Many people find Taiwan messy, but Yu beauty sees something lovely in it. Small island, we continue to work hard, but also open a flower. "Because only in a free land can there be so much creativity," she said. 」

Only the land of freedom has this kind of creativity.

From women's activists to legislators, Yu entered politics, often negotiating. Negotiating purpose, so that you do not win all, I did not lose all. Legislation may seem difficult, but it is politics, it is art, and it is life.

Looking back on the same-sex marriage legislation, she said she also saw a microcosm of Taiwan. One of them, but there is love. (Extended reading:"Interview with You Beauty" same-sex marriage is a human right, right thing to do)

Taiwan is an immigrant society. How to immigrate to this island if it wasn't for the adventures of our ancestors? Everyone is very resilient. In addition, Taiwan is also a colonial society, it is not easy to adapt to a dynasty, immediately changed a regime, and even the whole nation, change the language, change the name, the mind also changed, otherwise the head landed.

This environment of growth makes the people of Taiwan very inclusive. So you can feel that the people of Taiwan are very pragmatic. What language did you speak yesterday, you can change it to another today.

"Taiwan likes to absorb other people's things, rub, rub, and become their own things. Of course, we may be culturally shallow, but at the same time we are very inclusive. 」

When the West always asks what is the so-called Asian value? Everyone thinks that it is very slow and ancient eastern values, but she thinks that Taiwan's value is "flip".

"We are an immigrant society and a colonial society. There are good and bad. The bad thing is, our nation is very forgetful, things happened, laughing and scolding, for a while to forget. But the good thing is that we are flexible, humorous and pragmatic.

Many people find Taiwan messy and mixed, but she sees something lovely about it. The small island of Yur, we work hard, but also open a flower.

"We are in chaos and in order. This disorder, on the contrary, allows Taiwan to preserve many precious values. 」

"Only in a free land can this kind of creativity happen, and only in a country where freedom of speech is free, it will happen." She said.

After the retirement of the goddess of the same transport? "Want to go back to the private sector as a lawyer"

Legislators, human rights lawyers, feminists.

Beautiful Lady Yu beauty, recently added a young man to give a title, called her "the goddess of the same luck." The goddess is 64 years old, the next step, not to make a legislative. She said that when this was done, she planned to retire. What are you going to do? Goddess wants to return to the civil society as a human rights lawyer.

Interview with Yu beauty, we found that the hard label glued to her body, all appear gentle and firm, warm and warm, do an interview is like the sun and sunshine. She herself is like the Taiwanese value in her mouth. Firm heart, soft and flexible to say, occasionally open cute jokes, very sincere, very distinct. When I wrote, I looked at her business card and thought I wanted to do sex in Taiwan, do human rights, it was fun.

You should think so, too.

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