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A love affair is a sweet world of two people, but marriage becomes a big affair of the two families.

Love is innocent, but it often affects a family, the other spouse, and even the child of the other. In other words, the family, the other company, the child, must suffer the pain?When your other partner falls in love with someone else, do you need to cry for three or three things?In fact, there are many positive ways to deal with this, but if you look at it, you will not want it.

single person in the course of a lifetime's credits is a more difficult subject of marriage. When a marriage appears third, the spouse often doesn't know what to do, but doesn't have a good time to think, is it that I made a mistake in the course of the course?Usually people often accuse each other, disgust each other, but don't think calmly about themselves and the other side. Why do they fall in love with the third party outside?It's not enough to give each other a lack of care, and it's not enough to give the other person enough love. After getting married, the two people's topics are reduced to simple housework and life. Otherwise, they will be so much more fearful of marriage and indirectly causing the phenomenon of children to be less than happy.The most important thing about marriage is the interaction with the other side. He should be tolerant of his shortcomings and love his own advantages. He often does the right thing to communicate and discuss.The best way to maintain marriage is to respect each other's thinking.

to do with the little three links: divorce

If your other company is really adultery and cannot even forgive, it is usually a divorce proceeding, and there are 1052 civil law provisions in our Civil Code:

If prior consent or ex post forgiveness, or knowledge of adultery has not been prosecuted within six months or more than two years since the incident, the consensual sexual intercourse between the spouse and others may not be filed for divorce.

many countries do not penalize adultery, the criminal law of Taiwan still does not abolish adultery because it still retains the intrinsic concept of family and family in Taiwan, so it is not possible to abolish adultery and adultery, but the penalties are not heavy.The Taiwan Criminal Law has never abolished the crime of adultery. It is also because of the protection of marriage and the success of the family, so that the next generation can have a better living environment and room for growth.In other ways, if the family is able to achieve harmony and harmony, the chances of juvenile delinquency will definitely be reduced greatly. This will surely make society more harmonious and stable."Maintaining the marriage system, protecting the child's custody of children between families," is that the law of the United States has never been willing to criminalize adultery.

to do with the little three: No one innocent?

Not intentional adultery does not constitute a crime of adultery

I met a liar in love, and he didn't have a wedding ring, and he told me he was single, and even we fell into the Love River for sex.From the time I knew him until he was summoned by the prosecutor, I didn't know that he was a man with a family, a wife, and if I knew, I couldn't have fallen in love with him, and I couldn't have had a relationship with him … ….

In practice, when the third party who interveners in marriage is often seen by the prosecutor, the person who has a spouse is investigated by the prosecutor. At this point, will the "wilful" third party not be sentenced, criminal, former, or fine?I'm just falling in love with someone who isn't supposed to love, and I don't even know that he has a spouse, family, or even a child.

Basically, the crime of adultery in Taiwan is punishable only by a person who has been guilty of adultery at the time of sexual intercourse. If there is no such knowledge, adultery is still adultery, but adultery does not set up adultery.Are the current popular reinforcements, prostitutes and prostitutes set up for adultery?There is a positive and negative attitude.The former actively states that engaging in foreign aid or prostitution, if he knows or can foresee that he or she is a spouse, is in accordance with the requirements of adultery. The latter is pessimistic that if the Government permits legal business, prostitution is a business and he knows that it is not guilty of human sexual intercourse with a spouse.

learn to love oneself and go to

It is difficult for the cleaning official to break up family affairs. There are still many things that are difficult to actually deal with in the case of Taiwan's laws concerning love and marriage.However, in the case of divorce cases, the judges of Taiwan have gradually begun to adopt the "flawed principles", which means that the relationship between husband and wife is a circle, and that the marriage cannot be sustained by either one of the parties, or the marriage cannot be maintained.

You often hear people say that emotions are sad, both men and women, and many things can be dealt with very well. But the problem of love marriage is like an ignorant child. It's always like an intern, and never will be able to handle it properly.If you first learn to love yourself, and then learn about the love of your loved ones, it should be that you and I all need to learn a lesson well. 

A solution to the law and a lover

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