth in ten minutes, and I can't even finish my sandwich."

You don't have to feel guilty, a woman has the right to give any medication that relieves pain. The moment you hold your baby, the pain will soon subside and become part of the memory, and your baby will immediately start crying.

Day 3000: Talk to your child about death

Wash the body of the dead, change his clothes, dig a grave, and carve the words about him in stone. Before, people and death seemed not so strange. Now we try to avoid talking about death, and instead make it even more disturbing.

We should talk more about death with our children. How we meet new life with our heart should also pay attention to the passing of life.

"When a man and a woman love each other, they will have babies together, grow old together, die, and then their babies grow older, grow old, die, and then the baby's baby is..."

Day 14000: Don't Realize Anything

People who write a wish list are usually more in love with the present. He keeps telling his friends where he's been and what he's done. Do you want to hear him show off one more trip to Peru? Come on!

Even if you finish all the items on the list, you're just pushing yourself into a dead end. Let's put it this way, finishing the list means you can die? What are you going to do for the rest of your time? Another wish list?

What about those who can't afford a high-level trip? Can they only make a lesser list, like, "One day I want to visit the city of Beaverton in Oregon"?

Sitting down to read a good book, having a cup of tea, and walking with you is the best moment of my life. It's better than seeing the Taj Mahal, or visiting the Norwegian fjords by boat, or skiing in Switzerland.

We sit side by side, casually chatting about the daily chores, that's what I really miss.

"Better not to do" list

  • List of Wishes
  • Work for the rotten man, or work with the rotten man.
  • Self-loathing
  • Indecision
  • Don't dare tell the truth.
  • Maliciously.
  • The teacher is in conflict with someone else.
  • Making wine and meat friends wastes lives
  • Take everything for granted

Day 20000: Preparing for an ideal death

We've spent our whole lives planning weddings, birthday parties, brunch, anniversaries, vacations, travel, family gatherings, romantic weekends, so why stop at last? Take a moment to think about how you're going to leave the world.

Where would you be by then? What are you wearing? Who's with? Is there any good music? What's going to happen then? Or do you hope what happens?

Please remember in mind, no matter how many people around you accompanied, in the end only you alone face death. This is your personal show.

After the birth of life, human beings face life and death, such as the loss of a body of an organ, feel that life is no longer complete. However, we have not given up on the continuation of the bondage relationship.

Maybe it's because we long before we leave, someone around, someone hug, let you know you're in the world.

Before her death, she wanted to say goodbye to her daughter, find a day, bury me well, and say goodbye to me. The cemetery is not a frustrating place, she likes to have someone behind a gravestone to discuss themselves, like all the good things, has not disappeared. Then, dear daughter, you can finally be able to face me leave. Because I loved you, I never left.