You ever imagined that the Seven Ping Suite would make you independent, but the truth is that it makes you feel imprisoned, and every holiday day, you want to escape the space that sucks up your energy. But perhaps, imprisonment and freedom, in a study, for you to organize the recommendations of interior design experts at home and abroad, as long as a little change the room decoration, you can create a large space in the small suite!

A good day, you are in the seven Ping small suite, the afternoon sun from the angled window into the room, the background is jazz, and you are reading a favorite book.

You've imagined this countless times, but the reality may be that you've had to go back to your head all day, you've rented a less-like suite because of skyrocketing housing prices, and you don't have time to make the room ideal. Such a seven-ping small suite does not let you relax, but let you feel imprisoned, every holiday day, you want to escape that will absorb their energy space.

But perhaps imprisonment and freedom are between one mind.

For you to organize the recommendations of interior design experts at home and abroad, change the room configuration and decoration, will be small suites to create a large space. The next time you feel oppressive, open the window to let the sun shine in, take a good breath! (Recommended reading: Renting a house is a life experience: with a free eye, enjoy the day)

1. Keep the space bright

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Home life lifestyle website Designers has reported that the first way for small suites to create large spaces is to "keep the brightness of the space", if the room does not light enough, you can choose the "white or light color system" of the wall color, furniture color, light bulb color, to create a sense of overall brightness.

2. Place the bed in the corner

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The focus of the small suite furniture is the bed, and the largest space will occupy the bed placed in the corner, in addition to can increase indoor room room able to move space, to prevent sleep rolling down the floor, psychology has also proved that the comfortable environment against the wall can bring security.

3. Zoom in the mirror to create a permeable sense

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Mirrors have the visual effect of magnifying space, in the small suite if you want to create a large space, you can further select the "floor-to-ceiling mirror", so that the large mirror corresponding to the entire space, creating a bright and transparent sense of space. However, to let the mirror placed on the ground, also be careful to fix, so as not to be unstable mirror Oh! (Recommended reading: Landlordsays say you can't break walls!) Renting a house can also play with a small home transformation)

4. Carpeting

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Seemingly just a piece of cloth carpet, it actually has the visual tension that "seamlessly connects" all furniture. Designer Caitlin Murray says carpets can "create and divide the laid-back spaces they have", even if they are in a small space, as long as the carpet is carpeted, visually and tactilely, a certain degree of relaxation. Imagine you dragging your tired body home and then lying on the carpet without any thought, perhaps the most relaxing moment of the day!

5. Remove unnecessary decorations

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To make the small space look warmer and warmer, we may often add a lot of decorations to the room, but in fact, the messy and fine decoration, but it is easy to make people feel anxious and anxious. "Creating seemingly unlimited freedom is key in limited space," says Ariel Kaye. All furniture selection should be selected by asking yourself "what do you want to do here" to screen out the unsuitable furniture. Therefore, the small suite in addition to the "bed" items, should try to remove, so that the room to look very simple, enhance the sense of space.

6. Create space height with vertical home furnishings

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In addition to eliminating unnecessary decorations, Shelby Greene, an interior designer at Living Spaces, suggests that the visual space can also be heightd through vertical decoration, such as vertical home furnishings such as taller plants, vertical lights, and lamp strings in the house.

7. Extending storage space to the wall

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Lo-fi House, the "space stylist" team that often shares the pick-up on Youtube, shares the small space- Common home storage space may be under a table, chair or bed, Lo-Fi House recommends that you also arrange storage space on the wall, such as brackets, wooden boxes (receiving boxes), laminates, etc., are available in the home decoration shop materials, the proper use of storage space from the wall.

Alone in a rented house, you may be comfortable or lonely. But anyway, I hope you know, you are renting a house, not life, don't let life trapped in a small suite, to find a way to make the small suite part of the ideal life.

The next time you want to escape from the room, open the window to let the sun shine into the room, but also light up the bottom of my heart.