Legislators, human rights lawyers, feminists. Encouraging injured young generations, she took out the momentum of her predecessors, recalling the years when she pushed for civil law, what she had never seen before. "Now the big hat on the gay, sexual liberation, sexual prolifeus, more than thirty years ago we have experienced. Don't worry, we're all here.

Legislators, human rights lawyers, feminists.

As soon as I saw her, peach suit, red-dyed hair, laughing Mimi, like many times in the television, the scene of the legislature to see her. The exchange of business cards was written on the head: "Atypical beauty" and we all laughed.

Born in 1955, the name beauty, more or less reflects the parents of that era of expectations for their daughters. "As a girl, you should be beautiful. How does a girl who grew up with the name "Beautiful" become a feminist?

Beautiful Taiwan, beautiful lady. With a smile on her face, a thoughtful, well-versed in empathy and listening, and a sense of humor, this may also be why she is pushing for women's movement reform and same-sex marriage in Taiwan, even though she is an older age, but still has the support of young people.

Special name that makes the world fall out of sight

Looking back at the marriage law adopted in May this year, it is widely regarded as the "maximum number of conventions" for public opinion. On May 24th, half a month after the bill went on the road, what did she think of adoption, in-laws, cross-border marriage, etc.

At the end of last year the referendum result, the civil law is limited to one man and one woman union, the same marriage civil law school is hopeless, in the case of only the law, in the end can be called same-sex marriage as "marriage"? In order to comply with the results of the Chief Justice's interpretation of the Constitution, the House of Representatives version of the introduction of the "Justice Act No. 748 Interpretation and Implementation of the Division Court" of the same marriage law, as the final result. (Extended reading: Interpretation 748 Explains the Draft Law: Dear, We are no longer strangers in law)

"You see our special name, let the world fall into the eye. This is a very creative name. She looked straight at me and smiled sincerely. "You say it's not good?" If you don't write that, the bill won't move. But you say it's okay? The name seems strange again. However, when we see the bill, we really take a step forward on the ground. 」

"Legislation is art and everyone makes decisions when they can't move. 」

We asked Yu beauty, as the DPP does not partition the legislature, this issue many people do not want to touch, how to deal with the pressure within the party?

Taiwan's elections are still full of tradition. Regional legislators face traditional supporters, meet every day, help you Zhang Luo people, help you run activities. If I'm a long-time pile-up, one day suddenly saying you support gay, I'll never stand up to you again. Can you surrender? I can understand all this pressure. But I know for myself that this is a human rights issue. How long has the comrade been stuck in the cupboard? Of course, yes, it's still something to do.

Young generations don't get depressed: "Sexual liberation is rampant, we've been scolded!" 」

Turn heavy issues into humor, like the skills of a beautiful woman. Like encouraging young people who are hurt by gender movements, she is always cautiously optimistic about these heavy issues. Taking out the momentum of the gender movement's predecessors, she recalls pushing for reform of civil law, promoting the decriminalization of adultery, and what she had never seen before.

"Now buckled on the comrades above the big hat, sexual liberation ah sexual proliferation, AIDS or something, thirty years ago we were scolded!" She said.

"When you get to know each other, you don't feel like someone else's speech is coming at you." If you think so, you're going to hurt. But if you understand the situation, you won't get hurt. She said. A lot of attacks on gender issues are not directed at you personally, don't take it into your heart.

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