A father wears a "Free Dad Hug" top to offer a hug to children torn apart by their native family during a gay parade in Pittsburgh. "For gays, dads reject them more than their mothers. He told CBS that if families can't give them love and support, "I can give them a hug from dad." 」

June is Gay Pride Month, and many cities hold a gay parade in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots on June 28.

On June 8, the Gay Parade in Pittsburgh, USA, where floats sequins and shredded rainbow flags were lit, but an ordinary middle-aged father appeared on the streets, smiling, tattooed and wearing a "free dad hug" jacket to give gays a hug. Accidents have become one of the most fascinating scenes on the field.

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According to reports, he received more than 700 hugs in two and a half hours.

He was an ordinary heterosexual father, Scott Dittman, married his wife for many years and had two children. He is not gay and there are no comrades in his family. Why would you like to be on the street?

He said the thought of giving a hug to a strange comrade was "because I knew it was a very difficult decision to come out." 」

Dear Dad, I'm gay, I just want your hug.

CBS reported that nearthely before the gay march, Dietman discovered the "FreeMom Hugs"campaign from a friend's Facebook feed to provide the LGBT community with hugs from mothers during the Gay Parade. He decided to take part, too. He went online and bought a "free dad hug" t shirt.

According to a survey released by Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. LBGT organization, nearly 26 percent of 100,000 LGBT teens surveyed said their biggest problem was family disunderstanding. (Same show: Dear Parents: Children are gay and do not mean failure in life)

"What I thought at first was that for my comrades, dads must be more likely to reject them than moms. He told CBS that if families can't give them love and support, "I can give them a hug from dad." 」

"When you look at them, you can tell that they haven't gotten any hugs from their father for a long time," Dietman said, according to BUZZ FEED. That really broke my heart. 」

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

On that day, Dietman said he received all kinds of hugs. There are very happy, there are tears, of course, there are two interweaving. Many of the participants posted photos of themselves hugging him on their social sites.

Dietman wrote on his social network site that he also wanted to speak to many parents who didn't understand gay people. (Extended reading: How did Freud communicate with a mother who feared herson was gay in 1935? ) )

"Try to imagine, Mom and Dad. Imagine how lost your children would be when they couldn't get your hug, and they could only hold in the kind hug of a stranger, sobbing helplessly, just because this person was wearing "Dad Hugs"? 」

In this world, there are many comrades, out of the cabinet are tearing up the family relationship. They really don't want much, probably just a hug from Dad, said hard you.

If you can, and hopefully one day, we can all hear the family saying, "Thank you, in this world, it's great to have you as my child." 」