Taylor Swift's new song mv is released, and it's all about finding Katy Perry, who's been out of the water. They gave each other a hug, which was seen as a century-old reconciliation between the two men. In fact, friendship is never easier than love. Why does a friendship break up? How do you know that this friendship is worth not continuing to operate?

Have you ever been quite good with a friend, but somehow they're drifting away? Have you ever tried to repair your friendship with someone? From the tearing and reconciliation of the friendship between singers Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, we know that there are many changes in a friendship.

On June 17, 2019, Taylor Swift released a new song, You Need To Calm Down,echoing The June Gay Pride Month, bringing in well-known LGBTQ-related singers, actors, or presenters to create a colorful rainbow world in mv. In addition, the biggest highlight was Taylor Swift's approach to Katy Perry, a previously adcan, as the two wore French fries and hamburgers together to give each other a big hug, which was seen as a century-old reconciliation between the two.

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In fact, friendship is never easier than love. Why does a friendship break up? How do I know that the value of the relationship is not worth continuing to operate? Let's learn the secrets of friendship through psychology!

Relationship Psychology: Our Friendship, What happened?

Not only love, when it comes to friendship, we also want to have a long-flowing friendship. However, sometimes, friendship spoils too suddenly, even inadvertently so disappeared without a trace, You have not been better, you do not even know what happened between friends.

Clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg offers you 5 possibilities that could spoil your friendship.

  1. Only care about himself, only to say their own thing: when you talk to him, he is absent-minded, only focus on himself. Actually, he heard what you said, but he didn't care. Later, getting along with him became quite boring, because he only thought of himself.
  2. Don't feel happy and proud of you: When you come across a good thing, he's not happy for you, but he lets out a sense of jealousy. When you share it with him, he looks in high spirits, even dismissively, and tells you: It's nothing at all.
  3. Promote your anecdote: After you confide in him about your troubles or the size of your life, he uses your story as a social chip because he has to make friends in this way.
  4. Often missing: You plan ahead and schedule your appointments, but he's on a temporary basis, and for ambiguous reasons. If it's probably okay, but if it happens all the time, maybe you don't matter in his life.
  5. Constantly complain: Every time we meet, he always has a basket of things to complain about, you are willing to listen to his troubles, but he seems to treat you completely as a garbage can of emotional catharsis. Dialogue with him is always full of negative energy and unhappiness, you feel very tired, over time, your friendship is exhausted.

10 pointers for a health check for your friendship

After looking at the above, you may also start to reflect on the situation between yourself and which friend you have. Sometimes, however, the causes of these friendships can be difficult to classify, and clinical psychologist Shainna Ali provides you with 10 pointers to see if your friends are in a healthy friendship.

  • You are happy to share with him: no matter how big or bad something is, you are eager to share it with him, because you have a tacit understanding, and you know he will share the same feeling as you.
  • You seek his help: you know he won't criticize or ignore you, so you are willing to open up and show your vulnerability.
  • You feel connected to him: you don't have to do much to explain yourself, you trust you enough to know that you're there even if you don't communicate very often.
  • You enjoy the time you spend together: whether you meet often or not, you look forward to seeing him, because when you stay together, you are always at your best.
  • You're influenced by him: your emotions will be affected by him, showing that you care about him.
  • You feel supported: When you're depressed or have no confidence at all, they actively encourage you and help you.
  • You have fond memories: looking back on the time you spent together, positive emotions are always too negative, and you leave precious memories for each other.
  • You're willing to put in it: it's no accident that a good friendship is not an accident, it takes a lot of effort, and you're happy to be involved in that friendship, whether it's time or otherwise.
  • You feel respected: You don't necessarily share the same values or lifestyle, but you are willing to communicate with each other and respect each other.
  • You can be yourself: a true good friend who is willing to accept and understand the real you, and you can put aside your defenses and relax in front of him.

These 10 pointers allow you to follow some directions when evaluating your friendship. If you find that a pointer doesn't match, it doesn't mean you have to give up the friendship directly, but you can try to improve. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for self-reflection, you may also be able to think about their friendship, often what kind of appearance?

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Friendship is never an easy thing.

When it comes to relationship repair, most people think first of all, perhaps all about love: lovelessness, break-ups, quarrels with the other half, and so on. In fact, in our long life, in addition to love, friendship also occupies a very important component.

Perhaps it is because most people think that there is only one partner, but there can be many friends, so subconsciously feel that even a fewer friends does not matter. However, our encounters with each of our friends have its meaning;

What friendship and love have in common is that they build relationships with people. And love needs to get along with and run, and so does friendship.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry go from being good at the beginning, to tearing their faces, and now they're coming together, showing that friendship is like love, full of possibilities. In the road of life, if you can find a good friend, know each other, is a great luck. See here, do you think of any good friend?