Who isn't born alone?(Even if the twins were at a different time), when they were young, their parents were busy, and when no one was playing with themselves, who didn't turn out the fuzz dolls, Lego, or Barbie dolls in the toy cabinet?In the first place, one can play a family and drink a little, and it's not a pleasure to be happy.As a child, we have fun with each other, but I am not afraid of boredom. Gradually, I have grown up to see the values of society. I don't know why they are so eager to categorize them. The words of "defeated dog" and "leftored woman" seem to be uncomforteable by the labels of these people.

In fact, single doesn't mean loneliness, because one person knows how to enjoy life, and one person's time can be wonderful and fun, and about the different aspects of happiness, please look at the following:

Beautiful gardeners, daily irrigation

If you want to be a companion for a pet, you will be warmly welcomed at home, but you may not have the heart to take care of the responsibility of caring for them, and are also afraid of being sick and sick with reality. How about a green pet of not being paufed and alive

Generalized multiple meat plants contain cactus, which can be called "lazy plants" in an environment that is not enough to drain the soil.

(Left) Multi-meat Combined Indoor Planting I /(Medium, Right) Multi-Meat Combine Indoor Planting II

If you want to be a green finger, you are afraid that you will "get grid-like" on your hands, and you will never allow the irrigation of water to be irrigated.The good mile is, squirrel is very personal, and if you're thirsty, you get stuffy, and remind you that you need to plant water.

Squirrels Flora

If the sex is really obscent, or if you don't want to go on a door vacation, then grass root cup , which can always supplement your water with you, and the seasoning jar the Grandview of the Four Seasons, will not be lost as a little bit of a green life.

(top) grass root warm cup /(lower) Seasonal flavor seasoning

At ease, kitchen, taste buds, and figure

How can foreign food choose to save time and effort, and you are also a veteran "old man"?For health and beauty, why don't you try to get yourself ready for the emerald salad and high-fibril?The new freshness of fresh fruit and vegetables sold in the market does not necessarily guarantee a price, otherwise the price is too high. It has not yet eaten a good figure, and has lost its purse.To go to the market (or traditional markets or the friendly holiday farmers' market), take a stroll and personally come into contact with the fruits and vegetables that are fresh and colorful. Not only are they reassuring, they have a lot of personal feelings.Take home care and use an elegant salad bowl fine-grained health.The salad must be replaced by the season, and the salad will also be replaced by a recipe: First Autumn warm-spring stomach salad , Aniseed salad salad , let's take a look at it.

First Autumn warm stomach salad , Aniseed salad salad

Peacock salad bowl

Drinking fruit juice is not just about environmental protection, but also external to the outside world. It saves energy and saves electricity. It doesn't use an electric juice machine. It makes some effort to make juice. By the way, you can move your arm and drink it extra fragrant.

(Left) Twice Juicer /(medium, right) Lego

When you go to the market after work, you happen to meet your favorite snack, but it's a big, big, unfriendly package, boring so you don't have to worry about the food being dampable, and a person enjoying the taste is better at all times than addiction!


You want to sleep well, one person sleeps better

One person doesn't have to sleep alone, but can flip over a bed of a bed. Even if there is another pair of arms, you might not be willing to give you a pillow every night. It's better to give you a sense of security on the side of the night. It's like a little night light that your parents stayed in front of you when they were a kid.(Here is a trick to give the girls a sleepy little girl > > > A small sleepless motion of reduced pressure , after all, beauty is better than the maintenance of a good care.)

(Left) BLOCK Building Blocks /(Medium) balloon Lamp /(right) Birdcage

You want to relax your mind and to drown your own night, use a front face mask, and a bell to taste a scented candle , which is also a massage lotion, and you can choose to place a flaming bottle , and you can always make a sweet and comfortable little friend.

(Left) grass text candle /(Medium) Slowly Lip Candle candles /(right) Home flaring gift box

Independence is a habit and you can warm yourself up to yourself

In the winter, when you look at the couple in the street, you are aware of the warmth and warmth of your hand, but the time is slowly getting cold, and you can change your hand in the hands of a little pink.If you charge, you can use it again, and you can transfer it to a temperature that you feel just fine.

USB Warm-Hear hand

When a person is alone, what happens when loneliness raids?Please hold your feet firmly, and the words "Don't Don't Do It" are the words of the motto. Remember that space in your heart. Be sure to leave it to Mr. Right, make sure he also has a Shiny and Sickness for you.Your kiss is equally precious, and before the true love is true, the kiss is dedicated to Mr. Lippy .

(upper left, lower right) muggthing tongue dec
/(lower left) iPhone4 /4s Fashion Shell HEARTS Series (Black/Pink)
/(top right) iPhone4 /4s Fashion Splendid HEARTS family (white/powder hearts)

A diving umbrella with a bright and brightly colored child, you can come out without hesitation, look out from your own view window, and look different in the rain in a rainy day. Just avoid the unpleasant tire of the tire, and the rain to walk in the rain:)

The GOGGLES diving umbrella

Now, maybe there is no way to go to the park to play the two people seesaw, but not to ignore the swing, the sand and the skating ladders, not to wait for the transition period, but to have a complete state, enjoy free and unfetchable freedom, and enrich yourself, and you can get better and better, and move toward your ideal.

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