As a beautiful woman, also has a history of gender blindness. After examining her superior judge, she was approached to a women's new knowledge party, and she was asked to speak about the injustices of civil law against women. She was so nervous that she was dying. "I don't know how to say it! I even said, is there gender inequality in the law? Everyone laughed at her: "You beautiful, you have been cheated!" Changhua female, Taiwan University book book award, all the way to read textbooks grew up. What was she cheated on?

Thirty years ago, Yu beauty entered the women's movement. What was society like in the early 1980s? At that time, Taiwan has not been lifted, the party banned newspapers, not allowed to assemble and association, no freedom of speech. Yu beauty from the female graduation, a white sock skirt, hair silk ear on a centimeter, instructors also have to use the size. From the women, Taiwan University law, examination of the boss of the judge, Taiwan University Law Research Institute. (Extended reading:"Interview with You Beauty" same-sex marriage is a human right, right thing to do)

"If you think about it, a country boy, the big research institute on the stage, must be the standard answer to the back of a very familiar person. After winning the Taiwan Book Award, Yu beauty has always thought she was thinking independently.

After examining her boss, she was approached by her friend Li Yuanzhen for a party. Li Yuanzhen is the founder of Women's New Knowledge Magazine. With the wave outside the party, the peasant movement, the workers' movement, taiwan's women's movement is also about to begin.

After the break of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States, in 1971, Lu Xiulian returned to Taiwan to advocate for the "new woman", which was regarded as Taiwan's first systematic theory of feminist social movement enlightenment. She wrote an article called "Women's Legal Rights". Yu beauty said, that year caused a stir. "It seems that the article is very common, but in those days, we can only ask for obligations, not rights. No one has thought about women's legal rights.

In 1979, Lu Xiulian was jailed for the Beautiful Island incident. Follow-up women's movement, with Li Yuanzhen taking the baton.

Yu beauty once wrote, "During the martial law period, freedom of assembly and association is restricted, the general rule is that once a certain type of group is established, it can no longer set up a similar group, so can the women's group." At that time, women's trade unions, women's federations, women's associations and other organizations were already represented, and it was difficult to reapply for women's groups. Therefore, Li Yuanzhen then decided to magazine way, the establishment of women's new knowledge.

In 1982, but still under martial law, there is no freedom of the press, everything has to be agreed. So how do you apply?

At that time, they had to write: "We have to study Chinese culture for five thousand years, women are the essence or dross?" The essence stays, the dregs we have to go to the barren. And then it worked. I laughed.

Didn't expect, martial law era of social movement, sounds a little black humor.

Haha, I was gender blind too!

How can a girl who grew up in the name of "beautiful" become a feminist? The woman's new knowledge of the meeting became her gender enlightenment, yu said.

The first time I saw a group of women, each of them have good character. Some wear long pants, some back camera, said to climb a hundred. At that time, each of us had different backgrounds, politics, chemistry, literature, and very much had our own views. Towards the end, they said, Yu beauty, you are a new lawyer, don't always listen to sister, you say, we civil law for women, what are the unfairness?

She was so embarrassed. Just by Li Yuanzhen accidentally to listen to their own, the first time feel that they can not say anything, he will not do anything. "I don't know what to say! I also said at the time that the teacher said that the traditional value of the law was not about equality between men and women. Is there gender inequality in our laws? 」

"I remember laughing and saying, "You're beautiful! You've been cheated! Changhua female, the law department graduated, Taiwan University book book award, all the way to read textbooks grew up. What was she cheated on?

Knowledge, textbooks, teachers, professors, that is the first time You beauty realized that the world is more than one correct answer.

Later, she looked back at the civil law relatives, only to find that there were many problems.

"I remember that my wife wanted to crown the husband's surname, the children wanted to be the husband's last name, the property was owned by the husband, the children stayed if the divorce was divorced, and the property was left behind. 」

The civil law and jurisprudence of that year were more conservative ideas about women's unfairness. This passage she spoke very fast, as if reciting it for a long time. Twenty-something good girl who read the law, still sitting at my desk, but this time, not for the exam in the familiar reading.

These experiences, the women of that generation of growing up, are in the mind. It was the first time she had understood the real existence of "patriarchy" through a group of women. That is also more textbooks, reference books, will not be written.

After telling the story, she said with a smile, 'I really didn't know at first that there was gender inequality in the law, and then I learned that from the civil law of the 1990s, she started pushing for one piece of legal reform, from property to last name, to domestic violence prevention, to same-sex marriage this year.

More senior sex campaigners have also had periods of gender blindness.

Same-sexmarriage is a human right, right, we have to do it