When renting, you occasionally look at the place you rent, thinking about life seems a little miserable. But I know that you never give up and make this place look like a home.

Recall the first time in the out-of-town rental house that year, you have been waiting for a long time freedom, all day in the rental network browsing, while imagining the ideal home. You'll find a nice room, put on your favorite homewares, and occasionally invite a few friends to your new life.

However, the road to find a house, often a little twists and turns.

With a double bed with no cement walls, new furniture but no external windows, balconies but five or six floors without an elevator... You ended up looking for a room that looked the most pleasant. You're a little dissatisfied with the limits of your life, but I know that year, you've done everything you can to make this place look like home.

There's no room with an external window, I'm still hanging up the curtain.

You may have lived in a house where the windows are facing the hallway, or you may have no windows in a fire-proof alley.

But that time, you for that a little lonely window, installed a warm-tone floor curtain. Like this, you feel like there's a big world behind the scenes. And the window, which originally seemed useless, was also very much in the air, gentle.

For the icy floor, light a lamp and pick a big carpet

If there is no wooden floor, when winter comes, the hands and feet are cold. Want to make the room a little warm, buy a light, remember to choose the yellow light, and then pick a large piece of furry carpet.

The rented house is small and the carpet will fill up at once. There is nowhere to go. Right in this corner, make a cup of hot coffee and find the quiet time that belongs to you.

The first set of sound, with the time of day with their own dance

If it is a single suite, life is a bit quiet, home is not like home. So you decide to buy yourself a set of stereos. You will seriously go online to find a variety of evaluation, performance price, keywords are small money girl. But in the end, you don't pick the cheapest one. How can you give up, you owe yourself.

With that set of stereos, your room often plays different songs; light, accentrock, or healing grief. Every day, you have a moment with your own spin humming.

As important as picking a partner, like a memory pad for hugging

Every day back to this room, what you need most is to be accepted and comforted by this space. So, that bed is uncomfortable, it's very important.

Memory mattress, remember the shape of your daily sleep, the most tired, fragile, naked; it's like telling you, don't worry, come into my arms, have a good night's sleep. May my gentleness be your stake.

Leave a whole wall of photos of loved ones

When you want to identify with a space, you want to put in the people you love. Like being involved in each other's lives, the year-longing routine, you have this wall, with those beautiful image moments, a few postcards from distant friends. Like that, you won't be alone.

The road you've walked, the people you love, have become the composition of your family at this moment.

A rented home is first used by you as a temporary home. You think, you can sleep well, have a good rest, that can be. But slowly, you let this space fill up with your own belongings, like the relationship we say for a long time, you know there is a place that never leaves you behind.

The most emotional moment for this mini room was probably the day of the move. You organize your belongings and see it empty, just like you did when you first moved in. And even if you know, will come blank, and then blank to go, or to go through well.

Because, that's yourself and yourself, in this city, the first direction.