If there is no talk of sex education or physical education in the family, how do we protect our children from injury and how do we make the victims strong again?

"Butterflies" is the first book to acquaintance sexual assault as the theme of children's book, advocating prevention more than treatment, I hope that every home, have become a strong place.

"It's a story that teaches children to protect themselves from sexual assault. 」

"Butterflies" is Taiwan's first children's book on the subject of sexual assault by acquaintances. The author Yu Jiahui long-term concern about children's rights and interests, domestic and foreign sexual assault cases, and constantly looking for can prevent the pain of the continuous occurrence of the force. This year, she brought in an acquaintance of sexual assault survivors, Chen Jiejun, to draw images for the book. As a child, She was sexually assaulted by her mother's family for three years. Later he continued to try to find the exit of recovery through drawing, writing, and writing. The plotter himself is a victim of sexual assault; while creating and facing self-inflicted wounds, the work also gives this society, more homes, some guidance and support. (Extended reading:"Please give yourself a chance to deal with the pain" from Chen Sanlang to Chen Jiexuan, 30 years of sexual assault pain)

The main character of the story is a happy little girl, because like to watch the flying butterfly, we all call her "dodo". Dodo came from a single parent and grew up without a father, but was taken care of by a neighborhood neighbor. It wasn't until one day that an uncle in the market began to join her family, taking her out to play and buy clothes and cakes for her. But the uncle gradually stretched out the wolf's paws and violated the girl.

Among them, the picture book with nightmare situation, heartbroken children's words, delicately laid out the child's victims when the weakness and the real heart. You think the child does not feel, unknown, in fact, as long as the injury caused, are deeply imprinted in their hearts. And unable to deal with them, injured hearts, more need to be carefully cared for and cared for.

Dodo is often in the middle of the night in three or more
Scream awake, steal the monster
Also in the dream to chase her, her face wet.
However, she was afraid to speak to her mother.

In the drawing book, also in a contextual way to guide thinking, about what can be dangerous, what is not right, when you face the violation, you will have what feelings, in fact, are normal and so on. Discard the dogmatic sex education in the textbooks of the past, and try to guide children to understand the importance of body issues in a child's context.

Once, we played the game of cubs catching butterflies, the bear said he was itching, to the butterfly to help him scratch. Then, uncle books to take a bath with butterflies. He told me to touch his body, I don't want it. I screamed in fear when he touched my body.

Uncle suddenly good to tell me not to cry, also can not talk to my mother. He wants me to be obedient, and he'll buy me more. He also said that mom stole the guest's money. If I tell someone about the game, he'll call the police to get my mother.

Bunny, I don't like being with my uncle, I'm scared, but I can't tell my mother, what should I do?

And the story of the most moving, is the mother hugged the moment. She said, Thank you for telling me, and I want you to know that you are not wrong. Here, although the mother heartache, but she is not blindly clinging to the girl, but keep eyes and gaze;

"Oh, Dodo, I'm glad you told me the secret. The rabbit's voice shook so well.

The brother next door said that the monster would come out in the middle of the night to eat the disobedient child, and recently the monster had been biting my stomach. Bunny, did I do something wrong? I don't want my mother to be taken, I don't want my uncle to be my father. Dodo cried.

"Dodo has done nothing wrong. We'll find a way to get rid of the monsters. 」

Mother is like a thick moth tightly wrapped in the flower.
When Dodo fell asleep, her mother took her and the bunny to her grandmother's house in the park.

The author Jia Hui mentioned that in the contemporary, in the inability to injury continues to occur, in addition to treatment, more attention should be paid to prevention and treatment. While it may be important for some people to understand this, no one has taught you in the past in the process of self-growth, so you don't know how to teach your children now.

"Butterflies" as a parent-child reading picture book, with contextual language, guide both parents and children can think and discuss together, do more adequate preparation. In this, want parents to gently lead their children to understand the topic of sexual assault, every home, can start to face up to and discuss it. We know that we must always begin.

Back to the painting, Chen Jiexuan said, "Painting was the happiest thing in my childhood, but was violently deprived during the abuse." As adults, in various forms of artistic creation, to express concern for social injustice. If you have ever been burdened with pain, you can be strong again, then I hope this force can be transferred to more and further afield.

Everyone has wings,
Every pair of wings is subject to storms big and small,
Sometimes wet by the rain, sometimes bruised by points.
But as long as we know how to take good care of them,
They can return to lightness and lightness, and they can fly again.

As long as there is love, may every home, can be a place to make each other strong.