Have you ever flown such a crazy plane? Virgin Uk's surprise 6/28, an eight-hour flight is definitely not boring!

Have you ever taken such a cool plane?

During June's Gay Pride Month, Virgin Uk will launch flight Sontou flights from London Heathrow to New York on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall (6/28).

The flight will be served by members of the LGBT-plus crew, while Titus Burgess, the American comedian who has played the Netflix album "The Undefeated Kimmy," will bring a series of shows on the plane, such as cross-dressing Queen bingo, random DJs, fast dating, small choirs, etc. The aviation is called "a true celebration of queer culture at 38,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean."

"With stonewall day, we can see the rights that minorities are denied," says Titus Burgess. It is more important than anything to stand up and let everyone hear our voices. 」

"We're not the kind of business that's launching a campaign just for a momentary anniversary, and we promise to be serious and sustainable in promoting diversity, but you can rest assured that this series of actions will be a lot of fun," said Mark Anderson, Virgin Group's global LGBT leader and Virgin Atlantic's EVP. 」

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Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Girls can be beautiful, Logo super multi-plural: Virgin promotes affirmative rights can also be happy

Virgin has indeed done a lot of pro-gender equality in the past.

For example, in March this year, Virgin announced the abolition of the rules for female flight attendants to wear make-up and skirts, so that future female flight attendants can wear trousers and work in plain clothes without special applications. Virgin believes the major reform is aimed at giving its employees a more faithful look at themselves and conveying the spirit of virgin work.

In April, Virgin's classic Logo "Varga Girl", a girl modelled on an ad by the American painter Alberto Vargas in the 1940s, will be replaced by five new iconic figures, two of them male, in order to achieve gender equality and racial integration. One is a boy based on Britain's diving prince Daley, the other wearing a rainbow tights represents LGBT, and the other three girls represent African-Americans, Asians and all women.

Old (left), new version (right) pictured with Virgin

Photo: Virgin Atlantic

At Gay Pride Month in June, we reviewed Virgin's efforts to be gender-friendly. Of course, change can't stop there, and as Virgin Group's Mark Anderson says, we have to continue to promote LGBT-plus rights, not necessarily grief, but with joy!