Pick a film for you, Elton John biopic "Rocket Man", to self-confessed not to be loved you. Love glasses, dressed as the Queen of England, baseball stars, gorgeous rock, let the world crazy, but he knew that the audience wanted to see not themselves, but Elton Strong. He struggled all his life. Mother even said to him, "You have chosen the lonely path." You'll never be loved. Inside, read it carefully.

The Alton Strong biopic Rocket Man, due out in 2019, is starring Taron Eggton, the British actor. His life, loved sometimes, lonely sometimes.

"I know it may be nothing, but my gift is this song. I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, I will write it into the song, but there is you in the world, it is a very good thing. His famous song sings to your song like this.

And the gift I want to give you is this pick. If you don't think you deserve to be loved, not to be accepted by the world, listen to his songs and read this movie.

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Elton Strong, Ho Xu also

Rock stars, gay symbols, Elton Strong, there are times when you don't call that name.

Regina Dewey, with her golden hair, loves the piano and is obsessed with her mother's dress. Father always scolded his mother-in-law boy, the mother hates the father, she is an affair, cold to his son. Later, his father moved out of the house, and after that, his childhood was left to his mother and grandmother.

Through a broken family, he always thought he was the cause.

Mother remarried, stepfather is a music lover, took him to contact Elvis, The Beatles, black soul music, a vinyl record like an uninvited guest broke into his teenage life, but he was always happy to embrace dissent. As a teenager, he had an Elvis presley, a stunning piano, and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music.

In the 1960s, rock and roll were born. As a working class, beach amusement parks, night bars, those places, classical too expensive soul too far away. Rock and roll were as young as he was, and he fell in. He knew that if he wanted to be a star, to be a record, to shine. So he said, I don't call Regina Dewey any more.

He's going to change his name, Elton. What about the last name? He looked at the music poster on the wall, and John Lennon smiled at him.

Elton John, this is my new name.

Sexual orientation, which once made me think I wasn't worthy of being loved

Elton Strong, the teenager loves flower suits, sequined glasses, and thick boots. Exaggerated costumes reveal the mind. He had had girlfriends and heterosexual marriages, but he was known to be less fond of girls and more self-interested in mixing with boys. Many people speculate that he is gay, but not to break it.

In 1967, at the age of 20, he saw liberty Records ads in music magazines recruiting new singers and songwriters. He cast his resume, and the interview almost changed his life. Because of the same ad, he met Bernie Taupin, a songwriter.

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They talk about lyrics, their favorite music, all the rhetoric of their dreams at that age, like another brother who has been lost for a long time.

As soon as he read Bernie's lyrics, the melody was pouring in. If there is a real voice in the world, it must be him. Elton strongly blurted out: "My real name is Regina Dewey." My name, I hope you put it well, in case one day I lost, you have to help me remember. (Extended reading:"Relationship Diary" Elton John and Bernie Taupau: There is a secret love that can never come true)

I love life, but I'm lonely

In the 1970s, they rose to fame, and as soon as the album Elton John hit the UK charts, Elton John was no longer a suburban boy, but an international superstar.

He was also heartbroken when he teamed up with John Reid, the music star agent who led Elton to the pinnacle of his career. After becoming famous, Elton was heavily addicted to drugs, alcohol, and night-time revellers. He was hospitalized for alcohol and coca base addiction. The star, who is worth 25 million pounds, is lonely in his heart, but no one understands.

During filming, he was advised not to let too many wild plot. But Elton was honest, saying, "This is not Bohemian Rhapsody." My life was never protective (PG 13). 」

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The mother knew his sexuality and said only, "My child, you have chosen the lonely path." You will not be loved in your life. Where's my father? He couldn't even recognize him, only to know that the yin and yang son of the last marriage had become a rock star.

The family is like a curse, making him think he's never worth being loved. "If I give up acting, there will be no one in this world who loves me." If I'm loved just because of my talent? 」

At the concert, he wore love glasses, dressed as the Queen of England, baseball star, with gorgeous pop rock music, let the world crazy. But he knew from the bottom of his heart that what the audience wanted to see was not Regina Dewey, but Elton John.

Bernie, the songwriter, is probably the one who knows him best in the world. The lyrics he wrote for him were full of loneliness. In 1972, the release of Rocket Man described the desolate state of mind before the astronaut's mission: "I am a rocket man who lit the fuse alone in the capsule, and I think it will be a long, long time until I land." I'm not the one people think I am. 」

At the end of the story, he embraces his childhood self as a reconciliation. Is the story over?

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If you can't be your ideal self, you need time

The real-world Elton Strong, who met the filmmaker David Furnish, has two children. In 2005, a civil law partner was registered in the UK. In 2014, same-sex marriage in the United States became legal and they married.

The film is just a question, not an answer. The process of finding yourself is always painful and unbearable. From Regina Dewey to Elton Strong, the soft boy constantly tries to escape identity and want to be someone else, not himself.

He once complained, "I know John must hate me." Bernie said, "No one hates you." You know. 」

Although he doesn't know yet. Even though you don't know yet.

Don't want to be yourself, in fact, it doesn't matter. There are still many people in the world who love you. It's not vulgar, it's not cheating, they all really understand some part of you: Bernie, the movie's best friend, his wife, Renate Brauel, and her ex-boyfriend, John Reed, all of whom, in their own way, love Elton John.

In this world, someone cares about the real you. That's more than wealth, drugs, alcohol, all precious things.

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