In the face of many international and social issues, whether war, gender-based violence or otherwise, we are anxious and worried about the rape of women in Hong Kong's anti-China and Sudan's encouragement of military repression. In fact, everyone can in their own position, find the point of force, for your ideal world, create a little change.

Recently, Hong Kong anti-China issues, you may have found that many people have put up facebook posts with a solidarity with Hong Kong significance of the bauhinia. In the face of many international and social issues, whether war, sexual violence or otherwise, we share the fear of victims, but often a sense of powerlessness. This kind of anxiety is very normal, because good care, good hope that they can do something, but no direction.

In fact, everyone can find a suitable point of force in their own position. Even if it's a meagre force, it's pretty good to come together. Once again, in the case of Hong Kong's anti-transmission, 2 million people took to the streets to protect democracy, becoming a small part of the dense crowd. (Recommended reading: He Yun, Hong Kong mother, Taiwanese girl Zhang Peixuan: In the great uprising, everyone can find the point of power)

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Not only are there incidents in the event, but they are also in the face of other social movements or issues. If you have enough money on hand, you can join the donation; if you take a photo, you can take a real-time photo, or even a video, and restore the scene to others; if you have some writing background, you can open facebook, Instagram, and say to everyone what happened and why we're paying attention to it. (Contributions to:"Fascinating Contributions" invites you to support the world with knowledge as a fulcrum.

If you can't be there in person, you can pick a trusted media or opinion leader and forward their stories or articles. The power of "knowing" is also important, perhaps because of your sharing, so that more people who don't know about it can start to pay attention.

In addition to the temporary closure of Hong Kong's anti-transmission between China and foreign countries, there have also been many international incidents, such as Sudan's struggle and military repression. And is there any way to actually help them in the sea? Here are some ways you can do it.

Recent examples: Sudan's struggle and military repression

Africa-based Sudan has been in a series of protests since December 2018, with President Omar al-Bashir stepping down. Sudanese people took to the streets to demand that the junta cede power, but the military crackdown has now killed more than 100 people. The situation is serious, how can we lend a helping hand and do our part? (Ex-summary: On the day of Sudan's military crackdown, I watched the girls being raped: they kept screaming and crying.

There are a few resources and pipelines available here to give you the opportunity to do your part for them.

According to CNN , the number of women fighting on the streets of Sudan is far higher than that of men . As a result, those in power have called on the military to rape women during repression. From this, we see how everywhere gender-based violence threatens women.

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Walk the long road to fighting gender-based violence

In fact, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality and respect for diversity around the world. Even in Britain, where gender equality is considered mature, there are still some regretful things going on, such as: "British lesbian couples are attacked: forcing us to perform kissing, being beaten without doing it, or 10 years old, my mother burns my breasts flat: "otherwise men will want to have sex with you."

If you want to focus on more of the topic of gender-based violence, here's a few articles for you, detailing gender violence around the world from 2015 to the present.

As the world is moving fast, it may have a place for the better or worse, and the long road ahead may seem remote, but as long as it is done, change can happen. For example, decades ago, it was hard to imagine taiwan becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Welcome to share this article to more people to see the gender events that are taking place in this world, and also to sponsor companion programs to accompany you along the path of changing the world.

All along, women's fans have been gender-based, exploring the challenges of society based on gender, and working to create an equal world where everyone can be freer and happier. If you also believe in our core values and beliefs, you are welcome to join the companion program, gender equality on the road, we go together.