"Gay love to play three eight" and "Fat people are all humorous", there are many derided souls in the world. You have a lot of pain, but often can only use funny, over the inner hurt. Netflix's lesbian talk show, full of black humor, makes you laugh and cry. We know you've always been strong. This talk show is for you.

Fat body. A small body. A feminine body. The body needs to take medicine. A different body than the soul. In this world, as an "abnormal person", you have a lot of hardships. You often have to hide your inner hurt with fun.

What is it talking about when the world says, "Gays are all three or eight" and "fat people love to be funny"?

If, in the face of this society, you always use jokes, laugh, respond to inner injury. Actually, you're not wrong. We know that you are strong in the face of malice. This talk show is for you.

Netflix's talk show, comedian Hannah. Hannah Gadsby said it was a "last blow" that she would stop doing talk shows as a woman and a lesbian.

Because she doesn't want to make her female upas too much to tell as a joke. (Same Show:Handsome Lady, Ellen DeGeneres: Through the Industry Bullying and Depression, I'm Finally Myself)

#作为蕾丝边, I'm a failure.

In past gay community discussions, few people talked about lesbians. In the face of gay men, the whole society is totally angry: swearing, humiliating, probably like, "You look at gay men, don't face." When you have anal sex, the demons are staring at you. 」

It's true? The devil is disgusting enough.

However, when it comes to lesbians, attitudes tend to become ambiguous. It's like, "Well, so what the hell are they doing?" Or, "Lesbians, do they really exist?" And, "Lesbians just haven't tried a man's good." Don't worry, what about the girls holding each other? 」

Such long-term neglect is in itself a form of discrimination. As with any other experience of women, as lace, their voices are never taken seriously.

"So, at some stage in my life, as a lace side, I understand unicorns much more than I do about lesbians. 」

This society, too accustomed to lesbian voices being disappeared.

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Should Hanna change himself for the sake of sounding? Or should you live a low-key life like a normal person? When she became a talk show actress, Hanna said, she was asked by the lesbian community to review, "I'm disappointed with your show, Hanna, your talk show, the lack of gay son. 」

It filled her heart with question marks.

"But I've been standing on the stage. I didn't talk about half becoming heterosexual women. 」

She also reflected deeply, reviewing her week's activities and finding that her life was barely what people thought of "lace-side" content. "I cook more often than I do when I say I'm a lesbian. But no one ever said, "Look at this "chef" comedian, right? 」

Unable to integrate into the mainstream heterosexual society, but also in the gay community, it does not seem to be a "conscious" person. She said:

"I don't have enough lace, and in terms of the way I exist, I'm totally a failed lace edge. 」

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"There's another reason why I'm so hard to accept the gay community is that gay pride. Like the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Carnival, I was young and excited to be in front of the TV, just to see my community, my kind of people. 」

"They were in the parade, happily showing off their lives. But I was thinking, wow, they're so busy. Love dancing and partying. I used to think, so I don't like dancing, quiet gay people, where are they? 」

"Until now, I've been thinking about it a lot," she said. Rainbow Pride itself is great, I totally agree. It's just that I just can't show my love of life in the parade: I like the spoon to knock out my voice in a teacup. But it's hard to show in the parade, right? 」

"Maybe, I'm not very good at being gay. She laughed at herself.

Don't hit a woman? Why don't we hit anyone, okay?

And as a woman, she also felt the malice of many worlds. Sometimes if there is nothing, more often than not, they come face to face.

"My favorite joke is a joke from an alien man. Hey, my signature joke is that someone tried to beat me because he thought I was flirting with his girlfriend. (Actually, I'm trying to do that.) But the story has a twist. I was at the late-night bus stop, the last bus was coming, and I was holding up with the girl. 」

"Don't come here, you king of the eight eggs." The man rushed over and said, "I'm going to beat you to death!" His girlfriend waved next to him and said, "Don't fight, she's a girl!!! 」

He immediately accepted an apology. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't hit women." I just thought you wanted to take my girlfriend. (All the laughing)

Lesbians are usually invisible groups. They are not considered women, or even more often, as being in the world. When the laughter ended, Hanna said, "I should tell him, "Why don't we hit anyone," okay?" 」

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I don't want to joke about trauma anymore.

Today, Hanna has a more important thing to announce.

"I also want to say, I'm going to give up comedy. To be honest, it's not a good place to be on stage, but I keep thinking about comedy, which makes me uncomfortable. After all, my whole career was built on self-humiliation. But I don't want to do it anymore. 」

She also asked, "Do you really understand what long-term self-deprecating means to a marginalized person?" 」

"I'm always so funny, because I've been forced to learn from a young age how to deal with stress. At the time, it was not funny or workable, it was not a hobby, it was not a career. It's just my survival skills that I develop edgy to survive. 」

Long-term self-deprecation, know how to self-deprecating, this is not talent. It's a skill that people have to learn to survive.

As women, we are often ridiculed, but we can't get angry, otherwise we can easily be said to be unreasonable. We can only smile and turn around our disadvantage. Generations of girls are taught to suppress themselves with laughter, cry out, and laugh. Humor is the highest art. Let each other have steps to go down.

As comrades, we are always said that comrades love to be funny, charming and playful, and can afford to let go. But behind that, how many societies do not understand and bully, forcing them to grow a prickly sense of humor?

When everyone says, laughter is a good medicine. Of course, this part is true, laughter has some health benefits, can effectively relieve stress. Stress is not good for the body or the mind. But as a woman, a comrade, Hanna wants to say that it's unhealthy to think of yourself as a joke.

Anyone has the right not to take their wounds and turn them into jokes to the public.

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Giving up the funny, Hanna says she wants to "tell a story" instead.

I want to say the difference between story and comedy is that the story usually has three stages, "beginning", "middle" and "ending". But comedy has only "beginning" and "middle" paragraphs. It only stops at the key line (punchline).

"Comedy kept me in my adolescence forever, and in the comedy I was out of, I froze great upbringing forever in trauma, and the joke version was mixed with real memory. But unfortunately, the joke version is not complicated enough to solve the trauma that these experiences have brought me. 」

"You just heard the joke from the man at the bus stop. But I didn't hear the second half of the real story. 」

Because that used to be what she thought was not suitable to speak on stage.

"Unlike jokes, the truth is that the man at the bus stop heard that I was a lesbian and he came back. Say, "Oh, so you're a lady faggy?" I'm going to beat you up. 』」

And he did. So she was beaten up late at night on the side of the road because she was a lesbian. No one helped. Read: British lesbian couple attacked: Forced us to perform kissing and beaten without doing it

"I can actually call the police. But I didn't do that. I was only 17 years old and Tasmania was a homophobic and conservative town. That's what happens when you immerse your child in homophobia and shame. We will tell ourselves that it is immoral. We can only grow up laughing and swearing in response to this crazy society.

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Standing on the stage with jokes to laugh at themselves, rewriting the memory, is a kind of temporary relief, but also become an endless exploitation of their own.

Laughter is not a drug. Only a story can heal people (Laugh is not medicine. Only stories can cure.)

"This is my story, it's your story," Hanna said. Thank you. 」

May all fat. Petite. Soft. Masculine. The soul is wrong about the body. You and Me, who take medication to keep working, can be seen by society, and the prejudices behind those jokes. It was her last blow to society.